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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 9 (sorry for the long wait)Category: cry
Wednesday, 14 January 2009
03:20:08 PM (GMT)
Mindy looked at Jacob and said 

Mindy: I called the cops while you guys where sleeping. They are on there way to
bring you to the hospital to get better I’m sorry but I had to. 

Jacob: You Monster. Your dead meat. 

Jacob ran to Mindy and Jumped on her. Mindy screamed when she land on the floor .
Jacob punched her and hit her. She try to roll over to get him off but Jacob was to
strong.. Cindy got up and she pull Jacob off of Mindy. Jacob jump on Cindy and pound
on her. Cindy kicked in screamed. Cory was in shocked at what he was doing. Tamkia
kicked Jacob. Jacob grabbed her foot making her fall on her bottom. She heard get off
Cindy and he took of Tamika’s clothes. He laugh ast her raped her giving her pain.
She screamed and screamed. Cindy slowly got up and pulled Jacob off of her friend.
She help Cindy go upstairs. Jacob got dress again laughing and smiling at her. Cindy
backed up to counter. Jacob played with her. She slip from him and ran behind Cory.
Jacob smile. He punch Cory. Cory punch him back. Cory kicked Cory in his nuts. He
fell to the ground from the pain. Cindy bend down hugging he tight and comforting
Jacob picked her up by her hair and throw on the floor. She landed hard. She cried in
pain. Mindy crawled over to Cory and help him up. Cory was about to go over where
Jacob was when Jacob punch him and Mindy. Jacob went back to Cindy and said 

Jacob: Oh look it here the baby is crying. 

Cindy: Jacob stop it please. I need my inhaluer I can’t breath. 

Jacob: oh the baby can’t breath you need this little baby. 

He showed her inhaluer. She said yes. He throw it at Cory. Handed it to Mindy. Mindy
crawled over to Cindy and helped her. Once Cindy could breath again. Jacob came back
with the phone saying 

 Jacob: The police is going to be late. Its fun time.

Cory crawled to Cindy and Mindy they hold to each tight while the monster came close.
Jacob said 

Jacob: Tamika is knocked out cold on the couch I gave her some medicine. Your next
Cory me and the girls are going to have fun.

Jacob came up to Cory and was about to give him some cold medicine when Cindy knocked
the spoon out of his hand. Jacob poured more on the spoon and shoved it in Cindy’s
mouth he this three times to she pass out. He put her on the couch next to Tamika. 
He tied Cory and Mindy up. He went up stairs and got blankets and a box of condoms.
He came back down stairs. He laugh a evil laugh. He set the blankets down. He untied
her and striped her to nothing. He was naked now. He put two condoms on and he began
to rape Mindy. Mindy screamed for him to stop. Cory watch helplessly. He wish his mom
and dad didn’t leave for the trip for there company.  

Mindy laid there with her eyes close crying and shacking. When Jacob was down he
throw the condom off and he picked Mindy up and wash her up and he put her on the
couch. He throw the blanket in the laundry room and he smile as he walked over to
Cory he was going to punch him to he was knocked out but he heard a knock on the
door. He got the girls and tied them in a chair except Cindy. He set Cindy on the
table. He strip her and slip a condom on her and him. He slowly rape her before he
did anything else the officer came in and pulled him off of her. He covered Cindy and
he made Cory put on his boxers. He handcuff Jacob. He called for backup and for the

When he untied Cory. When the backup came in he ask the women to get clothes for
Cindy and Mindy. Cory sat there shocked. The medic came. The women dress Cindy and
Mindy.  The medics took all them to seprate trucks. Once at the hospital there where
all in the same room. Tamika woke up scared and afraid to move. Mindy was out and she
was still sleeping. Cindy had the flu and she had a lot of brucies and cuts on her
but she was fine and she was in a daze. Cory was really scared and he had was ok.
Jacob was going to Jail and Cory’s parents pack all his stuff and ship it to a
boarding school where he will go after he dose his time in jail.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   14 January 2009   531329  
‹Emma Bear› says:   14 January 2009   272475  
I know shocking right the next chapter will be shocking
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 January 2009   257473  

‹Emma Bear› says :   14 January 2009   315571  
Thank you

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