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BU *gasp* the LAST CHAPTEEEEERCategory: (general)
Friday, 24 April 2009
04:05:05 PM (GMT)
The next day I woke up and looked at the clock it was 4:30 when I woke. I rubbed my
eyes and glanced over xis was still asleep. “I slept hard!” I muttered suddenly
Niju walked through the door and got something from his desk he looked over and
smiled at me. “hey mum” Niju whispered I smiled back “hey Nijers” he chuckled
and said “xis still asleep?” suddenly xis lifted up his head with his eyes still
closed and said “nnnno!” and buried his head in the pillow again. We both laughed
and I got up, we walked out of the room to his living room. I remembered I had left
my phone on the plane, it’s probably rubble now. So I  called Claire on Niju’s
phone. “hello? Bamer residence.” Claire said “hey clur its Emma, I’m at
Niju’s house” I responded. “that’s great! I’m glad you got there safe” I
rolled my eyes at the irony. Then I could her Claire talking with some one 
“no Kit its Emma, not davi!......well then walk over to his house!........ugh, just
walk its two blocks!....alright be home around 4:00 tomorrow okay?...okay
bye…..Okay sorry bout that, you were saying?” 
“umm do call me on my cell phone any more okay?”
“because uh ummm the plane sorta uh….crashed”
“WHAT?! How are you talking!? Are you a ghost?!”
“ugh NO I’m alive idiot. Because dez killed the pilot! An-”
“NO NO! he snuk on when it was taxing!!!”
“but he, he saved me.”
“whut? How?”
“a parachuted he made be grab on because mine didn’t work. We landed just outside
st.louis and niju saved me from this gang in east st. louis.”
“WWOOOO! Wait is that a good thing?”
“ummm let me think…..YES”
“kay when?”
“tomarrow I get some plane tickets for Friday”
“kay dude. Watch out for dez alright and this time go on a public plane”
“aright bye”
“see ya Friday night”
After that I hung up the phone. I walked out to see Niju, staring out the door he was
angry. He was gripping his hammer tight. I looked out side and said “nijus what are
you looking a-” I looked out side and in the street was Dez. I dashed back to the
phone and dialed the home for criminal insane hotline. “hello? This is crimnaly
insane hotline how may I direct your call?” I shouted “get me danger ward! and
fast!” after a few seconds I herd niju run out the door. Just then the phone picked
up  “hello this is danger h-”
“hurry! Send a truck to 8008 dozer lane! There’s an insane man outside my house
Caucasian male blonde hair about 6”9 hurry!!!!” then he said “will be there as
fast as we can miss”  after that I ran out side to see what was happening. Niju had
him on his knees! But like I said before dez is not a quitter. Dez stretched his arm
out and tripped niju, then he got up dez looked down at Niju with a twisted face.
“ehehehehehehee! Silly boy!” just then the van drove up and crashed into dez and
ran him over. I gasped and sprinted down the stairs and knelt down to dez I began to
cry, even after all that he’s done to me, I still love him no matter how insane he
is. When I touch his cheek it caused a reflex in dez’s arm to grab my throat. Once
he opened his eyes and realize what he was doing, he quickly flinched away. His eyes
were normal he wasn’t insane…..right now. “*cough* e-Emma? Hi what happened?”
he muttered. After that the people in the van came out and grabbed him by the arms
one of them put a tranquillizer in him arm Dez started to resist and groan his eyes
started turning red and before he knew it they slapped a straight jacket on him. Dez
looked up at me, worried and whispered “e-emma what have I duu….une” He slowly
drifted off into a quiet slumber. After that they tossed him into the van and they
drove away. 

	Several days have past since that horrible weekend to think this all started
Wednesday night is weird. I feel fatigue when ever I think of Dez and how horrible it
must be living in a padded room like that. Xis and I got back a couple days ago I
feel happy knowing how well he’s took this whole thing. Niju said goodbye I asked
if he wanted to come live up with me but he declined, you are relationship isn’t
what it was at one point. Claire keeps telling me that I need to let dez go and find
some one else, I wish I could but I can’t I love him. Me and erin are pretty much
friends again and Jack, is well you know, Jack. Kit returned safely home from Davis
the next day, Tart and poppers I haven’t herd from in a while. And matt is as drunk
and stupid like always. Yes, you could say everything is right in my world again.
Except for one thing the one thing I want in my life.

Thanks for reading stretched to the extent!!!!!
How Lovely I’m Insane
The first One Written in the perspective of DEZ
Coming sooon!
AND in the future number 3:
His padded cell
See what happens to the lovely couple!

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