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Tuesday, 2 December 2008
09:12:31 PM (GMT)

Flipping Ron. 

""When you go, would you even turn to say, 'I don't love you like I did

Why does love have such a good reputation? As far as you're concerned, there's not
much to like about it. We get the feeling your experiences with love have been dark,
intense, and emotionally damaging. Love can be torturous and raw -- whether you're
the one getting hurt, or the one who unintentionally hurts someone else. Maybe you
can't quite shake the feeling that if you open your heart again, you might also be
opening a whole new can of pain. You probably want someone with whom you can be
completely honest and say anything, but at the same time, there's something tempting
about the thought of holding each other close and moving to the music, without any
drama... without saying a word."

._. seriously?

"Most of the time, being the "one of the guys" girl is just plain fun. Guys are
"real" around her and don't try to pretend to be all gallant or fake-polite. As a
result, she gets to know how guys really think. They'll take her along on the "just
us guys" skate excursion, or include her in their burping contest. The only time it's
a downer is when she finds herself in crushville and can't get the stupid boy to
realize that she is in fact a potential romantic co-star. But usually a little
assertiveness (combined with her exclusive insider knowledge) does the trick -- and
assertiveness doesn't tend to be too difficult for the OOTG Girl. "

FLIPPING HELL! (no banner) It was a are you a 'Boy' or 'Girl' 


Maybe you really are a boy. Or maybe you're a girl who's really really mad at this
quiz right now. Or maybe you're a girl who's actually pretty fine with this quiz,
because you're secure in your femininity and think it's kinda funny that the
stereotypes people have about how girls and boys do and don't act are so... just....
wrong a lot of the time.

Either way, if the "typical" boy characteristics are supposed to be assertiveness,
courage, and independence, we think it's pretty cool to have scored "boy."

It might be interesting to take this quiz again with new questions and see if you
stay a boy, or if you magically switch over to girlhood.

And it would definitely be interesting to catch Girls vs. Boys: Hawaii this summer in
the N (and the casting special on Friday June 4!), to see how that whole "battle of
the sexes" thing pans out in real life!"

This is like the ONLY one I'm happy with
"You're not very desperate for attention.

The center of attention isn't your kind of place. Nobody wants to be ignored, but
you'd rather focus on your own activities than worry what an audience thinks. The
ironic thing is, people who aren't desperate for attention sometimes get the most
attention of all, because they're interesting people, focused on achieving things in
life rather than just attracting a crowd. Attention is weird like that?the people who
want it can't seem to get enough, and the people who don't want it tend to feel like
they're getting too much. You're not desperate for attention, but if the spotlight
shines your way, you might as well relax and enjoy the glow."

"You're a sarcastic flirt.

Admitting you like someone seems like a huge risk to you, so you joke around rather
than acknowledging your real feelings. Instead of giving someone a straightforward
compliment, you make fun of him/her in an affectionate way. You'd never be mean to a
stranger, but if you find someone attractive, you'll tease that person and start lots
of play fights. If you push someone or pretend to punch them, it's usually just an
excuse for a little physical contact. When you make flirty comments, you use lots of
sarcasm, so if the other person gets weirded out, you can say, "Hey, I was kidding! I
don't really like you!""
xD aha 
Sometimes I do act like a little kid when i like someone but I said SOMETIMES.

Coolies~! :D

That my friend is SO RIGHT

:D I'll be adding more
Cause Janelle's very boredd
Last edited: 2 December 2008

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