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Aplecragg Village - Chapter XIICategory: (general)
Wednesday, 3 December 2008
01:31:05 PM (GMT)
Jinx and Lars set off in their new clothes towards the woods. The same woods that
they headed to the night they got attacked. It was odd that they were now heading for
the woods but from a different direction. Some people were walking in the same
direction, a lot more than usual. They were all pale and very beautiful. Some were in
groups; others in pairs and some were walking alone.
“Why do I get the feeling that we stick out like sore thumbs.” Lars joked.
“I’m trying to find someone.” Jinx replied looking around at the people. She
suddenly started walking faster, towards a white, longhaired man who was marching the
other way back to town.
“Excuse me.” Jinx called, her red dress being caught on the wind and flying
behind her.
“Yes?” The man said as he carried on walking.
“Erm…I’m Jinx. Your friend, Miss Lilliput must have mentioned me?” The man
stopped and started searching his coat.
“Oh yes…Jinx. I’ve got it with me I think…” As he delved into his pockets.
“Got what?” Lars asked.
“A potion for Jinx to control her powers or something or other,” He pulled out a
small box painted with a swirl pattern. “Take these. One in the morning, one in the
evening. That should cool you off, but I also do classes…” He trailed off as more
people were passing, the sun was setting earlier tonight. He pulled Jinx closer. “I
would prefer it if you could come to some classes, just in case you can’t get to
your pills or something. It’ll have to cost you though, I’m afraid I have to make
a living somehow.”
“Oh,” Jinx muttered disappointed. “I’m afraid we’re a bit low on cash.”
“There’s a job going at the HollyDeer Inn, just off the market, try there. They
also give you rooms to sleep in if you work there. My friend is the owner of that,
I’ll put a good word for you but you better work hard.”
“Yes sir. Of course we do.”
“We?” He asked. Jinx pulled Lars closer.
“Yeah, we.” She replied. The man looked disapprovingly at Lars.
“Okay, well, its just refills then you need for now,” The man explained. “Come
to my shop, its west of the market, by the Hearies Bakery. Small shop, no sign but
it’s got a red door. Ask for Doctor Peabody. I should then be able to give you
refills, come every two weeks.”
“Thank-you.” Jinx replied taking the box and putting it in Lars’ jacket pocket.

“I better be off.” And Dr. Peabody started walking back to town. Lars and Jinx
stood there for a bit.
“How did you know that was the guy?” Lars asked.
“He never ages, vampire or something.” Jinx answered. Soon, Dr. Peabody was
“You’re not staying here are you?” He asked, eyebrow raised.
“Why?” Jinx and Lars chorused.
“You’re a bit too close to the woods and the sun’s setting.” Jinx and Lars
“Yeah, so?” Lars asked.
“Just…I think you should go, this is no place for ‘first-outsiders’, not
tonight. You better go and find a place to stay for the night.” And he left again.
Lars and Jinx looked at each other. More and more people were passing and entering
the woods. It looked innocent enough.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Lars asked.
“We should get out of here.” He murmured.
“No then.” Jinx replied.
“What?! You want to stay? After that old Lady’s song-thing?”
“Miss Lilliput’s mythical poem.”
“And that vampire guy’s warning?”
“Dr. Peabody’s advice.”
“Oh, come on Jinx.”
“Look, you’re just as curious as me. We’re all dressed up, it only makes sense
to see the Lunar Parade or whatever. Look, just a quick look and then we’ll go.”
“Fine.” Lars muttered reluctantly as they headed for the woods.

Tafesnare and Laveda walked towards the woods. The town was bare and Laveda noticed
more boards covered the buildings tonight. Laveda was wearing her fitted, blue dress.
She had to admit, it looked beautiful. It was a pale blue that was off her shoulders.
It had butterflies decorating the bottom with ribbons attached to the top, middle and
bottom that flew in the wind.
Tafesnare was wearing a black, non-strap dress. It came to the ground and swept the
floor behind her. It contrasted against her pale skin. The sun was now setting as
they got closer to the woods. A lot more people were out now, making their way to the
same place. They were all pale and in black. She felt like she stood out a bit.  As
they walked, Laveda took in a few people. There were two that stuck out to her
though. A man and a creature. They bumped into them in the market earlier, she was
sure of it. It was a coincidence that they were in the same place again but this
time, they were with a man. A pale, tall man with white-long hair. They didn’t see
her in the dark as the sun was setting. They wore different clothes, which fitted
perfectly. They looked amazing in the last sun’s light. 
Tafesnare unhook her arm as it started to become packed as they drew closer to the
dark woods. 

