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Sunday, 15 March 2009
02:57:58 AM (GMT)
ok I wasn't gonna write anything about my date last night, but Im really bored so
this should give me something to do
This might be long so inless your really bored or you actually care about how this
when then you probably dont want to read this

so most of my friends probably know I was asked out on a date with a guy named
So I finally met him last night...this night idk its 2 am so yeah last night at the
movie theaters.
He was standing outside waiting for me. When I first seen him I was amazed by how
cute he is. I mean I've seen a photo but that was it. He is really sweet and funny
and surprisingly very intelligent. He is really into Marilyn Manson and the Misfits.
Dude the Misfits are like Gods to me. Nobody in the county even knows who the Misfits
are, but apperiantly Garret does. So we decide to watch "The Watchmen" Its a really
great movie overall and its full of action and well....A blue dudes penis O.o (Hey Im
a chik, you tend to notice things like that) lol anyways the movie isnt really a good
date movie though. But it was THREE AND HALF HOURS LONG MY GOD!!! 
So through most of the movie we are just holding hands and laughing at some of the
gay/ stupid parts of the movie. Then finally I let him kiss me, but I was reluctant
most of the time to let him kiss me seeing how the only other person I've kissed is
Jon, and I dont want to take things to fast. I want to play it slow, and keep him
But  everytime I did kiss him he tasted like smoke. Yeppers he's a smoker. Im not use
to kissing in the first place and Im sure as hell not use to the guy Im kissing
tasting like smoke. At first it tasted kinda bad, but I think that I was starting to
get a slight high off the taste lol But he's clearly a heavy smoker. Dude I could
smell him sitting beside me. I mean my parents both smoke so you think I'd be useb to
the scent, but apperiantly Im not. 
 Anyways after the movie we sat around and talked for a good thirty minutes or so. I
even got to hear him sing. Dude he sounds just like Marilyn Mason NO JOKE! He has an
AMAZING singing voice. We talked about his pasted and stuff and how fucked up both
our lives are till finally my mom got there (yeah he's 18 and doesn't have his
permit) lol so yeah his friends had to pick him up. I probably would have had my
friends pick me up, but most dont live close enough and the one friend that lives
like right next to us was going out of town so yeah.... anyways he was kind enough to
walk me to the car and hug me. Later tonight I got a text from Gary (the dude that
set us up) he's like "so howd it go" and I said it was nice and Garrets really sweet
and cute. So apperiantly Garret seen Gary in wal mart after I left and was like
thanking him so much for giving him my number so that made me feel that maybe this
Garret guy might actually like me for possible more than my body I hope (stupid Jon,
stupid, stupid, stupid!) Oh and Garret knows Jon ha how funny so does every other
loser in this town. 
But Im still not over excited about him yet, and Im still very pessimistic about how
this relationship will go. I dont plan to really get to close to him till I really
get to know him.
anyways highlight of the day...possibly year.
Im tired so I'll probably go to bet soon.

‹goodfornothing› says:   15 March 2009   711125  
He sounds like such a sweetie <3
I mean 'cept for the smoking part but seriously there are so many
worse things than smoking right pshh xD
‹♥lexxie♥츄~› says:   15 March 2009   439724  
So he wasnt a stalker boy?
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says :   15 March 2009   169837  
lol no he isn't a stalker. He's really sweet and cute and I kinda
enjoyed being around him.

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