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Sunday, 15 March 2009
04:37:00 AM (GMT)

it was silent on the car ride there. when we approached E cedar i smiled and thought
"hmmm wonder what Claire could be doing now" because you see Claire is unpredictable
some times that can often led to trouble. I parked the car in the drive way I glanced
over to see Matthew her boyfriend sleeping in a lawn chair with a spilt beer by him
and a porno magazine between his legs. Erin was cackling with laughter as I stumbled
out of the car. I walked over and slapped him on the head he flailed his arms and sat
up. He flared his bright blue eye up at me “what the hell do you want Emma?!” I
laughed and said “where’s Claire Michael P.?” he hid the playboy magazine he
was looking at. He pointed in the house “she’s in there now stop bothering me!”
 He closed his eyes and went back to sleep I started walking into the house Erin
followed after hitting matt on the head. Claire as usual was on the computer I walked
up behind her and tapped her on the head she looked up and freaked out. “Emma!”
she exclaimed with happiness. He jumped out of her seat and we both danced around.
Erin was standing there saying “Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Claire and I
walked past her Claire smacked her on the arm and said “shut uuuup Erin” and we
all walked out Claire walked up to matt and kissed him on the head “bye hon I’m
going out Kay?” he looked up and smiled “m’kay babe be back later.” We all
hopped in the car and started driving over to Macys. And I drove Claire and Erin
asked me all sorts of questions “so what was he like?” Claire asked “was he too
ruff?” asked Erin. I just rolled my eyes “ugh that’s privet could y’all get
out of my sex life?” they ignored what I said and asked more questions. I saw my
friend Tart he was an orange hedgehog who stood on two legs and always looked like he
was on crack or something. I saw him walking on the sidewalk next to Hixson. I tried
not to notice him only because I was still scared of him at the time but he noticed
me and started chasing after my car waving. I sped up and Claire spazzed out and
started chanting “shit shit shit shit Tart saw us!” Erin put her hand over her
face “oh god” she muttered. Tart was starting to accelerate. I got stopped and a
stop light so Tart started to get closer and closer. He stopped and put his face on
the diver window he knocked a couple times and I rolled down my window about half
way. “WHAT??!”  He winced his eyes and poked his head in and looked back “hello
ladies!” I pushed his big snout out of my sight of the road and rolled up my window
the light turned green. And I rode off I left tart standing there in the road all
alone. I felt guilty so I told Poppers to go and get him Poppers was a smaller
version of Tart except Poppers was lime green and was a mouse. We were reaching the
Crestwood mall when. We pulled over for taco bell because we were hungry. And we
munched down the tacos it was obvious they wanted to know about my affair with Dez.
Could you blame them? They were my friends for so long and we loved gossip. So I told
them all about it. They sat there kind freaked out by the fact I enjoyed it. Claire
then broke the silence with “where is he? I don’t think you should have him
around you child Emma.” I flung my hand around in the air and said “oh, he’ll
be fine he’ll pick up Xis in a couple hours he will have forgotten about that by
the time he gets home and be back to his happy self its not like it’ll happen
again” trying to convince myself that he would. We threw away are trash and got
ready to go to the mall. I was so ready to spend money. When we got out of game stop
(always the first place we go) we bought venom from the vending machine a few steps
away. We put them in the bag and went down to the concession place,
 Only to find all that Jack Matt and Dez sitting down there hanging out. I got
scared, very scared. Erin squealed and ran over to Jack and tapped him not the head.
Jack looked up and smiled they did and arm hug and Erin started talking it was to far
away for me to hear. Claire started walking over to hug matt when Dez noticed me. I
froze with fear and backed up a little and turned around I crossed my arms. I could
hear Dez approaching me in his rain boots. He put his hand on my shoulder I quickly
turned around and scowled. “Wha? What’s wrong Emma?”  He said as he cocked his
head I came to my senses after staring directly in his violet eyes for what seemed
like hours. I turned away again and started walking up to the elevator, he followed.
“Like you would want to know” I said pressing the button to go up on the
elevator. He still looked very confused I turned back to him and said “Dez, you
sacred me last night”. His face had a hint of anger in it but still very confused.
“Why? What did I do?” he asked I responded by rolling my eyes and getting in the
elevator, He followed me again. “Well? What’s wrong? I don’t remember
everything last night!” he raised his voice a little and he was no long confused. I
turned to him and shouted “I don’t know maybe because your eyes turned red?!”
his was surprised at my tone. The elevator opened and I rushed out, he followed
again. My eyes began to tear up as he called out “Emma stop!” then I herd Erin
and Claire’s voices they were calling “Emma were ya’ going?” I walked out,
got in my car and drove away. During the car ride home I sobbed as I thought about

When I got home I tried to sleep but I had remembered what had happened in that bed
and jumped out and walked out of my room. I climbed the stairs and slept in xis’s
bed it was a little small but I fell right asleep. I got a rude awakening by my phone
that was in my pocket. I looked outside it was thunder storming. I answered my phone
it was xis
 “Uh mommy? Um I’m gunna sleep at wigus house tonight okay?” I smiled and said

“mkay honey be home whenever tomorrow okay? And if you’re going to sleep again
call me! Okay?” 
“Okay mommy thanks I’m going to see a movie tonight!” 
“What movie love?”
“Aliens vs. monsters!”
“Wow! Okay honey have fun!”
“Okay mommy bye”

After that I flipped my phone closed and fell back to sleep. I was awoken again bye
the door opening. My heart began racing, because I herd cackling laughter coming form
down stairs. 

I crawled into xis’s closet and hid in his dirty clothes “good thing the lights
are all off” I thought to myself, but realizing what I said would make this
experience all the more frightening. I could here him walking around downstairs
calling out my name “eeeeeemmmma! Were aaaaare yoooou?” my heart raced faster.
Tears ran down my cheeks and I herd him growling. He ascended up the stairs after one
minute of silence he was trying to make me think he left but I knew Dez too well to
know he’s not a quitter. He checked the other rooms first before busting down the
door. He tried to flip the light switch and it didn’t work I thought “the power
must be out!” He growled I could hear him breathing rapidly. I saw the dim glow of
his crimson eyes. The lightning flashed and I saw him turned away from the closet
looking around. His hands were clenched in tight fists. His low growl frightened me
suddenly he walked out of the room very calmly. I rolled my eyes knowing he would
wait by the door to find out if I was in the room. Then I herd I’m walking down
stairs. He opened the door and I herd him walk out. I slowly got up out of the closet
and paced over to the door my hand shivered as I opened the door. Just before I left
the room I look back for some reason and saw Dez tapping on the window with a twisted
smile. I spun around and bolted down the hall way and down the stairs. I herd a
window crash, he followed me. When I reached the kitchen I grabbed a knife for
protection against the raging man. When he reached down stairs cover with cuts with
blood running down then he grinds at me with intense eyes. 


KokiriForest says:   15 March 2009   589154  

XDoodle_SoupX says :   22 March 2009   189928  
no thats stupid

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