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Thursday, 22 January 2009
09:27:12 PM (GMT)
Hello, this is a group story made by my friends and I. I hope you guys enjoy this
fantabulous story.


Timeless Romance

Prologue: A Dream

“Your majesty, he has returned,” a servant exclaimed as he bowed in front of the
one who had shown her generosity to her people, the Queen.

“What has he come for now?” the Queen replied as fire glared through her pearly
violet eyes.

“To claim his wife…or so he says,” the loyal butler replied.

“My answer to him will soon be revealed,” the Queen snarled darkly.

“It’s your wish, your majesty,” he said as he excused himself and began to
slowly walk away.

“I will come with to hear what he has to really say,” the Queen’s eyes darkened
as she rose, looking down on the servant within her reply.

“N-no, your majesty. Relax, I can handle it,” the servant stuttered nervously. He
did not want to bother the Queen with the aspect of doing his job for him, which was
to bring visitors to her palace.

“Am I not worthy of your time?” the Queen asked as flames burned in her eyes

“No, it is he who is not worthy of your time. That is why I shall bring him to
you,” The servant replied as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his cheek.
Quickly, he headed out of the throne room of where the Queen stood and scurried to
the main entrance, where the visitor waited anxiously. The butler eyed the man,
disapprovingly. There stood a young man, in an attire of a moss green shirt
overlapped with white airy pants which brown dirty boots sprouted out from the pant
legs. His brown eyes shifted towards the butler’s glare.

“Follow me, citizen, if you wish to confront the Queen,” the butler ordered and
immediately left without another word. The man shuffled his messy mud hair to let out
an act of relief since he was rather nervous. He knew the Queen didn’t approve but
he had to confront her to show her his true feelings towards her daughter. With a
slow start, he ran after the butler who already left into one of the large hallways
of the main entrance.

The Queen awaited their arrival but she heard a knock from the door of where the
servants entered to her left and right. The prince peeked in, and caught his
mother’s glance. He took a deep breath.

“This is for Mitsuki,” he told himself, reassuring himself of his mission. Then
he walked over to the Queen. “Mother, please…please let Mitsuki have her wish,”
The Queen looked like she could have laughed and spat at his face but she had more
class than that. Instead, she just looked away to the front gigantic doors with a
haughty attitude.

“This is none of your business,” the Queen plainly replied. Suddenly, a loud
creak interrupted their conversation as the butler opened the door to the throne room
with the young man behind him. The room seemed as if the loud noise from the door
made everyone in the room cease to talk. The very few servants idling around in the
lower level of the room and the Queen and prince were silent. Another servant entered
the room during their moment of silence. He held many papers in his hands although
only one had a word written on them. The unreadable letters of the ancient language
on the piece of paper seemed to breathe in a silent tone as if someone was listening
from within the paper.

“I…would like to propose to your daughter, Princess Mitsuki,” the young man
announced straightforwardly, breaking the awkward silence. The servant that just
entered could feel his heart drop as the young man said those words. The breathing of
the paper quickened.

“Why should I let you…a fake prince, marry my lovely child, Mitsuki?” the Queen
asked. The young man took a while to answer. He could feel his heart pulsing at a
great speed.

“I believe…that Mitsuki and I are destined to be with each other. We are destined
to have known and find true love with each other from the moment of our birth,” he
replied honestly.

“Well…I think that is a mere dream of stupidity and idiocy. There is no such
thing as true love or a destined love,” the Queen replied harshly with a wicked

“Don’t grow to regret this, mother,” the prince whispered into his mother’s
ear. He knew exactly how much the young man meant to his sister and how much they
were in love. He didn’t want them to suffer like he had in the past of his former

“I disapprove…of your request. No, is my answer,” The Queen laughed at the
young man after seeing his heartbroken face. She had never liked the idea of him
being with her idiot daughter. After meeting him, her daughter began to defy her
orders which, in the Queen’s mind, were for the best. Pushing that aside, she came
up with an idea to rid him from her daughter forever.

“But, your majesty—,” the young man started.

“You know, dear peasant…that opposing the aristocracy is breaking a rule of the
kingdom,” the Queen interrupted as she shifted her violet glare onto his weak
brown, dirty eyes. Her stare was full of power and hate towards him. The prince,
noticing the evil presence of what was to come, quickly excused himself from the room
and headed out from one of the peasant entryways. The Queen ignored his sudden
absence. Soon she would rid the current prince from her way as well. With that, she
continued on.

