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What Hurts the Most~Chapter FourCategory: (general)
Monday, 28 July 2008
02:36:58 PM (GMT)
Hey guys!  There is French in this chapter, so scroll down to the bottom for
translations if you need them!

Chapter Four~Mixed Emotions

   "So..." Mac said cheerily as the family sat down to breakfast on Friday morning,
"school today.   What's on the agenda?"
   "Well," Ashley said, sounding far less happy then she should, "I'll be missing
history, geography and a free period, and I will not be missing French, math
or some stupid cursive lesson because the idiots in my grade still can't fu-"
   "Language, Ashley," Harm reminded.
   "Sorry, the idiots in my grade still can't friggin do it.  Honestly, it's
grade two stuff!"  Honestly, you;d have thought she wasn't about to get her wildest
dreams fulfilled.  She definitely had a gift for seeing the negative.
   "Yeah, but at least you don't have to do gym!" Lindsay whined.
   "Lindsay, I wouldn't have gym today, anyways."  Which was a good thing for her,
because Mr. Skidmore was infamously hated at H.J. Coneely Middle School.
   "Thank God," she added, as an afterthought.
   "Okay, come ON guys," Harm said.  He knew that his kids almost never saw the
bright side of any given situation, but this was insane!  They weren't even on topic
anymore!  Typical them. "Stop being so negative.  Can't you just appreciate something
without focusing on the bad?"
   With grumbles of 'mmhmm' and 'I guess so,' Ashley and Lindsay continued eating.

   When Ashley got to school, the early April air was still rather nippy, so she
immediately wandered over to the back of the school, where her friends were probably
waiting for the bell to ring.  Some genius thought it would be good be for the kids
to go outside before the bell rang, despite the cold.  Ashley pulled the hood of her
bright green London Fog jacket over her headm but it was no use.  She was walking
against the wind, and her hood kept filling with air and getting all blown up around
her head,
   It was very akward walking through the schoolyard from one end to the other,
because people tended to stare, but it didn't usually bother Ashley, especially
today.  In 21 1/2 hours, she'd be on a plane to L.A., where she's be meeting Carly,
Brooke, David Cook, Ramiele, Jason, and everyone else.  She's be meeting David A. 
She wondered if her was as cute in person.  Snap out of it, Ashley, , she told
herself.  You're going to have to act normal when you get there, you know! 
Her subconcious didn't want her to be so girly.  It didn't want her to be obsessed
with a guy who was four and a half years older than herself.  It was easy for Sidney,
Kyla and Lauren.  They didn't have to meet the guy!
   Hey, get you head out of the negative! she screamed to herself.  She
rounded thhe corner and met up with Sidney, Lauren, Breagh and Riley.  Her guess was
that Sammi had slept in AGAIN, Mary-Catherine got distracted and lost track of time
but was on her way, and Kyla was having a screaming match with her little sister.
  "Good morning, guys!" Ashley said cheerfullt, trying her best to cover up elation,
fear, anticipation, happiness and bervousness under the simple facade of 'bored with
school, what else is new?'  Unfortunately, she wasn't very good at it.
   "Is something up?" Riley immediately ask.
   Ashley cursed inwardly.  "No, nothing, why?"
   "You seem really on edge, that's all."
   How she wished she could say that she was on edge.  Not just ON edge, but about to
fall off the edge!
   "Do I?"  she asked rhetorically.  "Well, I'm fine."
   Just then, Kyla came running up behind them.  She looked mad.
   "My stupid sister stole my freakin denim jacket again!" she complained loudly to
the group.  "Stupid Morgan!"
   Ashley laughed inwardly.  At least some things would never change!

   Hirst period brought, as promised, a cursive writing lesson.  At H.J. Coneely,
there was only rotary for the afternoon subjects,  The whole morning was spent with
your homeroom teacher (except for French), which allowed for such time wasting as
   As the teacher blabbered on about how he wasn't going to bother teaching tem the
alphabet, as they should already know it, Ashley started on the letter B.  By the
time he was done saying the he expected one page of each letter done by Monday, she
was half-way done K.  She finished about ten minutes later, and cracked open a book
to keep herself occupied.
   Not a moment later, she felt a silent rap on her chair and stuck out her hand. 
Michael Gaspar sat directly between her and Mary-Catherine, and he was constantly
passing notes between them.  She unfolded the red and yellow paper and read:
   Done.  What is the point of this?  It's soooooo easy!  If they don't know it by
now, they never will!  Morons!  I'm so bored! :- ) 
                                Remember, rap is for rapists!
                                           From, Mary-Catherine.
   She giggled quietly at the signature sign off.  Mary-Catherine had a website, and
on the page called 'music', she had written; And remember, rap is for rapists! 
Just kidding, but they may have some scientific evidence to back that up.  From
then on, 'rap is for rapists' became her trademark.
   She flipped the letter over and wrote:
   I know!  WTF!  I'm glad he didn't teach it, though.  Too bad for stupid people!
 I'm bored, too! :P
                                       Pop is for poptarts (WTF?!?!)
                                                  From, Ashley
   She folded it up nicely and passed it back to Michael.  She had lied.  She really
wasn't bored at all.  She just couldn't wait to get on the plane.

