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Stats and Info About Your Horoscope - [Scorpio]Category: Untrue But funny - HOROSCOPES
Wednesday, 8 October 2008
01:21:47 AM (GMT)
Some of this may be true - - -

Astros Profile - 

Scorpio is all about curiosity. These folks are super-keen on learning about other
people and figuring out what makes things tick. They are helped in this by their keen
sense of intuition. Part of what makes Scorpio seek information is their
understanding that knowledge is power. Scorpios like to be in control and they use
secrets to get it. They can also be quite pushy when it comes to making sure they get
their own way. This makes them valuable at work, but some people will be intimidated
by them.

Scorpios folks are intense, passionate and filled with desire. However, this is not
easy to see because suspicious Scorpios are expert at hiding their emotions. Scorpios
make deadly enemies because of their terrible tempers, and they will certainly seek
revenge on anyone who does them wrong. They also can take a trivial matter and turn
it into a huge deal. That said, Scorpios are very perceptive about other people's
feelings and they are usually in the know about who's doing what with who. Some
Scorpios can tune in to even wider vibrations, and many Scorpios wind up taking a
scientific, or even mystical, path in life.

Your Gem -

Scorpio's astrological gem is the TOPAZ.

Topaz is a transparent, translucent and mysterious stone, Like the sign it
symbolizes, topaz represents the beauty of intensity, because it is created in
conditions of great heat, heaviness and darkness.

Topaz is a stone that is sturdy but fragile at the same time. It makes beautiful
jewelry, and is quite sturdy, but it can be cracked if roughly handled.

The word "topaz" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "Heart of Fire", which is also a
great description of the Scorpio personality! Topaz also means "to seek" - and
Scorpios are great seekers of experience and deep meanings.

When worn by a Scorpio, the topaz is supposed to promotes general health. With its
soothing and detoxifying qualities, it also helps the wearer to diffuse anger and
overcome stress

Your Celeb Pals -

Celebrities who share your astrological sign of Scorpio:

Chloe Sevigny
Davey Havok
David Schwimmer
Demi Moore
Ethan Hawke
Joaquin Phoenix
John Cleese
Jodie Foster
Julia Roberts
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Meg Ryan
Nick Lachey
Parker Posey
Tara Reid
Winona Ryder 

Your Colour -

Scorpio's astrological colors are BURGUNDY (VIOLET) and BLACK.

Burgundy (also called violet) is a variation of the color purple. Like the Scorpio
person, burgundy is grand, idealistic, and sensitive, but may sometimes lack
self-knowledge and maturity. Burgundy or violet shades are often used in art to
depict disturbing events or emotions, because this color balances uncertainly between
the positive red and the negative blue.

It is worth noting that in most languages, burgundy or violet is simply called blue
(think of the rhyme, "Roses are red, violets are blue").

Black is not really a color, but the absence of color. Black is both positive and
negative. Its associations are formal, conventional, and dignified. It also connotes
the darker, more animalistic side of the human mind and heart - and of course, death.
But then again, black can make other colors appear brighter, which is a positive and
supportive quality.

In ancient Egypt, the color black symbolised night, death, and magic. It was the
opposite of green, the colour of life. In most Western countries, black is the color
of mourning. In modern China, it is the color for little boys.

Your Love Life -

Secretive, touchy Scorpios soften up quite a bit when it comes to love. In a
relationship they are very loving and devoted. In fact, they have a tendency to be
somewhat possessive, and they have a bad reputation for being jealous types.

However, the Scorpion's extremely passionate nature makes them exciting, intense
companions who will win over many love interests.

Cool at first, once a Scorpio warms up to someone they may be surprised by Scorpio's
forceful emotions. 

Your Books -

Scorpios are quite fascinated by books that involve the supernatural and the realm of
death. This makes them big fans of horror fiction and suspense novels. Stephen King,
Clive Barker and Dean Koontz will appeal to Scorpios.

Dark, intense graphic novels will also capture the Scorpio's attention. Classics
about mutants and paranoid situations, such as the X-Men series,V for Vendetta, and
even Tim Burton's graphic books, will intrigue the Scorpion.

