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Tuesday, 7 April 2009
08:53:05 PM (GMT)
This makes me laugh every day xD I'm mainly a person that believes in long distance relationships But this is something that I can't comprehend. What romance do you get out of just asking a person to go out with you on this site? I mean seriously, a while ago a girl messaged me and asked "Hey are you bi or lez if so wanna go out?" I was like "What?" I didn't even know her xD And when I was on a roleplaying account, A girl came and just asked, "Hey wanna go out?" And again I was like, "What?" What kind of romance is that? xD You don't even know the person and yet you just ask them out. For what reason? Are you just trying to feel loved or something? Do you really think that it's that easy? Well I don't really think that asking a person randomly out doesn't have amuch of a chance e_o But hey, It's not my business about your love lives isn't it? :P But really, Hate comment me if you'd like, but I still think it's stupid.

‹goodfornothing› says:   7 April 2009   336362  
Ahaha you're so right. It's like how much do you know about this
person that you only know through letters, you don't know how they act
around their friends or family or teachers or adults or whatever, you
don't even know what they look like for sure what with all these
fakers running around Kupika recently >>;;
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   8 April 2009   842935  
It IS stupid.
I agree.People are always messaging me.
And if it's not about going out,it's about cybering&going out,and that
just makes it worse. xD
‹۞▪Ŧhe‡Єhosen‡Θne▪۞› says:   8 April 2009   517665  
Online relationships in general are just stupid. The whole idea of
being able to fall in love or find one's true love on the internet is
completely inane. This happens in every online relationship I've seen
thus far. They hardly know each other, they believe the other to look
"hot", then after maybe a day or two of talking....they "love" each
other. In what reality do you have to live in to fall in love with
someone that quick, when you've never met or seen them in real life?
Then they spout nonsense about "getting married" and "having kids",
which is what really gets me, because they have nearly a .01% chance
of actually meeting each other. It's also funny how they can say they
love that person then break up after maybe a week of dating, then go
on to the next person and say they "love" them as well. Quick and
pointless exchange of words. Love on the internet is just an illusion
for something they desperately want and use as a replacement for the
real thing. They should be trying to act more social in life if they
are ever inclined to experience the real thing. Of course, then half
of Kupika would need to get over its own despondent state of being.
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   10 April 2009   232748  
I still got Blaze, but he hasn't been on for a long time. I really
hope he is okay and such. o:
‹burblegurm› says:   10 April 2009   256788  
D: Aww 
How long as he been offline?
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   13 April 2009   592362  
I don't really know. ;^;
‹burblegurm› says :   13 April 2009   322118  
Aww ;^;


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