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unhappy girl far away chapter 8Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 December 2008
03:47:37 AM (GMT)
The nurse washed her hair and comb it and put it in french braids and she gave her a
change of clothes and she went into the bathroom and change and she washed her face.
She came out and the nurse hand her a bag with her clothes. Jacob picked her books up
and his and he walked to there locker. Cindy put her bag in the locker and Jacob lead
her to the reading class.  The teacher shacked her hand and she said 

Teacher:  Hi I’m Mrs, Levasseur.

Cindy: Hi I’m Cindy.

Teacher: You can sit next to Jacob.

She nod and sat in the empty desk next to her and he put her things on the floor next
to her and smile. The teacher told them to read. Cindy took out her book and she read
to the bell rang. Jacob picked up her stuff and his stuff and they went to there
locker and  Cindy took out history, Science, choir, and english out and Jacob took
them.  Cindy picked her binder up. 

She follow Jacob to Mr, Conway’s room. He shocked her hand and he sat her in the
middle of the girl who poured and splat pain all over her and the other side was
Jacob. She sat down and the girl laughed and then Jacob put her stuff under her desk.
The teacher started the lesson and during the lesson the girl put her gum on
Cindy’s hair. When Cindy went to fix her braid and when she touch the gum she
screamed and the girl laughed and the kids look over to them and Mr, Conway walked to
there desk and he told the girl to get out  and go to the office. Jacob removed the
gum from her hair and threw it away and he hugged and sat back down. The class turned
around and the teacher continue on with his lesson.

The bell rang and Jacob grabbed her binder this time as Cindy picked up her books. 
Jacob took to Mr,s Delorme’s science room. They shocked hands and Jacob took her to
a seat next to him and he put her stuff on the table in her area. She put her books
down and Jacob got in line.  Cindy went to the end of the line and the class walk to
the lunch room. She got her lunch and she looked around and saw Jacob with his friend
and the table was full.  She sat in a booth near a window by herself and began to eat
her pizza. People watched her with sad eyes.

She raise her hand and the lunch room duty teacher let her go dump her try. As she
walked by Jacob’s table he was kissing a girl. She walked away fast and dumped her
tray. She sat back at the booth and then the lights when out then on and every was
quiet. The teachers on duty point to a table and people got up and when they point at
her table she got up and walk slowly back to class.  Once in class she picked up her
stuff and went to another empty seat. She listen to the teacher teach then the bell
rang. She walked out of the class room with her stuff and she took out her map and
she looked for the chorus room. She found it and walk to it and when she walked in
Mrs, Drewal waved at her and told her to put her stuff down and stand near the piano.
She did as she was told.  She was told to sing some vowel words and she did and when
she was done Mrs, Drewal pointed to a seat next to two girls. 

The girl on her left said 

Girl: I’m Mindy. 

Cindy: I’m Cindy.

The other girl on her right said 

Other Girl: Hi Cindy I’m Tamika.

Both girls; Want to be friends.

Cindy: Sure.

The teacher said it was free period and the girls talked. The bell rang and Cindy got
up. She went to  Mrs, Levasseur English class. She sat next to jack and didn’t look
at him and the teacher read from a book. When the class ended. Cindy went to her
locker and she put her books on the shelf and she put stuff in her bag. As she turned
around she bumped into Jacob. She fell against the locker. He said sorry but she got
up and walked to room 100 for homeroom. Jacob follow her. He grabbed her arm and
turned her around and he said 

Jacob: Why are you mad at me?!

She turned around. He turned back around and push against the shelf and he repeated
the question. She turned her head away and he turned her head to face him. She pull
away but he grab her arm again and then she said 

Cindy: You kissed a girl and I love you and I though you did.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   20 December 2008   736167  
thats so sad!! poor cindy!! plz continue!! and thankyou for the long
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   20 December 2008   482455  
‹Emma Bear› says :   20 December 2008   427248  
you welcome for the chapter and yes I will contuine


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