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Tuesday, 19 May 2009
12:03:13 PM (GMT)
Lets kiss and everyone will be jealous 
-draws big pidgeon -
draws carrots ;L 
jason and luke :O 
nibble + nipple name
digestive wall 
checks vag
 mr dunsmore singing hes a dustman 
lots of love <3<3<3 
-slaps mr stott across the head 
-helps charlotte on re trip bus
-draws in back of jotter
-makes science sink black :S
-marrys stott
-pulls out deodrant , not juice.
ying yang twins song.
-draws tooth
-draws tyrone and kills him
-draws granny LMAO
-draws cute flower ;D
-pretending to be neds O_O
-scribbles on each others pages
some air and ballgames
-makes science experiment a mess 
and the farmer will eat all the lettuce
mrs henderson 'omg look at that ! your a superstarrr!'
'tell the teacher you lost your peanut!'
'caz i stole a smiley face thing from a lucky dip' LMAO.
imma ride on your daddd imma ride to your housee
asda own make crisps+biscuits.
the peacock on the roof of your mouth 
heavy breathing. O_O
is that a knife
caitlin i have a boner LOL.
creamy ronald
tophat ernie
big jim
fishy veronica
drop dead - is that a band?
tryin to click the thing in ict
hiding ur mouse lmao and u feelin for it
ingrown toenail mm. ...
retarded oompa loompa maw.
caz do you want some chicken dippers
pics of granny agnes
pics of hsm
dropping my aunties glass angel present.
wavin hands in the air in ict
the snow day where caz gets whacked in the face with a branch
tryin to get up the hill at the park
edward im coming - no bella i dont want you to come lmao
subo get ur tatties oot
finish line drawin
asdas own make serial killers
omg av pished everywhere
iz it iz it iz it (easy easy easy)
i just want a nice fuckin font its not that hard fs.
dj fuckin earworm 2k10
wanti taste ma rainbow ;}?
rly? just us 3? omg its gonna be a blast!!
turban,trackies and slippers.
im only gonna let you kill me >:D ONE.
SUCK ITTT ! SUCK ITTT ! -holds head down.
guy staring at us @ jumpin jaks
Wee squinty jake LMAO.
terrifyin toenails
i will give you a hug on thursay 
 - thurdday*

Mr mcgreggors - HI EVERYBODY :D -nadia walks in. :| oh.
caroline look up - *mr mcgreggors ass in ur face

Caroline and Tyrones conversation

(00:09) «•••••••Pacman: knock knock 
(00:10) BITE MY LIP AND: sup 
(00:10) «•••••••Pacman: knock knock 
(00:10) BITE MY LIP AND: whosz there? 
(00:12) «•••••••Pacman: ronald 
(00:12) BITE MY LIP AND: ronald who 
(00:13) «•••••••Pacman: ronald mcdonald
am so funny 
(00:13) BITE MY LIP AND:  yes you are  
(00:14) «•••••••Pacman: nadia wants to take u away to paradise 
(00:14) BITE MY LIP AND: thats nice 
(00:15) «•••••••Pacman: ino 
isnt she kind? 
(00:15) «•••••••Pacman: NADIAS TELLIN LIES ABOUT ME
(00:15) BITE MY LIP AND:  klkl? 
(00:15) «•••••••Pacman: omg
here u go again
with your klkl
it takes longer to type that
then to type ok 
(00:16) BITE MY LIP AND: cba 
its habbit 
(00:16) «•••••••Pacman: thats what a nun wears on her head
oh i am delightful
just filled with random facts
isnt it great? 
(00:17) BITE MY LIP AND:  yea 
(00:17) «•••••••Pacman: klkl 
(00:17) «•••••••Pacman has changed his/her name to "klkl." 
(00:1 klkl.: wanna buy a donut 
(00:19) BITE MY LIP AND: na ur ok 
(00:19) klkl. has changed his/her name to "«•••••••Pacman" 
(00:19) «•••••••Pacman: only 50p each 
(00:20) «•••••••Pacman: wana try on my funky hat 
(00:21) BITE MY LIP AND: ur ok 
(00:22) «•••••••Pacman: wana ride ma pet llama 
(00:23) BITE MY LIP AND:  naaa
ill pas 
(00:23) «•••••••Pacman: wanna go on my scooter 
(00:24) BITE MY LIP AND: naa 
(00:24) «•••••••Pacman: want one of ma lollipops 
(00:25) BITE MY LIP AND: im good for now 
(00:25) «•••••••Pacman: wanna peel ma potato? 
(00:2 BITE MY LIP AND:  naaa im good 
(00:2 «•••••••Pacman: wanna play with ma skippin ropes 
(00:2 BITE MY LIP AND: im good thanks 
(00:29) «•••••••Pacman: want to use my gift voucher for greggs 
(00:29) BITE MY LIP AND:  wtf im cool 
(00:29) «•••••••Pacman: wanna borrow my sandals 
(00:30) BITE MY LIP AND:  im good 
(00:30) «•••••••Pacman: how about a shot of my garden hose? 
(00:30) BITE MY LIP AND: naaaa 
(00:30) «•••••••Pacman: wanna cut the grass in ma garden
u can use my lawnmower 
(00:30) BITE MY LIP AND:  im good 
(00:31) «•••••••Pacman: you could use my nail polish if u want 
(00:32) BITE MY LIP AND: im good again  
(00:32) «•••••••Pacman:  okay 
(00:32) BITE MY LIP AND:  
(00:33) «•••••••Pacman: i bet u cant wait for art tomorrow
i have lots more things u could borrow
(00:33) BITE MY LIP AND: 
(00:33) «•••••••Pacman:  
(00:34) «•••••••Pacman has changed his/her personal message to "want
to borrow ma sandals?" 




theres moreee but i cant thinkk aha
iLOVEcaz;D x

We were both youngg when i first saw youu
i closed my eyes and the flashbacks start
im standing theree
on a balcony with some airrr.
see the lights see the party the ballgames
see you make your way through the crowd
and say HEY WUU2<3 aha.
Last edited: 30 April 2010

‹{{Bad♥Influence}}› says:   19 May 2009   962357  
caazoramaa says:   19 May 2009   273222  
See you make your way through the crowd and say
hiya wuu2? xx
‹ifONLYtonight.› says :   19 May 2009   627472  
lyt <3

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