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From poptarts to gaybars we have it all (Pg4)Category: From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (story)
Monday, 6 October 2008
09:43:13 PM (GMT)
Anya leaned against the wall beside the soda machine making sure no one came around
the corned after it. James and Harmony were kissing there. Harmony didn't really like
PDA, but james didn't like not being able to kiss his boyfriend, so to comprimise
they made out in a blind spot for people, whle Anya was on look out. Harmony hadn't
agreed to this, but being pulled into an alley suddenly with no way to get away meant
that he had no say in it. Anya wished that one day she could just quickly snap a
picture to clear up an arguemeant she and Harmony had been having since she caught
the two back in thier first year of dating. Harmony thought that he and James were
both semes, but he was so uke that he got flushed at the simplest thing. 'One
picture and all that seme-thinking would be cleared up.' Anya thought ad her hand
twitched for her camera phone that was zipped inside her purse. Before she could get
it however they emerged from the alley. 'Uke.' Anya thought as she noticed Harmony
was blushing, his lips were pink, his hair dishelved, and he just seemed to glow. She
stood up straight and smiled at them. "You guys ready to go get a burger?" she asked.
They nodded simultaneously. 
             "It sucks that Melodie and bitch-face took the car." Harmony said and
crossed his arms over his chest. After about six miles of walking Anya had gotten
back to her house. She waved goodbye to the guys before opening the door and running
up to her room. She heard the normal yelling and arguements as she fled to her room
and quietly closed and locked the door. She laid on the bed and hummed the tune of
happy birthday to herself. She was too tired to get her flute out and play herself
the piece, but she wasn't too tired to hum. Moments laer she'd slipped into
sleepy-ville. Small bit of dreams came and went until it stuck to an old memory of
hers. She was thirteen years old and it was the day of her birthday party. She was
having the first real birthday party she'd ever had and there was cake and ice-cream
and gift and pizza. It was a sleep over, which might have been a bad idea in her
oppinion, but it didn't matter. It was 5:58PM and the five guests she'd invited were
suppose to be there around six. 
             She sat in the livingroom with her legs criss-cross apple sauce on the
couch, happily waiting in anticipation for her party to begin. 

6:00 'Well, it's only normal to be a bit late' she thought and smiled on waiting
6:20 'Well, we do live rather far out from town, if they left at six it would take
them about forty minute' She told herself.
7:00 'If they got lost then it would take even longer'
7:30 'Well, maybe they got the time wrong and thought it was later...' 
8:00 'they'll be here.'
9:00 'They'll get here anytime.'
10:00 Anya's mother walked into the room. "I think we should just cut the cake." Her
mother said. Anya shook her head. "Just give them a minute."
11:00 Her mother reapeared "We've got to cut the cake. it's getting late, and the
ice-cream is melting." Her mother told her and she walked devastasted to the kitchen.

The Edible candles had burned down to almost nothing and barely flickered. The edible
wax had marred the words written in icing so that they now read "Any's 3th day" Anya
leaned over the table and blew on the candles. 'I wish I was dead.' She thought and
sat back down in her chair. Her mom cut the cake and served the ice-cream. her two
little sisters had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for the party to start and her
mom's boyfriend's 12year old smirked at Anya as a quiet way of saying, "When I had my
party, at least one of the people I invited showed up" Anya looked down at her
ice-cream and cake. She began to silently cry so she pulled her bangs in from of her
eyes inconspicuosly to hide it. 

Anya woke up with a start as she heard a loud thud against the window. She pulled
aside her curtains and looked to see what cause the noise. There sitting on the ledge
of her roof was one of the twins. She couldn't tell if it was Harmony or Melodie, but
she opened the window either way. "What are you doing here?" She said as he climbed
through the open window. She looked over at her digital clock which read 12:00AM. As
he stood to his full height she could now tell that it was Harmony by the half inch
of tallness he had on Melodie. 
        Harmony smiled at her. "I came to wish you a happy birthday." He said and
pulled out a small box wrapped in neon green wrapping paper. She frowned slightly.
"How'd you find out when my birthday was, I haven't told anyone since 7th grade, and
I know I havent told either of you twins." SHe asked. He nodded. "I just asked
Tereasa." He said and sat on the futon accross from her bed. She made a face before
she sat down on her bed and slowly unwraooed the little gift. She opened it to find a
small, oval shaped, silver locket laying atop  some blue tissue paper. She smiled at
him. "Thanks." She murmured. He smiled back at her and told her to open the locket.
Inside was a picture of a red haired man and a blue-haired woman. 
         "It's A and Misula." She said and poked the image of her old blue-haired
antagonist. He nodded. "I didn't know who to put in it at first but then I found the
old picture you drew of them for me and so I scanned it, linearted it and then
computerly colored it and cropped it to just bigger than the circle of the locket so
that it fit snuggly. Anya went over and hgged Harmony. "Thank you." She said again in
extreme joy.
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