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Random test :DCategory: Lol random tests :D
Friday, 22 May 2009
01:02:02 PM (GMT)
Do you have any friends who are on and off with bfs / gfs all the time?	
Yeah, you wouldn't believe how much drama they have. O_o

When was the last time you almost cried out of exhaustion?	
Like, a few days ago.

What`s a TV show you hate missing?	
Gosh, I don't know. Probably shows like Mythbusters.

Do you think it`s funny how people always say their pet is the best ever?	
I'm one of them. Why should I complain? :]

When did you last brush your teeth?	
Last night. :L

What was the last website [besides this one] that you visited?	
YouTube. :D

Do you have a friend who you think you`ll be best friends with forever?	
I hope my buddy, Meaghan, will be Best friends with me at least until I get married.

Does it annoy you when you accidentally delete things?	
OH HECK YEAH. Like when I copy chapters of TLO and accidentally click on a link. It's
freakin' annoying!

What`s a movie / book / TV show / band / whatever you highly recommend?	
I highly recommend books like Eragon and Lord of the Rings. :D

When did you last use a dictionary / thesaurus?	
I don't remember, probably trying to figure out what a word meant.

Are you anticipating or dreading anything?	
I'm dreading my final projects being due. D:

If someone could randomly give you something right now what would you like?	
I'd like to have my vocal CD back from my friend. I haven't gotten it back, and I
lent it to her in grade 6. D<

What`s the most annoying thing in the world?	
Obsessive fangirls and people who laugh at themselves.

When did you last use one of those water slides you put on hills?	
Forever. The water is too cold for me. D:

What are you sitting on right now?	
A dinner chair.

What skills would you like to learn / develop?	
Singing, and a major art/perspective/proportions upgrade. :D

What is something other people say you`re good at but you think you`re not?	
I think I'm horrible at math, but my parents say otherwise.

What does your bedside lamp look like?	
It's black, small, and hangs onto my full-length mirror with a clip. :D

What did you last take a photograph of?	

When was the last time you got really frustrated with technology?	
Today. Darned Vegas pro 9.0 trial not puloading to YouTube properly. >:I

What was the last funny thing someone said to you?	
No clue.

Who taught you to tie your shoelaces?	
My mom and myself. :D

What was the last thing you bought?	

Do you want to move to somewhere else? If so, where?	
Miami, or somewhere else TROPICAL.

What time is it where you are?	
11:01 AM

What`s your favourite picture of yourself as a child?	
Any where I had a clear face. I feel like I have to use sandpaper instead of
cleanser. D:

Do you like your neighbours?	
Nothing wrong with them. :L

Does your room need cleaned?	
I cleaned it two days ago, so it'll be fine for awhile.

Do you have a good relationship with your family?	
I think so. Or at least with my parents.

What is something people are surprised to hear about you?	
I had to take Kindergarden twice because I was so lame. D:

Do you make judgements about people straight after meeting them?	
Not usually. :L

What time counts as a lie-in for you?	

Do you hate any particular groups of people?	
Popular girls who think their right and spread rumers that I stuff my bra. GOSH, I
hate the kind. (I'm talking about one girl in particular; I'm not going to say any

Do you fall up or down stairs usually?	
Lol, not often, but it's mostly when I try to climb three steps at once. xD

Do you constantly break things? [By mistake or otherwise]	
Not that often. ;D

What was the last bug you saw?	
A fly. One thing I DON'T like about Summer. Bugs.

Are there any smells which make you feel nauseous?	
I can't smell, so how can I tell? :D

What is the scariest thing you`ve ever gone through?	
Erm, I don't go through too many scary situations, but I guess back when I fainted
while being sick was pretty scary. D:

Do you have anything unusual in your bag?	
ERM. I don't like purses/bags. I sometimes use them to carry sketchbags and art
supplies. :D

Can you never think of anything to put for survey tags?	
Sometimes. :P

Are there any people you know in real life that you only talk to online?	
Every friend from back at public school. D:

Do you think people who don`t care about education are dumb?	
Not at all. They may not be smart in the way we are, but that doesn't make them

What`s your favourite key on a keyboard?	

Do you always finish what you start?	
Lol, not usually. xD

Who`s your favourite character from The Simpsons? Or do you hate that show?	

Have you ever had any friends who always tried to steal your things?	
No... O_o

When was the last time you had a complete live revamp?	
Live revamp? :O

What is something you will never understand?	
How computers do what they do. It seems impossible when you think of it. Seriously,
how does a few boards allow us to talk through the air? xD

When did you last laugh hysterically?
Last night at the supper table. xD

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