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Saturday, 24 January 2009
02:25:05 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1 
You're A WHAT!?!?
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     "It's been half a year tommorrow Kenzie, we need to get a few recruits or
they'll take us off the case" said Lea. "She's right you know..." said Venus, their
mentor and teacher. "I know who im going to choose it's the convincing them part I
have issues with!" replyed Kenzie. Kenzie was a 14 year old, five foot four girl
with, straight light brown hair with golden hilights and honey lowlights.Her eyes
were a fierce green and were surrounded by dark long full lashes. Her naturaly red
full lips were covered in minty lip gloss, she had beige tone skin that changed to
bronze in the summer, it all nicely accented her fashionable sense of style. Lea yet
another 14 year old had pale wavy blond hair, misty blue eyes, pale pink lips covered
in vannila gloss, and a thin five foot four frame. Venus was a five foot ten woman
with black curly hair that whent down to her mid back, she had hazel eyes, and
chocolate skin. They were all very beautifull but they infact weren't human, they at
one point had been but no longer were, no they weren't ghost. They were vampires not
the dracula kind a diffrent kind, and ever sense they were born into the vampire
world, they drank animal blood this was for the good of the human race. 
      Lea and Kenzie were turned into vampires in the 8th grade, when another vampire
was doing recruting and thought they were freshman at the local high school. seeing
as normaly vampires only comingto the vampire world when they are freshman or older,
they could only be taken carre of by Venus and the rest of the staff and AVA. That
was untill now when, they would be attending AVA (aka: American Vampire Acadamy),
they were sent on recruiting the three humans they had choosen. The problem was that
classes started next week and they only had one more day to get the recruits.
  Kenzie and Lea had decided on Lizzy and Elli to come with them. To get them alone
they invited they two fourteen year olds to lunch at the apartment Lia, Kenzie, and
Venus were staying in. First the group of four made small talk, then Kenzie casualy
came to the subject of fantasy with quickly changed to vampires. "What do you guys
think 'bout them?" asked Lea.
"I think they're amazing!"said Liz.
"I wish I could be one." finished Elli.
" Really? You mean if someone gave you the chance you'd be one, even if you had to go
to some type of school far away?"asked Kenzie
"you mean like a boarding school?"said Liz
"yes exactly"Lea
"well then yea!" Liz and Elli said in unisent
"Then pack your bags We'll pick you up at midnight!"said Kenzie
"Kenz.. whats are you talkin' about?" said Liz
"I'm saying you and Elli are coming with me and Lea to school!"
"You mean....."
"yes we are, but we only drink animal blood if we didn't mass murders would take
place and you wouldn't have even guessed it was us."
Elli started laughing.But stopped when she saw Kenzie and Lea were serious.
"y...y....your not serios are you?I mean what will I tell mom and dad!"
"you don't till your there"said Kenzie
"And why not!"asked Elli
"elli I know your parents they will refuse to let you come!"said Kenzie
"you can visit every other weekend...if that helps." said lea trying to brighten the
"I'm in" said Liz"
"fine.... count me in" said Elli.
"great!" said Kenzie they she filled them in on  the details and what they needed to

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