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The truth is right here, read-em and wheep.Category: (general)
Monday, 11 August 2008
07:55:45 PM (GMT)
+ Twilight wasn't THAT good and the plot was plain
+ Disney Channel sucks and you can totally predict what will happen in the entire
episode, even the things that are "spontaneous"(They should get rid of the sitcoms)
+ Cybering is like real sex (as far as ending too soon), that's why most people suck
at it
+ When Paris Hilton takes a dirty photo she's a skank which means Miley and Vanessa
are too. AND because she was sitting on her dad's lap makes it worse.
+ All categorizations (emo, scene, prep, goth) have been depleted of originality even
if you were one of the first kids to do it because they have a category. 
+If you're so close to a category people call you that, you're not individual enough
to stick out.
+ Your music in no way defines you well enough to base who will be your friend on
+ Drawing can't be judged by other people because what looks good is based on what we
see and what we like to see, so we may think it's awesome and they see crap. All in
+ Suicide is selfish, weak, and dumbest thing a person can do, it's saying "I can't
handle the tough things in my life and I don't care if you need me or if I put you
into the situation I'm in now, I want to do this. And even though I may end up in a
dark tortuous abyss with people who'll harm me more than what's going on ever will
forever, even though I may just stop existing and the only thing left will be your
resentment of me, I don't care about you or anything but getting rid of my pain." 
Say that to your kids, family and friends five times then do it. So sorry if you're
offended, but when you think about what people in Africa have to deal with nothing in
America can stand even close.
+Americans are very brash. 
+Death is only romantic because we don't REALLY know what happens, so I guess by that
logic, where cancer came from and Hilter's mind are also romantic.
+ When you can guess what happens next in a show, movie or anything of the sort it is
not witty, clever or satisfying.
+Beauty is lost in body, half the everyday girls that are considered pretty just have
nice bodies and/or raunchy clothes.

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