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Aplecragg Village - Chapter VIICategory: (general)
Sunday, 16 November 2008
12:36:24 PM (GMT)
Jinx dragged herself out of the river and onto the gravel that covered the ground.
Lars soon followed but instead of taking a break he got up and started walking off.
“Lars, where you going?” Jinx called out as she tried to get to her feet but
“Away from you!” He called back but didn’t stop. He tried the gate, which was
blocking him from getting to the town.
“Why?” She asked as she sat on her knees.
“We left him Jinx. Why did we leave him?” He sobbed. He clung to the gate as if
he had trouble standing.
“We had no choice!” Jinx shouted. “What could we have done? We couldn’t stop
them even if we tried.”
“Yes, but we didn’t try. That’s the point. We just left him. I LEFT MY
BROTHER!!!” And he shook the gate with anger, kicking it, trying to get it open and
making Jinx jump. She didn’t know what to say. They had left him but what could
they have done? She spoke the truth and she couldn’t see why Lars couldn’t just
accept it. He soon gave up when the Iron Gate wouldn’t give. He sighed and slumped
back down next to Jinx, fresh tears streaming down his face. 
“What do you thinks happened to him?” He asked quietly.
“Most probably dead. We wouldn’t have stopped them anyway.” He frowned as if
“How did you know who that Liken was?” 
“He’s in my group down at the Work House. I knew he would have killed you if he
had the chance and I couldn’t let that happen. I’m sorry, it’s my fault your
brother’s dead.” And tears ran down her face as she stared solemnly into space.
“What? No, it’s not…”
“Yes, it is. I couldn’t save both of you. I couldn’t grab him fast enough.
He…just…” Lars grabbed her and hugged her firmly as she began to sob. She
suddenly lifted her head up and wiped her tears. 
“We gotta get out of here. We can’t stay here, they might come back later on.”
Lars, shocked by her sudden changes in mood, helped her up anyway.
“Good luck with that gate though. Unless you want me to help you up the wall but
don’t hold your breath.” And he gave a little laugh, which was met with silence.
She walked up to the gate.
“I can open it.” Was all she said. She held her hand up again, but this time to
the gate. Her marks lit up as waves pulsated from her hand. They dissolved into the
gate, melting the iron and creating an opening in the middle. Lars was taken by
surprise by Jinx’s seriousness. And her abilities that she had only just started
using more and more regularly. 
“Come on. I need to go see someone.” And Jinx stepped through the gate with a
shock-stricken Lars following.

Laveda started her second day being outside. She was still in the market. She felt
like she couldn’t leave. She had watched people come and go. People buying and
selling. She had stayed the night with the Muckooze, a type of cattle that is common
for food in the summer, but in the autumn they are bald and covered in oozing boils,
so it wasn’t exactly a great night’s sleep. She was still wandering around,
discovering new things when she came to a painter’s stall. The works were so
imaginative and captivating, she’d never see anything like it. She saw a man on a
chair next to them, he looked worried.
“Excuse me, are the man who painted these.” She asked. He looked agitated that
she had bothered him.
“Yes, if you want one, the price is on the border.” 
“Oh, no. I’ve got no money…”
“Then you’re in the wrong place.” He interrupted angrily. 
“Dante!” Someone shouted. Laveda looked over to see a beautiful, brown haired
woman come over. She had a painting in her hand and was wearing a gorgeous, green
dress that swept around her. She had intriguing, green eyes that sparkled in the
light. She watched them embrace before turning around and walked off. 
“So, what would a girl be doing in a market with no money?” A creature came up
behind her and started walking with her. She was a beautiful woman who was medium
height with dark, small eyes, short, dark brown hair and with a pale complexion.
“People could think that you were robbing.”
“I’m not a thief. I’m just looking.” Laveda replied defensively.
“I believe you but other people may not be that trusting. You stink, by the way.
Where were you last night?!”
“I was with the Muckooze’s.”
“I take it that you’ve got no where to go then. Well, you’re lucky then cuz’
I’ve got a spare room.”
“Oh I couldn’t…” Laveda started. Her mother had told her never to take things
from strangers without giving anything back. But, she couldn’t remember where her
home was. She didn’t want to stay with the Muckooze another night and this person
seemed nice enough. Her mother was full of doubts, she wanted to prove her wrong that
not everybody was the nasty, malicious and cruel demon that she described them as.
“I’m just trying to help you out. To let you see what this place has to offer
before returning home. What do you say? You need all the friends you can get. I’m
Tafesnare by the way. I’m an Imp if you’re wondering. You look like you haven’t
seen my kind around much. Guessing you’re a human?”
“Um…yeah. My name’s Laveda.”
“Gorgeous name.” And Tafesnare linked Laveda’s arm and guided her through the

My_Cold_Little_Crime says :   30 November 2008   274627  
I really loved this chapter. But then again, I always do. xP

You're such a talented writer. This story is made of win.

I'm off to read the next chapter now. :P


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