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A Daring Call END ::SEXUAL CONTENT. DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED::Category: sex story
Monday, 2 February 2009
12:06:02 AM (GMT)
WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT. DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED. Comments are welcomed :] Stupid comments; fuck off. type:m/f Enjoy. :]
You feel a shiver run up your spine at the seduction flowing from his voice. Suddenly, you feel a brush of air against your lips and you inhale sharply. "Shhh, my dream," a soft voice whispers in your ear, "just relax..." Again you feel a brushing against your lips, and then soft pressure as the phantom presence asserts itself. "Close your eyes..." that voice is hypnotic, and you have no trouble abiding by its gentle requests. You close your eyes, and the pressure against your lips resumes, a pressure that you recognize. He kisses you softly, tasting the sweetness that is your mouth. Gradually the pressure increases, and you gasp as you feel his tongue slide over your lips and into your mouth. You've never been kissed this way before and you can't help wondering how he's doing this. You respond to this invasion of your being by meeting his tongue with your own in a hungry duel. He tastes as sweet as his voice sounds, and you sigh happily into the receiver that is still resting against your ear. His hands appear next, sliding over your upper body. Strong fingers glide over your face, down your neck and over your sweater, hovering briefly over your breasts before continuing down to your waist. They sneak under the fabric and push it up, exposing your stomach, followed by your bra. His fingers pass over your smooth stomach and up to your breasts, teasing them through the fabric. You gasp and open your eyes as you feel his moist lips land in the center of your stomach and his tongue begins to trace little designs over your belly. Upon opening your eyes, however, he disappears. You are alone on the sofa, surrounded by friends (now with strange expressions on their faces), and your sweater is where it belongs at your waist. You catch Eliza's eyes and this time you catch the words she mouths at you. Nodding an affirmative, you return your attention to the phone cradled at your shoulder. Yes, you were okay, but this was bar none the most interesting phone conversation you'd ever had. "How..." you ask, but are quickly interrupted by the mystery man at the other end of the phone. "Shh..." he replies. "Don't ask, don't think, just feel..." His voice is so relaxing and sensuous that you close your eyes again, relaxing against the cushions on the sofa. You feel his hands on you again as if they'd never left. He finds the clasp in the crevice between your breasts and unhooks it, baring your chest to him. You draw in a sharp breath as his lips close around a rosy peak, suckling it, nipping it lightly, and driving you to madness. A hand massages your other breast until he decides to switch, wherein the hand slides to the abandoned of the perfectly matched pair. The moisture is growing between your legs, and you wish you could touch him. You release the phone and somehow it stays near your ear as you reach for where his head should be. Surprisingly enough, your fingers meet short, spiky locks. You want to open your eyes, but know that if you do he'll disappear again, and that is something you couldn't take right now. Instead, you trail your fingers through his hair and down around his ear, where you find a peculiar item. You clutch it between your fingers and run your hand down its length, finding it surprisingly long. A hand meets yours at its tip, where it relieves you of its possession. His mouth releases your soft breast, only to be replaced by a soft, feathery brushing as he twirls the tip of the braid over your skin. Your eyes roll back into your head and the phantom fingers and lips are suddenly given a face. You gasp as you see his image in your mind - his person is as gorgeous as his voice. Deep blue eyes, a warm smile, short brown hair and that braid, which is slowly drifting downward over your belly. His fingers release the braid as they reach your waistband. Swiftly, they undo the button on the jeans and slide the zipper down. His hands slide to your hips and you raise them slightly to allow him to pull your jeans from your body. Briefly you hope that this really is all in your mind as you remember your audience, but as his fingers find their way to your moist center the thoughts flutter to the deepest corners of your mind. He traces his fingers over your mound slowly, teasing you, before reaching up and freeing you of that last small bit of cloth. His mouth captures yours at the same instant his fingers slide between your lips and you arch your back