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School [Very long]Category: Random Rants, and ETC.
Tuesday, 2 September 2008
08:40:29 PM (GMT)
I was going to write about my first day of school, when I got home from school that
day, but I never got around to doing I mean was being too damn
slow for me to. So, I'm just going to type about things that have happened so far, at

My Schedule:

1st Period- Agriculture with Mr. Dudensing
2nd Period- U.S. History with Coach Miller [Damn, why are so many coaches teaching?]
3rd Period- T.A. with Mrs. Elliot
4th Period- Library Worker [Yep, I'm a library worker. It's boring at times, but
pretty cool most of the time because I get to read and practically have a break
period whenever I'm not scanning books, or doing something else.]
- LUNCH 12:16-12:46 -
5th Period- Science with Mr. Gray [He's bald. :B]
6th Period- English/Language Arts/Whatever with.. Mrs. Hearn
7th Period- Math with Mr. Hopple [Hilarious.]

So yeah, school's good so far. SO. FAR.
Out of all of my teachers, I have to say that Mr. Hopple is my favorite.

Reasons why: 
1. [I know this really has to do with the class, but] It's a small class, so it's
quiet whenever we're doing work. I lovveee that about the period I have his class.
2. He's fucking hilarious.
4. He's got one of those cool touch-screen boards that you can use to control the
computer screen.
5. [Several more reasons]

In Mr. Gray's class lately, we've had to draw little symbols [on a piece of paper]
that represent your family, (an) important thing(s) in your life, sports [if you like
sports], and Entertainment meaning music, movies, and/or TV. THEN you have to talk
about yourself [in front of the damn class] using the paper. I haven't gone yet, and
we haven't done it for the past few days so hopefully he's forgotten about it. The
main reason why I hate doing that is because you KNOW that almost, if not everyone in
the class doesn't really give a shit about hearing your likes or dislikes. And I know
for sure that nobody cares to hear mine. Anyway, so I drew stick figures of my home
family, drew a cross for Jesus, drew a computer [monitor, and keyboard], and a Wii
remote and Wii nunchuk [Proud to be a nerd. D:].
I had also drew a heartagram representing the band H.I.M., but I erased it because I
knew atleast 5 or 6 dipshits would shout "DAT'S UH SATANIC SYMBUL," "DAT'S UH ATHEIST

[Are you still reading? DAMN.]
The stupidest question I was asked today:
This one dude [that I guess you could call my friend] named Quade had came into the
library with his English Class, [4th period, while I was working.]
I scanned his book and all, and soon at lunch he asked me "What were you doing,
scanning books in the library?" Oh my god. Brain: Get one, Quade. Kidding, he's
pretty smart, but not the smartest. Kinda like me, but a little bit dumber.

And that takes me to lunch! Lunch has always been cool. You get to eat while goofing
around with your pals.. Nice, nice. So today, two guys named Blade and Dakota that
sit at the same table as us, were having some stupid, pretty immature game where one
after another, they'd each yell a cuss word, or a.. sexual word, and whoever got
caught lost. I'm pretty sure neither of them got caught, whether we sit fairly close
to the teacher's, or not. Most likely because neither of them yelled too loud.
Speaking of shouting things, one day of the first week back, in second period, Jacob
dared me to yell "No, I won't take my pants off, GOSH" at lunch. So I did. Pretty
damn loud. I looked down the other end of the long lunch table and yelled it. Later
in lunch that day, since I'm almost always hyper with Jacob around, I randomly yelled
at that same end of the table [packed with people] "Get it on, Micheal!!! Get it on!"
[Micheal is some shy kid who sits behind me in 7th period, and annoyingly talks to
himself. It's truly kinda like he fucking thinks out loud. I swear it's sooo damn
annoying.] Jacob wasn't expecting me to yell that, which made him laugh very
hard/cough out his drink. It was so funny. But no matter how fun lunch, or just
school in general so far is, it still feels pretty empty without Milton's craziness.
[I wish you'd fucking call me, or message me from your account..

Last two things, I promise:
1. For some reason, for the whole first week, in almost all of the classes we had to
write/type/whatever the school song! It was so stupid.
2. Our awesome vice principal Mr. Birdwell became the real principal this year. Which
means we have a new VP: some fat, bald dude named Mr. Lambert.. Where's my old
principal gone, you ask? It sucks for Milton because he, Mr. Ruffin, the past
principal became the principal at Milton's new school! xD D:

If you read this whole novel of a diary entry you've won:
An e-hug, an e-cookie, and points that are OVAH 9000!
Last edited: 2 September 2008

‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   2 September 2008   769712  
the touch screen board is probably called a smart board ^^ my school
has about a billion of them.

I haven't started yet, i start tomorrow but I already know my teachers
^^ well except for one :/ she's new to the school so no one knows
‹GatorBoots› says:   3 September 2008   844936  
Damn, you must go to a rich school.
I've heard they cost thousands and and thousands of dollars,
and I think only math teachers here, have them.
‹Lexxie ♥ :]› says:   4 September 2008   125174  
Our school as a lot too.
They are really cool.
‹GatorBoots› says:   5 September 2008   642865  
Never mind, I wouldn't call them TOUCH-screens,
because you have to use this little pen-thing that 
I've named it "TEH MAGIC PENN."
‹Vengeance› says:   7 September 2008   362295  
Lol sucks for you.
‹GatorBoots› says:   7 September 2008   412677  
What sucks for me?
‹GatorBoots› says :   7 September 2008   341271  
And you need to get on more, Milton. D<

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