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Tuesday, 11 November 2008
03:02:16 AM (GMT)
Well the whole incident started about a month ago while my friend was over.  We've
known each other since kindergarten maybe, it's been a very long time. But I was very
excited because for the longest time we hadn't seem each other. So I guess since we
were entering high school he wanted us to be close again. We had a really fun time
watching movies, playing video games, scaring each other. But that night he tried to
kiss me! Well I pulled away, instincts I guess. And he immediately said "I told them
you weren't a fag." And the night when on normally I guess. So I told my brother
Daniel about it because Daniel is the brother I care about. And he said "so?" and I
was like "Well, I didn't really want to pull away." and before I could as if that
made me queer he said "Maybe you're gay." 
I know that's pretty odd conversation to have with your 22 year old brother, but he's
very into equal rights lol. It reminds me of that thing on family guy where peter
said something like "I don't agree with your statement but I'll defend to the death
your right to say it" He's like that. 

Example. He doesn't think illegal immigrants deserve the right to be able to become
citizens because they had disrespected and broken our laws by entering. And he also
doesn't think you should be considered American unless one of your parents was
American and then you still have to do a less strenuous application process and
that's for ALL immigrants not just south of the boarder ones. So he doesn't one to
discriminate on one type or immigrant but he doesn't like any of them. He's that type
of guy.

Well anyway he's a pro-love fellow. If he falls in love with it he "damned well
better be able to marry it, even if it's his shoe". So he was really open about this.
And I said "I don't think so." Because with all the reasons I already get teased
being gay is NOT one I want to add to the list. And he says "Look, we'll do an
experiment. You watch 30 minutes of gay porn and a couple gay moves and we see how
you tick. 30 minutes hetero, couple moves, tick. Which ever feeling you like the most
we'll go a fun run bet for that." 
Translated as: We'll see which movie and porno you like more and judge your sexuality
on that.

So even though there's probably laws against it. Me and my bro rented some of
everything and watched all of them and we just finished. He fell asleep in the middle
of Brokeback Mountain (the saddest movie EVER)  - It was the first movie we watched
so I stuck it out all on my own and the results are....

Utterly confusing. I still have no idea which I like more. I just can't tell. It's
not that neither did anything for me, although I didn't get "happy" off either. I
felt the gay romances were sweeter, but more tragic and I also realized I bloody HATE
romantic comedies. So the hetero didn't got well because we had crappy movies. idk
idk idk If I'm gay no one has to know. I guess it makes sense, but at the same time I
like girls and think they're pretty.

‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   11 November 2008   863962  
Maybe your bi. Lol. And if you don't want people to know why are you
posting this? 

& wtf. watching porno with your brother?
LacedWithBlue says:   11 November 2008   776789  
It's not like anyone I know gets on here. Who cares if random
scattered people across the world know. That's my opinion. 

Well it was his idea. Idk I think he's asexual he wasn't very
interested, he just picked up random stuff and said "These...sounded
not traumatizing." He's odd idk.
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   11 November 2008   874612  
do you live in california??
‹BTHNY› says:   11 November 2008   831545  
Wow, what does California have to do with anything? XD

Lol That's actually very confusing, this post.
‹AllyCat♥{It'sContagious!}› says:   11 November 2008   132192  
Whoa, confuzzled much?
I say your bi.
Makes sense.
And I wanted to see Brokeback Mountain! You lucky evil person!
But yeah, I say you're bi.
lilpeachy1 says:   11 November 2008   933825  
soz i have 2 say this but your definatlly bi!!!!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh!  :-@  soz 
LacedWithBlue says:   11 November 2008   348364  
1. No
2. I agree
3. Lol it was a really good movie. 
4. lol
idk bi just doesn't seem me.
‹*im_in_love _with_you*› says:   13 November 2008   374969  
well i thik i can help 

if you wanted to kiss him it was in your mind that you liked him in
more than juat a frend way have you ever wanted to kiss anyother boy
cause if you have and you lke girls to you mght be bi i know i am
LacedWithBlue says:   13 November 2008   168244  
I really don't think I'm bi though. I mean logically I am, but idk I
might be just gay. I've been thinking and I don't really see myself
dating a girl
154lezbo says:   23 November 2008   824651  
Then your gay...?
‹A U D R E Y› says:   15 January 2009   264252  
omgeee brokeback mountain the best!
LacedWithBlue says :   6 April 2009   572475  
lol not funny (still laughing though)

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