swiftly, pressing both ends of your body against him harder. "So wet..." the voice in your ear is heavy, husky, and makes you tremble. His fingers brush your clit and you arch your back even more, reaching for him, wanting more of him. He slides his tongue into your mouth and his fingers into your depths simultaneously, evoking a dual reaction from you once again. Together, his fingers and tongue strike up an evocative rhythm and you find yourself spiraling towards the heavens on the wings of wild ecstasy. Still amazed at how he is able to evoke these sensations in you from so far away, you refuse to allow yourself to climax from the pleasure he's causing inside of you. Also, in the back of your mind, you remember something about your friends... Suddenly, he rubs his thumb against your clit and you explode, arching your back as the juices pour from deep within you. You barely feel him withdraw his fingers as you ride your climax, but you definitely feel it as his mouth closes around your mound. He hungrily laps up your sweet extract, driving you back up to the heavens and causing you to cry out. "No!" you hear a voice say. It sounds like yours, but it's muffled and far away, as if enshrouded in a deep blanket. "You..." you pant, "I want you... inside... inside me... need you..." And as suddenly as his mouth replaced his fingers, his length replaced his mouth, sliding deep into your depths. Arching your back, you wrap your legs around your phantom lover and force him deeper, causing him to brush against that sweet spot that most men couldn't quite reach. You both cry out at the sensations caused by his thrusts as he rides you harder and harder, brushing that spot over and over again. You've never been brought this high before, and you dig your nails into his back as you soar out of the galaxy. He reaches down and brushes your clit and you explode together, your walls milking the seed from his powerful shaft over and over again. You've seen stars before, but somehow this mystery man has shown you stars far beyond the settled galaxy and you decide it's so wonderful you never want to leave. As your bodies calm down, he collapses against you and gently kisses your swollen lips. "That was amazing," you hear a soft feminine voice whisper. "You are amazing," your mystery man replies huskily. "Thank you for calling me." "You're welcome," you respond. "Can we do that again sometime?" you ask softly. "My place, or yours?" comes the reply from the other end of the line, and you grin. Yes, the next time would definitely be in person. You wanted to kiss him, flesh and blood. And that wasn't all you wanted... "Sleep tight, my sweet dream," he murmurs into your ear before breaking the connection. You open your eyes to find yourself breathing heavily, but still in one piece and fully clothed. Eliza and the others are gaping at you wide mouthed. You grin, and then lean back into the pillows on the sofa once again and wonder if this was what the phone companies had in mind when they told you to "reach out and touch someone". Bar none, this was the best dare anyone had ever given you, and you make a point to thank Eliza for giving it to you. Right after you wake up.
Last edited: 2 February 2009

On_the_way_down says:   2 February 2009   641111  
wow, those were very good.
It is an interesting concept, and brings new meaning to the phrase
"Phone Sex"
I just hope he had a condom over his phone or she might get hearing
Sex_stories_author says:   2 February 2009   287277  
Hey, Jedi's don't get AIDs. :p they are superiorly advanced, and are
unsusceptible to such diseases. :p
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   2 February 2009   268177  
That was really good. It was like he was really there.....
Fantaluv says:   2 February 2009   825899  
wow i was thinking through the whole story that, like, the friends
were watching her get naked and everything...>.<
kattany3 says:   3 February 2009   642853  
O.o OMG!!!! That was increadable.!!! you should do more with stuff
like tis.Magic and things. O.o I dont know how you do it so well.
Sex_stories_author says:   3 February 2009   266427  
It's not magic. It's the Power of the Force :]
cheatagirl123 sings:   3 February 2009   198371  
Lol, i luv ur jedi stories!!! Awesome ^-^
bluebutterfly says:   5 February 2009   641456  
kool pnone sex a interstering consept
Nekkyo says:   5 February 2009   139133  
thhis was interesting..
couldyoubeloved whispers:   12 June 2010   340769  
I love your stories.
Synthia says:   5 September 2010   991023  
OMG I luv luv luv ur stories if u quit imma be said and mad at u!!!
:P :P jk i wont be mad but still do nto stop wrting u are awesome at
‹i am Toria,here me roar!!!...rawr <3› says :   16 April 2011   894533  

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