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Update! And 100th entry!Category: AGGLEFLAGGLEBLAH!
Saturday, 14 February 2009
07:23:01 PM (GMT)
HEYYY!!!!!!! So I haven't been on in FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! So yeah, time to
update you guys! Well last night I did something illegal, twice. LOL. So me and
Rachel were walking around 8:30 at night or some time like that and we call Jeremy
(My Oh-So-Amazing-boyfriend!) and say look out your window and so he comes out and
laughs. So eventually we start to walk away slowly and he yells, "Hey, so do you want
me to come or not?!" So he took FOREVER to do whatever he was doing and came out and
walked around the neighborhood till 9:30. But anyway, were walking and I see this
Crayola marker and I pick it up and start to scribble all over my hand. Well
eventually I grab the marker and take Rachel's hand and writes 'Lauren Lubs you!' on
it. So I look at Jeremy and start to laugh and say, 'Let me draw a mustache on you.'
And he looks at me and laughs and says I can do it and Rachel takes out the
flashlight and I uncapped the marker and he's all, 'Oh shit, I didnt think you would
do it.' so I say, 'You dont want me to do it?' and he says, 'You can do it if you
want' and I didn't (though I should have..... grrr.) Well here's the illegal thing, I
got this weird urge to write on the stop sign. LOL. So on the back of two different
stop signs one says, HI! and another says WASSUP?! I darted across the road cause a
car was coming. (its on the back FWI) The funny thing is, I asked Jeremy to write on
the second one and he goes up there, hes got the marker all ready and he has it right
on it and he stops and laughs and says he cant do it. I was tempted to write "I wrote
on this cause Jeremy's a wuss.' But I would die cause thats the same one the car
almost caught me on. LOLOLOLOL! Here's the other thing, it was a very nice night, and
yet he still cant hug me..... erg. Well it was quite funny. He was wearing these
black gloves and makes this comment about how he looks like a molaster (SP!) and I
start to laugh and say, 'And your walking with two girls. This looks wonderful.'
cause it kinda did. Specially with me looking like a was drugged up and skipping
around and giggling, and Rachel like every five minutes attacking him. She accidently
kicked him in the balls. She was aiming shins. I turn around and look at himj and ask
if hes alright and he just like yepp. (All on friday the 13th! My favorite day in all
the year!!!!)
So I finally got to touch jeremy. We got to slow dance with each other. On the
Valentines dance. And so yeah, I think I'm kinda falling love.... And I know its true
cause I aint gettin no action, thats fer sure! LOL. But no, I truly think I'm falling
in love with jeremy. (Thursday) He got all dressed up for the dance.... I could have
fainted I was so happy... He was pretty Pissed Off wednesday though. Not sure why.
Guy period I guess. Hes one of the few guys who have them in the seventh grade. the
other one that I am quite aware of is Brad. LOL... Well i might have a reason... it
was cruch can day, and he was upset cause he didnt get me one. Ah well. Still

‹*tHe_CrOw*› says:   14 February 2009   649796  
that is so kool. im happy for u lauren!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   14 February 2009   349817  
You should've drawn the mustache on his face! D:
xxGigglesnortXX23 says:   15 February 2009   494315  
Hahaha! "I wrote on this cuz Jeremy's a wuss" that's, like, my
favorite part! xD And you better not be getting action, missy! *shakes
fist like old lady* Excepts hugs and kissies. But no...yeah. I'm done.
*walks away* Hahah
‹taylorL1369› says:   16 February 2009   937957  
AWWW! LAURENS FIRST LIL BBY LOVE! HAHA jk you two really r cute
together! HURRAY FOR TOUCHING! LMAO...guy period
MeepingMeep says :   17 February 2009   927473  
Ypu've never heard me say somethin like that? Brad got his, and he
gets depressed, lol. Jordan is a jerk tho. Like Jeremy.


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