   In third period French, the class was forced to sit through a question-and-answer
lesson read directly from the teacher curriculum guide by their half blind French
teacher who hated kids.  Ashley sat in the left-hand corner of the room, so she was
always the first to have to answer.
   "Quelle personnage celebre est-ce que tu veux voir en cire?" Mme. Esposito
read slowly to them.  "Par example, je dit, 'Je veux voir une personnage en cire
de Celine Dion parce-qu'elle et ma chanteuse preferee.
   "Ashley," she began, "qeulle personnage est-ce que tu veux voir en
   Ashley thought this was the stupidest question in the history of stupid questions.
 Since when did discussing wax people become educational?  She wracked her brain to
come up with one, despite the fact that she thought wax people were eerily real and
never wanted to see one, ever.
   "Je veux voir une personnageend cire de..." could she say no one?
''Carly Smithson, parce-qu'elle et la plus bonne chanteuse de American Idol." 
First thing that popped into her head.  What did you expect?
   Madame nodded and moved on to Riley.  Ashley went back into her daydream, where he
stayed until lunch.

   It appeared that despite the fact that in was lunch time, no one wanted to eat. 
Everyone was dying to know about Ashley's dying grandfather.
   "Did he get shot?" someone asked.
   "Can he talk?" someone else said.
   "Is he going insane?"
   "Why are you going?"
   "Is he dead?"
   "Is his wife dead?"
   "Is he crazy?"
   The questions were rapid and deafening.  Ashley yelled at everyone to be quiet,
then quickly spewed out the story her parents had provided her with.
   "He has cancer on an inoperable spot on his brain.  My grandmother has gone a bit
out of her mind recently, so my dad has his legal power of attorney.  We have to go
there so my dad can make make any and all legal decisions.  Got it?"
   She was sure they hadn't 'got it', but at that moment the secretary buzzed into
the P.A. system in their room.
   "Is Ashley Rabb there?"
   ''Yeah, I'm here.''
   ''Your mom is her to pick you up.''
   Thanking her mother for her wonderful gift with time, Ashley packed up and bid a
silent farewell to the school she wouldn't have to see for two whole months!

   Ashley brushed her teeth slowly.  She thought she'd be uncontrollably excited by
this point, but she wasn't.  She was just, as usual, deep in thought.  What would
L.A. be like?  What would she and Lindsay do when they weren't in school?  Would
people like here?  And, the one question that had been haunting her mind since she
found out about this on Tuesday, would David Archuleta see her as more than just a
little military brat being toted around by her parents?  Not like she expected him to
like her or anything, (that would be more Sidney.  She wasn't like Sidney, was she?)
but she wanted to be seen as mature and intelligent, not just as a little kid.
   But you are a little kid, her subconcious told her.  
   'No I'm not,' she thought.  'I'm twelve and a half.  I'll be thirteen in July.'
   Yeah, but he's seventeen and a half.  You're little.  And stupid.  And a navy
   Ugh, that drove her crazy.  Her subconcious awas very degrading, and always left
out the marne bit.  She was always a navy brat.
   She stopped think and studied herself in the mirror.  She had to admit, she was
pretty.  She had a tin, heart-shapend face, placid blue eyes that were full of
emotion (her dad's), anda light splatter of freckles.  Her complexion was also
near-perfect, but she had one or two stray blemishes along her hairline.  What could
she do to get rid of those?  Maybe aloe would work.  She picked it up and read;
Try it as: Shaving gel~Hair gel~on blemishes.  She squirted out a tiny drop
and rubbed it along her hairline.  You couldn't even see them unless she was under
severly close inspection, but who knows?  She felt more confident now, at that's all
that mattered.
   In bed, she didn't even have to try to sleep.  She was out as soon as her head hit
the pillow.

