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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
07:36:55 PM (GMT)
Then even that light was blotted out by a cloud that moved across the moon. at first
i couldnt sense where the road was in front of me. but slowly my eyes, like a cat's,
grew used to seeing in the dark. i followed the road that streched like a ghostly
ribbon though the darkness on both sides. 
Suddenly the front wheel of my bike hit a hard bump. i struggled to keep it under
control, gripping the handlebars so tightly that my hands ached. 
The clouds over the moon parted just then. ahead of me, bathed in eerie moonlight,
was am old graveyard. standing in the middle of the white tombstones was the huge
black shadow of a decaying house. A lump of fear rose in my throat. i started to pump
my legs on the pedals as fast as i could. i drew nearer and nearer to the cemetary.
but my bike seemed to be going slower and slower. then, though the panic in my mind,
the truth came to me. the front tire of my bike was loseing air. its slow, hissing
sound mocked me as i struggled uselessly to pedal forward on the road. 
The bike slowed down to a crawl, then it came to a total stop right in front of the
graveyard. i looked at the white tombstones, lined up like soldiers in the moonlight.
they seemed to stare back at me with curious, sinister eyes hidden in their cold
marble. For a minute i thought about running away, leaving my bike behind. but i
forced myself to stoop down and inspect the front wheel. as i had feared, all the air
had leaked out. 
I heard a noise behind me, a strange rattling noise, coming from the cemetary. I
jumped to my feet and cowered against the bike. again i considered running. but then,
all was deadly silent. i reached down and pulled the air pump from the crossbar of my
My hands were shaking, and i dropped the pump against the metal spokes of the back
wheel. the noise echoed from one tombstone to another as i bent to pick it up. still
trembling, i found the tire valve and fastened the pump onto it just in time, for the
moon disappered behind the clouds again, and i was left in total darkness. 
I started the pump, afraid to think what i would do if it didnt work. but it did
work. the air went in and out, in and out, sounding like heavy breathing. i was
breathing hard, too, my breath coming in short gasps. then, suddenly, i stopped. the
sound, the same rattling sound that i had heard before, came from behind me again.
the pump hissed louder and louder as i worked it harder. but the rattling grew louder
and louder, too. it was coming towards me, closer and closer, though the black night.
I had to escape whatever was making that horrible sound. i pulled the pump off the
tire and threw it on the ground by the graveyard. jumping up, i started to swing my
leg over the bike. then i felt something that made my blood run cold. five sharp
points were stroking the top of my head. they seemed to dig into my brain. 
I tried to tell myself that it was the branch of a tree, but the five points began to
move down towards my neck. my legs were numbed with fear, but i forced them onto the
pedals. then, with one great lunge of fear, i shot forward on the road. 
Whatever had been reaching for my neck was gone now. i had escaped it's horrid grip.
the bike flew though the darkness, leaving the tombstones to stare at my fleeing
back. my body felt as cold as death. still, my legs worked automatically, pushing the
pedals up and down, carrying me away from whatever had touched me in front of the
I shot though the darkness, going as fast as i could until my front tire hit another
bump. i kept control of the wheels, but a sickening fear soread though my mind. the
sound, that horrid rattling sound, was still roght behind me! I pumped harder and
harder on the pedals. my breath came in short, painful gasps. i rode on for several
minutes, thinking i was safe. then i heard it again, the rattling. i was afraid to
turn around, afraid to see what was chasing me down the dark, lonley road. time and
time again, the rattling sounded behind me. it played on my nerves until i thought i
would descend into madness and never return. 
Finally, in the moonlight, i cought sight of my uncle's farm. i turned onto the road
that led up to his house. he was standing in front, gazing down the road, waiting for
me. as soon as i saw him, i tried to tell myself that it had all been my
imagination------the staring tombstones, the strange rattling. i rode my bike up to
where he stood and jumped off, breathing so desperately that i couldnt speak. i
waited for him to say something; but instead, a look of horror came over his face. he
was staring at the seat of my bike.

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