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Friday, 1 May 2009
01:30:57 PM (GMT)
Because I just needed to get this out of myself before I burst. (: 

I haven't been replying too much on here because I have been revising and actually
having a life - off the computer - it's quite fun actually. Maybe you should try it,
actually you should try it sometime ~ it's so nice to lie in grass with the sun on
your face with your friend kissing your cheek. : D Actually maybe not the whole
friend kissing cheek thing. 

Anyway, here goes.

Okay, I'm so damn excited I got two A*'s in my Science ISA's, when he read them out I
was like WHAT?! I mean, me A*'s? You don't usually find them in the same sentance,
apart from when teachers are like "why didn't you get an A*?" XD Oh my god. I'm
actually rather intelligent, wow. Ahhhhhhhhh, I'm so happy and excited. (: Happy
happy happy happy happy times! 

I also only have 19 days of school left, until I get to split up! Well obv. I have
exams after that, it's just when my study leave starts but woaaah the exams are so
damn close, tbh - this might sound stuck up - but I have this feeling that I'm going
to do pretty well. Like not amazing well because I'm not amazing, I'm just pretty.
lol. But yeah, at the moment I'm like buzzing and I can't stop revising, I'm actually
starting to enjoying revising - I honestly have no idea what I shall do when these
exams are over. @__@ I'll have nothing to revise or buzz over, I just have so much
energy right now. Seriously, I went to bed at like 2am last night then woke up at 6am
(4 hours sleep) and I'm not tired at all! I actually feel amazing! ^.^

My science teacher is still trying to get me to take Chemistry at college, he's like
loved me ever since I admitted I got full marks on one of my GCSE exams without doing
any revising, he like worships me. Well actually he doesn't but he makes me laugh! :P
I'm so going to miss him and my english teacher when I leave, omg I don't want to
leave school anymore ~ argh, can I just stay in year 11 for ever? It is actually
completely lush, I'm not joking. 

My prom is on June 28th, I have found the perfect dress. (: I'm so damn happy!
Seriously it's amazing, I'm buying it tomorrow (hopefully) so I'll put pictures up of
it then. Also the store where I'm buying it from makes a note of what prom I'm going
to and won't let anyone going to the same prom buy the same dress. : D No one will be
in the same dress as me, and yes. I can be sure of that. ^_^

Although, one of my friends is doing my head in - she said that she would pay £32
for the limo to the prom, so my other friend booked it. However, the company then put
the price up because we were looking at the prices so it ended up being £40 each for
the limo. My friend is now refusing to pay the extra £8 because she "can't afford
it", yeah I should feel sorry for her but I don't. Want to know why? Because her
fmaily has THREE cars; her dad has a really good job; her dad goes to the gym every
day; she has like the biggest TV you have ever seen in your life; a king sized bed;
£300 to spend on anything she wants for her b'day. If she can afford all of that why
can't she afford an extra £8? Plussss, she said that she could pay anything up to
like £50 so wtf?! @__@ Although she's now saying that she saying she could afford
anything up to £50 doesn't count because she was "ill", wtf?! If she was ill why was
she at school? X_X *explodes* 

End of rants. (:

‹Maria   ;♥› says :   2 May 2009   731732  
Long rant was long.


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