Scorpio people also adore "Emily the Strange", and many collect the books and

Since the Scorpio sign is all about passion, hot and sexy novels and fiction will get
their temperature rising. So will any good fiction that investigates magic and
mystery. The more obscure and little-known the better, but Harry Potter will do in a

Your Career -

Good careers for Scorpio include:

Film editor
Funeral director
Insurance agent
Lab technician
Marine Biologist
Police officer
Private investigator
Scuba diver
Tax collector
Vocational counselor 

Your Chocolate -

If they get their hands on a box of chocolates, flirty Scorpios want to feed the
candies to the one they love.

Your fav Foods -

Scorpios have intense desires when it comes to food. They want their food to taste
strong and deliver a real punch.

Powerful flavors like basil, cinnamon, curry, garlic and ginger will tempt a
Scorpio's palate, and they have a weakness for classic "home cooking."

Red foods have a special appeal to Scorpios as well. Red curries, tandoori chicken,
and anything cooked with spicy tomato sauce will please their palates.

A Scorpio would rather skip spa cuisine dishes, and other offerings that are heavy on
presentation, but light on quantity or flavor. (Or you'll hear them saying, "I need a
sandwich after that meal!")

Your Health Matters -

Key areas: Reproductive organs

Scorpio people can sometimes have health problems related to stress, because they
tend to keep intense emotions bottled up inside. However, Scorpions can also be a
great natural healers.

Scorpios should pay great attention to their dreams, which often carry strong and
psychic messages. By following these night-time omens and instincts, a Scorpio can
guide their life and remain mentally healthy. Scorpios should also learn to let go of
grudges, and this will solve a lot of their health complaints.

The Scorpio must be very careful about eating a healthy diet, because junky food
makes Scorpios angry and unhappy in personality.

They must also get adequate amounts of zinc in their diet. Good dietary sources
include beef, bran cereals, crabmeat, cheddar cheese, eggs, and oysters.

Your Movie Picks -

Scorpions love a challenging mystery. Intense movies with lots of twists and turns,
that challenge the viewer to figure out what's going on will be Scorpio's favorite

Many Scorpios can also stomach horror movies, that would freak out other signs.

Some great choices for Scorpio include "The Blair Witch Project", "The Ring", "The
Beach", "Memento", "The Shining", "American Beauty" and "The Matrix."

Your Music Picks - 

Scorpios love powerful, loud music that they can really dive into. Punk, pop-punk,
hardcore, even classic heavy metal - if it rocks, Scorpio can appreciate it, from
AC/DC and Aerosmith to Green Day and Fall Out Boy.

Basically, if it's so loud their ears hurt, a Scorpio is in music heaven!

Surprisingly, trance music is also great for Scorpios, because they can get
completely absorbed in it. Some excellent artists who create Scorpio-happy,
let-your-mind-wander tunes are Moby, Orbital and Massive Attack.

For low-key moods, or to set the scene for romance, Scorpios dig classic R&B slow
jams by artists like Destiny's Child, R. Kelly, D'angelo and Mary J. Blige

Your TV Picks -

Scorpios are suckers for a good conspiracy theory, so they'll get quickly addicted to
shows like "CSI", "24" and "Prison Break."

The Scorpio enjoys older science-fiction shows too. Reruns of "The X-Files",
"Roswell", "The Fugitive", "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone" are must-see TV
for this sign.

People born under Scorpio can also appreciate old-fashioned mysteries. They'll
sometimes tune into A & E to catch the latest whodunit movie or episode of "Cracker"
or "Prime Suspect", just to see if they can solve the mystery before the end of the

David Blaine and David Copperfield magic shows, haunted house "reality TV" series and
supernatural specials are all fascinating viewing for Scorpios.

Restaurant You -

Scorpios are big on sticking to a routine, so they'll visit the same eating places
again and again. If possible, they even like to sit at the same table, facing the
same way, on each visit!

Because they have a strong stomach and a secretly adventurous side, Scorpios will be
open to trying new dishes and unusual foods. Take a Scorpio to a sushi restaurant,
and they'll probably order the one thing that everyone else can't believe is on the

The typical Scorpio is also quite proud of their ability to order their dishes "extra
hot." They love to show off by eating wasabi, jalapenoes and chili peppers too.

Sporty You -

Scorpios are sharply intelligent and extremely competitive. They enjoy sports that
challenge them physically and require a lot of strategy.

Some good sports choices for Scorpio would be extreme sports, skateboarding, marathon
running and rock climbing.

Although not really a sport, the game of chess offers many Scorpios their favorite
way to be challenged

Your Travel Picks -

Great vacation spots for Scorpio include:

Costa Rica

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