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A dreamCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 14 October 2008
05:41:58 PM (GMT)
I had the most terrible dream today. There were zombies, not like the ones in
movies. The looked just like us, except they were very terribly skinny. Their skin
was grey/silver, and they were beautiful. They didn't moan for brains or any of that
crap. They were a real threat.
 My school was under, not attack, but they were there. Terror, they would go into a
classroom and kill everyone. No one could do anything. I got to my class one day.
There was a paper posted on the wall. It showed a certain way to place the chairs and
desks. They were in straight lines across the room, with a row down the center. There
was a certain place for each of us to sit. I knew what it meant immedietly. It was
our turn to die. I felt nausious in my seat. I wrote a letter to my parents telling
them how i love them. Everyone around me, some didn't really seem to mind that they
were going to die soon. I sat about halfway back on the side of the classroom near
the door. I would be in the first quarter of people killed. On the other half of the
room, my ex boyfriend stood. He's in about the same place as me. He'll be in the
first quarter of tehe second half to be killed. His face lacked all emotion, just
like it always does when he's hiding something. I feel pain for him. Afraid not only
of that growing dread in my own chest, but for him. He's so smart, and now we're all
losing our futures. Someone shouts that they can hear them coming. to listen. The
room goes quiet. I can hear faint footsteps coming down the hallway. It's coming. Oh
my, my death is drawing nearer. They enter the room. There's about 15 of them. I
remember nothing more.
I wake up. Relief floods me. Someone stopped them. They didn't make it to me. They
didn't make it to the rest of the class. I'm alive. He's alive. Then I see something.
It's a newspaper article. It its our sad news to present that every student in
classroom 11 was killed. There were no survivors. My throat closes. I did die.
Small snippets of memory come back. The zombies coming in to the classroom. They were
shooting people. Moving down the rows. When one row was finished, they would move to
the next until the first half of the room was done. I don't remember dying. I don't
remember them killing people. i am thankful for that.
So this is what death is like. No being in a deep sleep until the coming of the Lord.
You have to wait it out here on earth. A ghost, no one can see you. i find one of my
friends who was killed. We walk first to my house, then she continues on to hers
alone. There are black cars in the driveway. I'm terrified to go in. I don't want to
see the greiveing. I walk in. Only my parents are there. They sit in silence. Somehow
they've gotten the letter. i hug them. They can't feel or see me, but i don't just
float through them. to me its like a real hug. I don't know how, but I'm talking with
him, my ex. We're not in person, it's almost like an online chat room for the dead
(yeah weird, i know) The other people killed can read what we're saying. We're both
dead. We can  still hear, see, and talk to each other. I try to reason with him. Give
me another chance, it's not like he has many options. It seems we can only interact
with those who died on the same day as us. He says no. Just friends, best friends. I
leave the house, looking for him mom. I liked her, i wonder if she's gotten the news.
I hope she's okay. I find her, he grief is silent like my parents. I look for him. I
want to talk. Just before I find him, i wake up.

This was a pretty heavy dream. i still feel kinda weighed dwn from it. Mostly I think
the whole death thing. There were other little parts. Not really mattering, or makign
sense, but still fitting with the whole plot. I feel better to have gotten that out

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