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Ok,so i'll admit,i'm pretty bizarre.Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 January 2009
12:35:32 PM (GMT)
ok,so i'll admit,i'm pretty bizarre.
1:I wear neon colored pants,and believe they are the shit.
2:Its a rare occasion when my clothes actually match.
3:My makeup is always heavy cuz I think it makes my eyes POP.
4:I'm scared to pee alone in a public bathroom.
5:I'm only shy when i'm alone with one person.
6:I plan to put many more holes in my body.
7:My mood changes very frequently,which is sometimes hazardous.
8:I don't like making new friends.i'm never sure if I can really trust them.
9:I don't believe in God,or Jesus or any of that,but I enjoy going to church and
listening to them preach their fairy tales.it makes me more sure of my own beliefs.
10:I don't really think i'm a good dancer,but if the beat is good i'll dance,even if
i don't like the song.
11:I love to sing,but you'll never hear me.:]
12:I happen to like Britney Spears' songs.so suck it.
13:I don't idolize anyone but myself.If i'm not the best I can be,i'll try harder.
14:I think people who smoke pot are stupid,but they say and do the funniest shit when
they're high.:D
15:I'm kind of terrible with kids."responsibility" is not my forte.
16:90% of my convorsations include the sayings "thats what she said" "your mom" or
"in bed".
17:I'm a pervert,get over it.;]
18:I'm not a great influence,but copy me if you dare.
19:I never turn down a dare.
20:There is not much I have'nt done already.whether that is good or bad is all up to
how you look at it.
21:I'm 14,and way too mature.I know about more than i should.
22:I always fall for the older guys.I can't help it,guys my age are lame.
23:I'm like a lie detector.so don't be fake,i'll figure it out.
24:You definitely wont like me when i'm mad.
25:I'm a slut when i'm drunk.
26:I have been to a shrink.a few actually.
27:I'm a good listener because not only do i sit and nod,i actually respond.I'll give
as much advice as i can,whether you take it is your choice.
28:I'm good at keeping secrets.If you tell me something,its safe.Its not my secret to
29:I'm stubborn and do what i want.
30:I'm not a mean person unless you deserve it.
31:I have a very sexual mind.haha.you'll get used to it.
32:I yell ALOT.I'm naturally a loud person.
33:I'm not a virgin,but i'm not easy.
34:I always have alot going on in my life.
35:I'm not perfect,so don't say I am.
36:I sometimes make bad impressions on people.
37:I have lots and lots of haters.so if your gonna be with me,be prepared to get
attacked as well.people make up lies about me ALOT,so if you hear something,tell me
and i'll tell you if its true or not.
38:I listen to any genre of music.
39:Its not often when I trust someone.so please don't take advantage of me.
40:I wont ever say something behind your back that i would'nt say to your face.
41:I'm not super model gorgeous,get over it.I'm happy with how i look,i don't care if
you arent.think i'm ugly?don't look at me.:]
42:I'm a video game nerd.but i'm into the classics.N64,NES.the most updated game
system i own is a PS2.:P
43:I don't "flirt" with guys.honestly,I don't know how.I'm just myself,and that
usually works.
44:I don't like my parents.
45:Nasty habit #1-Biting my nails.
46:Phobias)Feet,Short people/small dogs,sweat,body hair.
47:I'm laid back&low maintenace.
48:I'm not one for explaining my emotions,and i don't really like mushy things.x
49:I am messy,and have the manners of a sewer rat.
50:And i think your retarded cuz you actually read this.:P

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