Keely and Dante were riding on a cart, sunrise was coming soon and it wouldn’t be
long until she started her new life in Lilally-Grass. She held a blue bag close to
her dress. She felt like she needed to do something before she left.
“KeeKee? Are you going to tell me what’s up?” Dante asked.
“Huh? Oh, nothing.”
“Don’t lie to me KeeKee, something’s been bothering you as soon as I told you
about the trip. Look, if you don’t want to go, I’m not forcing you. You don’t
have to go if you don’t want to.”
“Of course I want to go, it was just a shock. And I just need to do something
first. And please don’t ask what it is.” Keely pleaded.
“Okay. You sure you want to come?”
“Yes!” Keely laughed giving him a dig with her elbow. They rode through the
woods, people or creatures were gathering in the woods.
“What’s going on?” Keely asked.
“I don’t know.” Dante replied. They got to the docks, just by the edge of the
woods and Dante started loading the luggage off the carts and onto the boat. The wind
started picking up. The sun had set and the darkness grew. Keely looked around. She
had a strange feeling that someone was watching her. Was it Thorn? She couldn’t be
sure but she wouldn’t know if she didn’t try. 
“I’ll be back soon, Dante. I just need to do something, give me 10 minutes.”
And she walked into the woods. She stopped in a clearing and waited. She didn’t
have to wait long.
“Aren’t you gone yet?” Keely turned around and Thorn stood on the other side of
the clearing. His face was cold and made Keely shiver.
“Look, I haven’t got all day…”
“So why did you come here?” He walked forward towards her. “You don’t want to
play silly, little games no more, remember? Obviously, you don’t because you’re
here and not at the boats with your beloved ‘painter’.” He spat the last word
“I know I said some mean things earlier today, and you know that I didn’t mean
“So what did you mean?” He asked.
“I don’t know…” Keely sighed. “Thorn, I am going today, with Dante but I
forgot to tell you…” She paused, thinking. Thorn frowned.
“Thank-you,” She whispered as a tear trickled down her cheek. “For saving me in
more ways than one, making me feel things that I have never felt, for making me laugh
and for making me cry, especially now.” And they both laughed. “You are
incredibly annoying, and arrogant, and not even funny sometimes but I won’t forget
you Thorn.” They came closer. After an awkward silence;
“And I couldn’t go without giving you this.” And she passed a blue bag to him.
Music began drifting from the woods.
“You should go.” Thorn said.
“What?” Keely was taken by surprise.
“It’s not safe for you here, you need to go.” And he pulled her arm away from
the woods. 
He walked her to the edge of the woods and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Keely’s
heart pounded as she felt him whisper in her ear; “I forgive you.” 
“Keely!” Dante shouted from the boats. Keely looked around and Thorn was gone
from sight but she knew he hadn’t disappeared. He was watching, from the shadows.

Laveda heard entrancing music leading her to the woods. It was light and quick. A
crowd had arrived by now but Laveda still had Tafesnare in her view as she followed
from a distance. As soon as she came to the main opening in the woods the music
started booming with deep base. She felt the earth tremor beneath her as the music
pounded in her ears. The creatures now started dancing, twisting their bodies in time
with the music. They danced with each other and alone but always-in time. They were
all very pale and very beautiful, all wearing black dresses. They seemed to dancing
around an Orb. A glowing, blue orb, which had swirls covering it. Laveda felt out of
place but she didn’t want to leave. She felt like she couldn’t. She could still
see Tafesnare so she followed her until a tall man stepped in her way. She ducked
underneath him but when she got up again, Tafesnare was gone. She looked around. She
couldn’t find her. Laveda’s heart started pumping with terror as she searched for
her friend. She dodged the prancing creatures and ducked at the ribbons that
followed. The music started becoming faster as Laveda was pushed to the middle of the
circle that was forming.

