The Forced and Forbidden chapter#3 what happens in geometry stays in
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The Forced and Forbidden chapter#3 what happens in geometry stays in
Category: Forbidden love
Friday, 6 February 2009
05:33:55 PM (GMT)
The Forced and Forbidden Chapter 3... What happens in geometry stays in geometry...
Thank God I arrived an hour early to school, It took us forty five minutes just to clean the mud off fix my hair and do my make up. Mackenzie is the best friend I could ever ask for. We walked out of the 'Abandoned Bathroom' fifteen minutes before the bell. " I can't stand her!" I exclaimed. " Jessica Boulevardez drives me insane!" " I hear ya! Dude she is nothing but a b****!" "Mackenzie!" "Well? she is" she replied slyly. "I have never heard you talk like that!" "A Lot of people haven't!" "D*** girl!" "Delaney!" "What!?" "And you call me a potty mouth!" "Hey! that's not fair! you know I don't usually talk like that!" "Yea! I know!" " the bell's gonna ring in ten minutes!" I said obviously trying to change the subject. " Yep! I'll see you later!" "bye MC!" "see ya later DJ!" as she ran to homeroom. I stood for a second. How could I not know she would say something like that? Go to chorus. I have to before the bell, or so my schedule said. I ran in the opposite direction Mackenzie did. Two 'o one, two 'o two, two 'o three! I stood outside the chorus room for a second, took a deep breath, and opened the door, I was trying to collect my thoughts. Mackenzie swearing, mysterious boy, I didn't understand one bit of it. but I picked a seat at the random. Might as well just try to fit in. I sat in the very corner of the room, trying to blend into the background. Nothing could take my mind off of that boy, that mysterious, unfamiliar boy! Chorus seemed to drag on forever... Thank God I'm good in school, maybe the homework will give me something else to think about. I walked into 2nd hour geometry, a note in my hand from the administrative office. Books in my hand. I was asked to do errands for the chorus teacher rather than actually staying in the chorus room, then I was asked to stay in the administrative office and help with some paper work. For the remainder of the hour. Filing the paperwork took longer than expected, fifteen minutes longer. I opened the door to find the class all seated, their attention directed toward the teacher. Then suddenly at me. I stood there awkwardly for a second. "Come in Ms. Jones!" the teacher, Mr. IsenHower, said, obviously directed toward me I took a few awkward steps to the front of the class room. "Ms. Jones, I certainly hope you have a very good explanation as to why you have arrived fifteen minutes over due!" " yes sir." I said handing him the note. " Very well Ms. Jones" he said as he read the note " you sit in the back of the room next to Mr. Jenkins" I looked in the direction his finger pointed. OH CRAP! it was that boy, my mouth hung open three feet, if not three inches. I closed my mouth and turned to Mr. IsenHower " thank you." I said in a soft uneven tone. And walked toward "My Seat" "Oh and Delaney!" Mr. IsenHower said. " You really should make an attempt to give people a better first impression of yourself." he said into my ear so the class wouldn't hear. "I'll...I'll do my best" I said as I turned to face my seat. and that boy. I took my seat, my eyes closed, I was tense. I opened my eyes and looked at him through the corner of my eye, I could see he was doing the same. Dumbstruck, I awkwardly smiled and focused my attention toward Mr. IsenHower. At lunch I sat at the table alone waiting for Mackenzie I saw her talking to that boy again in the lunch line. They came walking toward me they were still talking. He walked away. and Mackenzie and I ate in silence. The next day, I managed not to need a makeover I actually caught the bus. Mackenzie was just as shocked as I was. I was in geometry sitting next to "him" I wanted things to move faster, I wanted to talk to him, but i didn't want to hurt Mackenzie's feelings. Asking him a question about geometry couldn't hurt, could it? I tapped his shoulder with my pencil even though i was sure I already had his attention, he stared at me as often as I glanced at him unnoticed. He turned his head to face me, he smiled "Oh, Delaney it's you!" he said. his smile caught me off guard. " I thought it was the teacher telling me to pay attention" he laughed, and turned his head awkwardly. " so what's up?" " I don't get this, do you get any of this?" "It's a triangle, what's not to get?" he smiled again.Completely caught me off guard. "It is?" I laughed. He smiled. "You weren't paying attention during class were you?" I shook my head, and chuckled. "Neither was I but..." his voice trailed off. "but..." he sighed. "But I had a good reason" "Oh" I said nonchalantly " and that would be..." "I already know all this shit!" "Well, well, well!" I replied. "Kalip Jenkins cussing! that's a surprise!" "How do you know my name?" "I read your homework, I guess I didn't learn everything in this class, I need to do some cheating eh" he smiled. "nobody learns everything in one day the way I do." "Hey! Mackenzie's the blonde not me!" "I wasn't insinuating that you were a blonde!" "oh" "So about Mackenzie..." "Yeah we've been best friends for the longest time!" "Funny..." "How so?" "Her and I have been penpals for a long time." "What?" "You know we're friends but never met before and..." "No...No I know what a penpal is, but if you guys are penpals then what are you doing in this town?" "Thats the thing I came to visit her one time and my Mother fell in love with this town so voila! Here I am. and not a moment too soon I bet you're taken are you not?" "No I've always been considered the biggest loser with all these people, not very attractive to any of the guys here" "Not entirely true" "Say What?" "Yeah I think I saw that dude giving you a look" he said sarcastically. "oh you mean that dude in the reflection that looks just like you?" "Yeah that's him" he laughed. I covered my mouth with one hand and snickered. "HEH HEH" he said mockingly. "I'm serious!" "are you sure it's your reflection and not just you giving me a look?" "Nope i think that's me" he laughed "You really know how to make my day Delaney, thanks" "Sure...uh no problem" "So uh... you wanna hang out some time?" "You mean like a date?" "If that's what you wanna call it?" "But aren't you and Mackenzie like..." " dating! oh no! no no no no no! we're just old friends same as you ." "In that case I'd love to hang out some time." "cool"
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