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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Seven.Category: (general)
Friday, 15 May 2009
03:26:26 PM (GMT)
About a week later,I was out of the hospital.I didn't mind being in the hospital,but
I was so psyched to go live with aunt Marg.It would be heaven compared to what I was
I was living with before.And I couldn't wait.
     I was almost fully recovered from the gang fight I was in.I had a few bruises
and scratches,and my lip was completely deformed,but I was alive.I was back to
normal.And the pain was gone away.Between me and you,I think that if aunt Marg didn't
come along,I'd be in the hospital much longer.
     All of my belongings were in the back of the truck,thanks to aunt Marg's close
friend,Stephen.He came with her just to help with my stuff.Really kind,in my
     Aunt Marg asked if I wanted to say goodbye to anyone before we left
Lametown.Lametown wasn't the actual name,but I liked to refer to it as
that.Anyway,no.I didn't care to say goodbye to anyone.Why would I want to say goodbye
to the people who have treated me like shit for a big chunk of my life?Exactly.
     So,I hopped in the back of the truck,smiling and patiently waiting to get the
hell out of there.Aunt Marg and Stephen were inside,talking to my useless mother and
siblings.June was right next to me,smiling as well.Mother didn't treat her very well
throughout her life,either.I was glad that it would just be the two of us.No Emily or
Brendan to ruin it for us.
     "Avery?" June turned her head and looked up at me.
     "Yeah?" I replied.
     "Do you think our lives will be better now?" she asked.
     "You know what,June?I think this is probably the nicest things mom has ever done
for us," I told her.
     She didn't say anything.She just pulled her bright pink Nintendo DS and began to
play it.I looked around for my iPod,and panicked when I couldn't find it.Ah,yes.It
was in the back pocket of my jeans.I reached in for it,and hauled it out,along with a
NBC(not been chewed) piece of gum.I popped the gum in my mouth,not caring that it was
located by my ass nor how long it had been there.I put my headphones on and blasted
some System of a Down.
     Marg and Stephen got into the truck about ten minutes later.
     "Hey kids!Are we ready to go?" Marg looked back at us and grinned.
     "More than ever," I smiled,and she pulled out of the driveway.We began cruising
down the road,and God,it felt so good.There were no words to describe how awesome I
felt,being rid of so many fears.Not having to worry about Cody,the
cheerleaders,Brendan,Emily,mom,the gang members,etc.No worries.At all.
     I fell asleep,and dreamt a beautiful nightmare.It was about a man with a
gun.The gun was not aimed at me,but at anyone who has ever made me feel the way I
used to feel.Like a useless piece of trash on the side of the road,waiting to be
kicked.Like a "faggot".Like a small,near-dead insect,stepped on over
and over again.Like a wounded child in the war,not able to do anything but sit
and take it all in. I have actually felt this way a gazillion times before,but no
more.The gun wasn't pointed at me anymore.
     Most of the school population were lined up in a very long line.The man with the
gun put that gun to each one of their heads.He did not pull the trigger,but he let
each one suffer in thinking they were about to die.I sat in the corner with two males
and a female who looked a lot like me,laughing uncontrollably.I couldn't help it.It
was just so funny,seeing them go through the pain they used to put me through.I
eventually had no more laughs in me,so I just put a huge smirk on my face instead.
     The man came over to me and began to shake my shoulders."Avery," he
said,calmly,at first.When I wouldn't...couldn't answer,he shook me
     My eyes opened to Marg's and Stephen's faces about four inches away from mine.
     "Avery?" Aunt Marg looked worried."Are you okay?"
     "I'm,uh,fine," I looked at her,strangely."Why?"
     "You were laughing like a madman,Avery," Stephen commented.
     "Oh.That's just me,to be honest.I talk in my sleep all of the time and do other
weird things.It's normal.Right,June?" I looked over at June.
     She nodded."It's true.Avery's a weirdooo," she joked.
     "Yep," I nodded."Where are we?"
     "We just stopped at a gas station in Oakley,and heard you roaring in the
backseat," Stephen laughed.
     "How far till your house,aunt Marg?" I asked,very anxious to get there.
     "Few more hours.Keep laughing to occupy yourself," she laughed as her and
Stephen climbed into the front seats.They started up the truck,and we were back on
our way.
Last edited: 16 May 2009

‹karissaatethem› says :   16 May 2009   559354  
LOVELY =] I love the fact that i live with you so i can read it
before anyone else

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