Jinx and Lars made their way through the woods. Music was thumping through the woods.
They edged their way through the tree’s and bushes until they saw creatures swaying
to the music. They crouched behind a bush and watched as the music and dancing
“Is this the Lunar Parade or whatever?” Lars asked.
“I think so…” Jinx whispered.
They carried on watching as a girl dressed in blue was pushed to the middle of the
“I remember her…” Jinx pondered.
“What? How can you tell from here?!” Lars asked.
“It’s not that far away, you’re such an exaggerator! Wasn’t she the girl we
bumped into at the market?” 
“Didn’t she have a rude, ignorant friend?” Lars joked. 
“The photo!” Jinx yelled. “The photo, the woman showed us in the market!
She’s the missing girl!” 
“Is she?” Lars asked.
“Yeah, I couldn’t remember where I saw her then but now I can!” 
“Look,” Lars changed the subject. “The clouds, they’re…going.” 
“What?” Jinx looked up and saw that the clouds were dispersing showing glints of
the light from the moon.

Laveda got pushed towards the globe until she nearly on top of it. It was glowing
now, even brighter than it was before. All the black ribbons and dresses of the other
creatures now became a blur as they circled around her. She saw Tafesnare’s face
for a second before it disappeared.
Suddenly, this tall, pale, beautiful woman stepped out in front of her. She was
dressed in a deep purple robe. Her hair flowing behind her in the wind. She looked up
to the sky. Laveda’s eyes followed to see the first glimmer of the moon. She looked
back to see the woman snarl at her. Horror swept over Laveda as she froze in terror.
The woman revealed a curved blade. Laveda screamed but the woman swiped and the blood
hurled at the Orb. Laveda felt the rest of the blood trickle from her neck. She began
to feel cold and numb as her eyelids grew heavy. The blood on the Orb had been
absorbed and it suddenly opened and a beam shot up to the sky for a second. 
Lars and Jinx watched, horrified. Laveda fell to the ground as the first snowflake
fell from the sky.
Suddenly, the creature’s hairs started falling out as their skin ripped off their
bodies. Their bones crunched as their postures changed, falling on all fours. Teeth
protruded from their mouths and claws tearing out of their hands. They snarled and
howled as they slashed at their clothes.

Dante helped Laveda as she got on the boat. The men started rowing and the boat left
the docks. Laveda couldn’t see Thorn but she knew he was there. She blew him a
“Giving our old home a kiss goodbye?” Dante asked.
“Yeah.” And they huddled together as they watched the snowfall on their old,
small, peaceful town.
Thorn watched from a branch. He held Keely’s green dress that he had brought her.
He got it from the blue bag she had given him. He watched her as his hair fell to the
ground and his skin peeled off to reveal grey, rough skin.

Lars and Jinx watched as some of the creatures left to the town.
“We should go now.” Lars whispered as they turned around.
Behind them stood a 7-foot monster that was a beautiful elf just five minutes
earlier. He snarled as drool trickled down its chin. Its teeth razor-sharp glistened
in the moonlight.
Jinx’s marks glowed brighter as she lifted her hand.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   3 December 2008   314182  
Gah! What happens next? O:
‹Emafie› says:   3 December 2008   545454  
that's it... 
sort of a cliffhanger...
Don't know if I'm doing a sequel...
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   3 December 2008   537822  
Yes, but of course you're doing a sequel. ^^
‹Emafie› says:   3 December 2008   712641  
I am? :/
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   3 December 2008   411112  
Yes, I've decided that you are making a sequel. In fact, you're
starting right now. ^^
‹Emafie› says:   3 December 2008   498956  
Actually, I wish I was but I'm continuing my Christmas Pic, I've
finished you by the way. 
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   3 December 2008   472865  
I wanna see! O:
‹Emafie› says:   3 December 2008   115246  
Your going to have to wait til I finish it all, no teasers for this
one I'm afraid as it's a seasonal one.
I've added some other friends and family in there aswell. ^^
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   3 December 2008   678868  
When will you post it? :P
I wanna see it now. *pouty face*
‹Emafie› says :   3 December 2008   977542  
When I'm done, I'm on my fifth character, 


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