“I saw you…with Mitsuki,” the Queen informed. The young man knew where this was
going. “I saw you, last night, outside her window, trying to sneak in some words
of…love, after I deliberately told you to stay away from her. You know what this
means, correct?” The young man stood there speechless. She waved over to a guard
standing by the servant entryway. Other guards reported to her gesture and surrounded
the exits of the throne room.

“Guess what the punishment is?” the Queen asked with a twisted, malignant grin.
Again, he was speechless. His breathing quickened. “Oh, I bet you’re too shy to
answer.” The Queen gave a wicked laugh.

“The punishment is…Death!”

From the watching servant’s hands, the paper’s breathing disappeared. His eyes
closed in sadness as he knew that she was heading down to her lover.

The guards, numbered over ten, surrounded the young man and seized him. He made no
effort to resist.

“Take him to the executioner grounds,” the Queen ordered, lazily placing her
cheek into her hand which was planted on an arm of her throne. She began to laugh
again. “Just be glad that it’s not going to be a long painful death. I’ll have
you put out of your misery with the ax to the head,” After showing her courtesy,
the guards began to forcefully transfer the young man to the killing grounds.

“NO!” A high pitched voice shouted from the gigantic entrance doors of the throne
room. There stood a young exhausted girl with long golden hair which lingered down to
her chest. She glared at the men approaching her lover and then saw her evil mother
just sitting on her stupid throne, watching this without any will of stopping it.

“How dare you mother, how dare you sentence him to this stupid punishment! Let him
go, you bloody hounds!” She pushed her way through the mob of the murderous guards
and reached for him who was victim of her mother’s shallow dumbness.

“If you touch him, Mitsuki, you shall suffer the same fate,” the Queen stated.
The mob of guards was astonished, as well as Mitsuki, at the Queen’s heartless
words. Mitsuki kept her outstretched arm towards the young man but he wouldn’t take

“…Toki…,” Mitsuki called to him, a little disturbed and sad to have been
rejected from him for the first time.

“Mitsuki, Mitsuki,” the Queen sighed as she folded her arms. “That is what
you’ll never get. He has forgotten about you already, why don’t you just let him
go? Why don’t you just see the pathetic coward he is today? My dear daughter,
you’ll thank me one day for doing this. It’s for your own good,” Mitsuki was
trembling as tears began to fall from her beautiful oceanic eyes.

“I am not your ‘dear daughter’,” Mitsuki replied, underneath her breath which
no one, other that the prying Queen, could hear. The servant boy with the paper
couldn’t stand the Queen any longer. He was about to move to end this madness but
his muscles failed him. He was constricted and unable to move at all for some reason.
Then he felt the magic of a familiar feel. It was the prince’s, Mitsuki’s
brother. He was still nearby and he held the servant prisoner of his spell.

“Stay, it’s my turn to act, Masahiko,” the prince informed only to the
servant’s ears.

“From till then of where you are eligible to decide your own pathways, I’ll make
the decisions,” the Queen continued, ignoring Mitsuki’s previous statement. The
prince was just outside the throne room around a corner. That was why Mitsuki
didn’t see him when she hurried down to Toki. The prince loved his sister dearly
and wished her to have happiness with the man she loved but he knew the Queen would
never let that happen. She would marry Mitsuki off to an obnoxious unattractive beast
of another kingdom just to torture Mitsuki’s so called “mistake”. She would be
forced into a life of misery and pain. He could not accept that. The young prince
began chanting a spell, knowing the outcome of this deadly curse.

“For her true love to be found,

A kiss from the true must gently press against her golden lips,

And this realm would be discovered again.

If not for this to happen,

Death shall come to them.

The world shall cease to exist.”

After the chant, the prince began to fade into thin air and death, for he had
overreached his limit and used up his last ounce of magic. His sacrifice led to the
rescue of Mitsuki as well as the others’ lives. They had been teleported to a new
world. Their pasts would become hazy and unknown to them. Their story would live onto
their present day but the journey to complete their story would depend on their
future actions. . . .

‹AlwaysTomo♥› says:   22 January 2009   662188  
I like it.
It's sort of like Romeo and Juliet 8DD
And Sleeping Beauty :]
yura_tsuki says :   25 January 2009   335662  


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