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OC QuizCategory: Neck-DeepĀ inĀ Boredom.
Friday, 15 August 2008
05:20:24 PM (GMT)
Stolen from Miss Strawberry the SHOCKer. xD
Boredom. Therefore, quiz.
No need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

The OCs:
- Rey-Rey Rivers
- Jacob Daniels
- Jesse Smith
- Anna Day

All from "Scraps", my throwaway story. Ryan, the other character, is the only main I
didn't include. Oh, is he going to be depressed.

The Q&A:
1. How old are you?

Rey-Rey: Eleven.
Jacob: Twelve. >P
Jesse: Eleven, baby!
Anna: Eleven. ^_^
Rey-Rey: Only our parents get to control us. Which means you're our dad. DAD, BUY US
Jesse: YAH! FOOD.
Jacob: T3T? Never mind.
Rey-Rey: *high-fives Jesse*

2. What's your height?

Jacob: One inch taller than her.
Jesse: The same height as her.
Anna: Two inches shorter than her.
Rey-Rey: *pats Anna's head* That's alright.
Anna: ;~; You make me depressed.

3. Are you a virgin?

Rey-Rey: Yeah. o_o
Jacob and Jesse: Mhm.
Anna: Yup. 

4. Who's your mate/spouse?

Rey-Rey: Jesse McCartney?
Jacob: o_o You don't even know him.
Rey-Rey: Shut up! T_T
Jesse: Frankly, I don't know. I'm eleven, dude! I'm supposed to think my wife is a
water gun!

5. Do you have any kids?

Rey-Rey: Nope. Dude, seriously! AGE.
Jacob: Well, society IS getting younger these days, Rey.
Rey-Rey: Screw society! D<
Jesse and Anna: NOPE.

6. What's your favourite food?

Rey-Rey, Jesse, and Jacob: CANDYCANDYCANDY. *drool*
Anna: ...o.o
Anna: But it rots my teeth! T_T
Rey-Rey: That's the point, you retard!

7. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Jesse: Stick candy in it and I'll eat ANY flavor.
Jacob: Even dirt!
Rey-Rey: *nodnod*
Anna: *covers mouth* O^O

8. Have you killed anyone?

Jesse: I'm afraid Rey will kill me in my sleep with a banana.
Jacob: o3o So am I.
Rey-Rey: Damn it, why are you all mind-readers?! D< Screw it, I'm using cupcakes.
Anna: *backs away*

9. Do you hate anyone?

Rey-Rey: Duh! What kind of question is this? u_u
Jacob: Who?
Rey-Rey: Hannah Cyrus or whatever the fudge her fudging name is.
Anna: Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.
Rey-Rey: *scoff* I KNOW. You're a fan, aren't you? *eyes narrow*
Anna: <3
Rey-Rey, Jacob, and Jesse: *groan*

10. Have any secrets?

Rey-Rey: This isn't my real name?
Jesse: We know that.
Jacob: I don't like it when people call me Jacob?
Rey-Rey: We know that. You like to be called Dan.
Anna: *shrug* We have no secrets.
Rey-Rey: Oh! I know! Anna and I are in love with Jesse McCartney.
Jacob: *stare*
Rey-Rey: ...You know that? D: Daaaarn.

11. What is your job?

Jesse: Prankster. Where's my badge? :3
Jacob: I'm a police officer. Where's my water gun? 8D
Anna: Keep them all sane. u3u
Rey-Rey: Be lazy and drive everyone insane. ^_^

12. What do you do to relax?

Rey-Rey: Put on my earphones and blast music so loudly in my ear that it can block my
eardrums from hearing a nuclear explosion. <3
Jacob: I second that.
Jesse: I third that.
Anna: Hey, I wanted second! T__T I hate you guys.
Jacob: Yay! n_n
Anna: *pouts*

13. Where would you rather be lost- in a deserted village in the middle of a
haunted forest surrounded by undead cults, or in a desert dotted with ruins filled
with gold but no available water source?

Jesse and Jacob: UNDEAD CULTS. O3O Just like the arcade!
Anna and Rey-Rey: I'd rather be lost in Jesse McCartney's eyes~ *3*
Jesse: Ruined it!
Jacob: *groan*

14. How do you smell?

Rey-Rey: Human? o_o
Anna: Normal.
Jesse: Normal for boys.
Jacob: *nodnod*
Rey-Rey: Which is NOT the same as normal for girls, by the way.
Jesse and Jacob: n_n

15. Where's your favourite place to be?

Jesse: ARCADE, FTW. 8D
Jacob: Anywhere where I can shoot people with water guns. 8D
Anna: ...Where's Je-?
Jesse: SHUT UP!

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