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One day late, topped with meat. MEAT! And possibly chocolate.Category: THURSDAY'S EPIC RANT
Friday, 20 February 2009
06:02:59 PM (GMT)
February 20, 2009
As written by Jess

Aaaaagh, one day late, eh? Yeah, well, I had a quiz to study for yesterday... of
which I probably bombed. XD 

Today was okays. I really want to catch xxxHolic with my friend! Ate my usual lunch
of probably over 500 calories. I think it's pretty futile to be eating curly fries,
cheese, jello, and a cheeseburger and having the bread be whole-wheat. Seriously,
it's like ordering a super sized big mac with extra-extra-extra jumbo large chili
fries and then topping it off with a Diet Coke. Seriously, people? (Lol, I know that
"people" applies to me as well). But it's not like I can help it. Now I just usually
take apart the buns and eat the meat, since the bread kinda tastes like crap.
Euuurgh, just not worth it.

Maybe I should just buck up and become a vegetarian like I've always not
really wanted to be.

But really. Give... up... MEAT?! Nope, only for a bet, people. Yeah, PETA would be
pretty angry at me. But it's NATURAL. Why do we have canine teeth? Why do humans have
a taste for flesh? To eat meat!

And meat is really, really good! But only when it's not like, say super fat friend.
'Cause then it's not meaty goodness anymore. It's, uh, deep fat fried, artery
clogging junk. 

Hmm. Kinda like Fried Green Beans.

I mean, Friend Green Beans? What?

Yeah, if you're going to turn something totally reasonable and try to make it into
something unhealthy and sound disgusting (Because they're not all that bad when
crispy), do it all the way, folks. I mean, bacon dipped in chocolate. (Eating
chocolate covered bacon is one of my goal's in... I dunno... life? Nah, too serious.
Okay, before I lost my super convenient kid metabolism. That is, before I become an
adult and things all rush to my hips.)

Well, on the topic of food, I have to eat dinner (Which is topped with MEAT. Oh
yeah.) See ya!

Lyncheh says:   20 February 2009   271962  
Why do we have an appendix? To eat grass?

Oh, ok then. *eats grass* 
Lyncheh says:   20 February 2009   294232  
I don't have a taste for flesh, that's discusting. X_____X

No animal corpse for me, tytyty. >D
‹goodfornothing› says :   20 February 2009   448161  
I enjoy meat too 8D


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