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Thursday, 12 March 2009
11:43:34 AM (GMT)
A bit of random

||Lets get to know you.||
What's your name?: Oliviaa
How old are you?: 324989.
What is your favorite color?: lime green(:
Gay, sraight, or bi?: straight, hoes.
Sexually active?: HAHA WITH NATALYE, YES.
What color shirt are you wearing?: pink...
What kin of bottoms do you have on (ex. Shorts, jeans ect.): pajama pantss.
Do you like flats, heels, or skater shoes?: flats.
Whats your favorite number?: 69. AHHAHA.
Do you like spinach?: spinich dip:D
Do you eat your vegetables?: suree.
All the time?: yess(:
Where is your favorite place?: dance.
What state is it in?: MYSTATE.
What is your favorite food?: i don't knowww
Is it colorful?: OH YES.
Do you have plants in your bathroom?: haha no.
Do you have a portable music player?: yess.
Do you like music?: very much.
Do you like music more than TV?: probably.
||Yes or No||
Is your nose peirced?: no.
Your eyebrow?: no.
Belly button?: noo.
Cheek?: nope.
ear?: yes.
Do you love someone?: i belive so.
Do you watch TV often?: not relaly.
Do you like where you live?: MICHIGAN w00t
Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?: not really.
Can you remember the last time you ate a tomato?: i don't like tomato's.
Would you eat something floating in the toilet for $20: HAHA NOO.
Is there someone special in your life?: lots.
Are you going out with this person?: no
Do you smile when you think about them?: i try to hide it.
Do you have a water dispenser on your fridge?: haha yes i do.
Do you go to school?: yes.
Do you own a thong?: HAHA.
What grade are you in?: 15th. (heh heh)
Have you ever had cherry 7-up?: yess.
Is it any good?: sure.
Do you watch Dancing with the Stars?: sometimes.
Can you prevent forrest fires?: THAT'S MY WONDERFUL SUPER POWER BABES.
Have you ever started a forrest fire?: i can prevent them can't i?
Have you ever heard of a song called Rainbow Veins?: haha no.
Do you like water?: yes i do.
Do you live with your biological parents?: yupp.
Have you ever been to Seattle?: no.
Have you ever been to Alaska?: no, that place is scary.
Have you ever been to Florida?: YUPP.
Have you even been to Oklahoma?: no.
How about New York?: yess(:
California?: n o
Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes?: haha no?
Aren't those cakes awesome?: OH YES.
Have you ever broken a table?: ahhahahaha.
Do you like Spaghetti O's?: OH MY GOD I LOVE THOSE THINGS.
Do you own any pets?: a cat and a dog.
How many?: i just said.
Is one of them a fish?: NO, i had one, named elvis xD, but he diedd.
Do you like to eat fish?: no.
Are your nails painted?: my toess.
Have you ever read Twilight?: i did.
Do you like sitting in the dark?: not really.
Do you keep a shopping list?: haha no
How do you like your eggs?: scrambledd.
||Which is better||
Whole wheat or white?: whole white, actually(:
French fries or chips?: chips.
Mashed potatoed or the ones from the box?: mashed potatoes, by far.
Cookies or cake?: cookies.
Green or red?: green.
Your birthday or Chirstmas?: christmas, i love the spirit[:
Chicken or Beef?: chicken, but preferably, neither.
Chinese food or McDonalds?: chinese food.
Peppers or Onions?: pepperss.
Facebook or Myspace?: IDON'TKNOW...
Toast or a croissant?: toast.
Popcorn or peanuts?: peanuts!
Bubble wrap or packing peanuts?: BUBBLE WRAP IS LIFE.
Hot or cold coffee?: cold.
Ninja's or cowboys?: OH MY GOD AHHAA NINJAS!
Sun or rain?: RAIN<3
Orange juice or apple juice?: applee
Boys or girls?: idon'tknowwwshfdskhfsd,kfsd;lf,..
Panda's or Polar bears?: polar bears.
Real plants or fake ones?: real
Kissing or hugging?: huggingg.
Love or peace?: PEACE.
War or hate?: hate.
Revenge or pranking?: pranking
Murder or dying?: dying
Youtube or Twitter?: youtube
Dogs or cats?: cats
Fish or hampsters?: hampsters
Sneakers or flip flops: flip flops
Day or night?: day
Mashed potatoes with gravy or butter?: gravyy.
Internet dating or real life dating?: real life,
Pizza or popcorn?: pizza
Veggies or meat?: VEGGIESS.

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Last edited: 12 March 2009

‹Natalye;Keep Breathing.› says:   12 March 2009   821246  
"sexually active?"
With me? Yes. You are. 
OutrageousOlivia says :   12 March 2009   921699  


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