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ILOVEYOUCategory: Emotions
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
02:06:51 PM (GMT)
So you probably already know this, But i just thought i'd say why i love you all. This is in no particular order btw. alexemoxulo: Alex, you can always make me smile, you're one of the nicest guys i've ever met, everything you say just makes me happy, you light up my days. I love you very much! Always have, Always will. XX_Sweet_Candy_XX: Caitlin, you're amazing honey even with your blonde moments. We have the most randomly fun times together and it's awesome.I couldn't ask for a better person.I know you'll listen to my crazy breakdowns and won't judge and you know i'll do the same. I love you mommy! Grace_Zeigler: Grace, i believe our conversations are some of the Best ever! You're like my best friend on here, because i can always talk to you about anything and everything! Mikool:Micheal, you're another of my best friends, you're an amazing guy caazoramaa: Caroline, I love your random conversation starters they always amuse me! P.S You have great music taste and iloveee you NadzzzxD: Nadiaa A.K.A KWASIMODO, YOU'RE THE BEST, lmfao even if you do hit out with weird stuff.Always there to listen and comfort me. My wonderful Gangsta poetic_justice: My Aoi - sama, where to begin? You showed me a lot of music that i now love, you're my amazing Idol! Although people probably think we're retarded cos we dance crazily in public, sing songs about being gay and have "Inapropriate conversations" I believe we're just better than them! xXxDisturbiaxXx:Franki, YOUSCAREMEBUTINAGOODWAY! ;O Yeaah, thics girl is awesome and hyper like 24/7! RAWR_iscaredyou: Katie, Because we understand each other when we talk gobbeldygook! Yes you may give me frights when you randomly appear behind me, but it always makes me laugh! SilVy_jUSt_M3h:Sylvia, You're another of my Best friends,you're an amazingly dorky lady but i still love you! music_addict:Jacob, because we have amazing conversations involving animal noises and tackle hugs, Good times! pacificcoasthighway:Jeremiah, i may just have met you recently but you're a great guy and thats why i love you! Sonnefeuer:Lynsey, you're fabulous! We trust each other with loads and have good days! I love how you're so smart and seem to make things seem simple, you always seem to be able to clear things up for me. I love youu! EmoGuy11:Ben, what can i say? You're my adopted big brother! You care for me and i love you heaps for it. You are so smart that you can usually help me a lot and i'm extremely grateful as i'd be pretty lost without you. I lovee you bro Lots Of Love Meggie ♥
Last edited: 5 March 2009

‹RAWrIEATYOU› says:   3 March 2009   429998  
Awww that's a cute list =]
And yes i know ima drk haha.
I love yew too .! :]
‹RAWrIEATYOU› says:   3 March 2009   654754  
‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   3 March 2009   921552  

All my special people
‹♥ ≈ ●ςдї†ұ● ≈ ♥› says:   4 March 2009   735594  
(ithought i'd already posted thz on frst comment)

‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   4 March 2009   133634  
‹ifONLYtonight.› says:   6 March 2009   975468  
I lovee youu
‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   6 March 2009   455891  
I lovee you too <3
‹アレックスは雨が大好き› says:   6 March 2009   551559  
aaah thats so sweet and im on top of your list Meggie,i love you so
much my vampire in love
‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says :   6 March 2009   453272  
 I love you too Alex <3
Vampire Husband


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