   4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning is never a pleasant time, especially if you are
Harmon Rabb, Jr.  Harm was almost never awake before seven on weekdays, and he took
weekends as his opportunity to stay in bed until noone.  So when he awoke to the
whisper of 'get up, lazybones!', he immediately glanced at the alarm clock.
   "Mac, it's only 4:30.  Ten more minutes."
   "No!  We need to be at Dulles in half an hour!  Get up, now!"
 Mac began to leave the room, then turned around and said, "get dresses while you're
at it."
   Half asleep, Harm pulled on a shirt and jeans and went downstairs, where Lindsay
and Ashley were already fully dressed, teeth brushed, faces washed and hair combed. 
They were watching T.V. while they waited.
   "Dad! Finally!" Lindsay got up and gave him a hug and a kiss.  Ashley followed.
   The small family piled into their car and got onto the Beltway and 4:42.  At 5:11,
they were at Dulles Intrnational Airport, ready to land in Los Angeles.

   When the plane finally lifted off the ground at 6:18, all of the emotions that
Ashley had expected to feel earlier last night erupted inside of her.  She suddenly
wanted to scream.  How long was this flight again?  Four hours? Five? She couldn't
   "Hey mom," she said, "how long is this flight?"
   "About six hours, probably.  Cool?"
   "Cool!" Ashley exxclaimed.  ''Oh my God, I'm excited!  This is so cool!  When does
the in-flight movie start?" 
   Mac laughes and ruffled Ashley's hair.  "I don't knoe, Zash.  Soon.

   The in-flight movie ended up being Cheaper by the Dozen 2, which Ashley and
Lindsay would have normally  enjoyed, but they hardly paid attention at all.  Ashley
starred out the window for about half an hour, trying to calm her emotion so that she
could think straight.  She kept seeing herself sleeping and then waking yp to see a
dude with a gun standing over her.  She imagined being pulled out of the room by
David A., bolting to Carly's room and locking the door.  She could hear gunshot after
gunshot while she, Lindsay and David hid in the closet.  Carly, meanwhile, was
holding a golf club, ready to strike should need be.
   She giggled at the fantasy.  'Yeah right,' she thought to herself.  There'd be no
need for a golf club!  Her parents would kick butt!  But wouldn't that be so cool? 
maybe she'd even get to shoot somebody!
   Her daydream was interrupted by a flight attendant bringing her a plate of
breakfast food.  She stirred it around with her fork.  It didn't look quite right. 
She thanked the attendant, then placed the tray of cold scrambled eggs, pinkish bacon
and fatty sausage under her steat.
   ''Hey mom, what have we got for food?"
   "Ash, they just brought you stuff.  Where's you put it?"
   "I'm not eating that garbage," Ashley declared simply.  "It looks all fake and
disgusting and just... eww..." she mock-shuddered.
   "Well," Mac sighed, "we don't have much.  There's not much you can take.
   "I think we have some bananas, some plums and some apples," she finished.
   Ashley sighed.  Stupid homeland security.  "I guess I'll have a banana.  Do we
have water?"
   "You know we can't take bottled water, sweetie.  Drink whatever they gave you. 
Want some gum?"
   Ashlwy nodded.  She knew her ears were bound to pop eventually, they always did. 
She shoved the stick of Extra on her pocket and began peeling the banana.  She took a
sip of the juice that claimed to be apple but tastes suspiciously like warm water. 
It was pure disgusting.
   "Hey, mom, what time is it?" she asked.
   "Well, it's 8:15 Eastern Standard, but we should be just about over Chicago now,
so it's actaully 7:15," Mac said.  ''We've still got about three and a half hours
   It couldn't only be quarter after eight,  Surely it was at least 9:30!  But the
internal clock never lies.  She turned back to the movie, where Nora had just started
having her baby during the canoe race.  Yup, it had been just about two hours.
   Ashley grabbed her backpack and pulled out Harry Potter and the Chamber of
Secrtes.  Maybe she could read the wole thing before they landed.  But by the time
Harry, Ron and the others were in Flourish and Blotts meeting Gilderoy Lockhart, she
realized just how tired and sleep-deprived she was.  She was out like a light before
the end of chapter eleven.

   A good two-and-a-half-hour snooze was just what she needed, and Ashley didn't wake
up unti the captain blared over the intercom.
   "Attention, this is your captain speaking.  Please buckle your seatbelts.  We are
preparing to land.  Please buckle your seatbelts, we are preparing to land.  I
repeat,please buckle your seatbelts, we are preparing to land."
   And thus was the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

So, the end of chapter four... dondondon!  Suspense!

Translations:  Quelle personnage celebre est-ce que tu veux voir en
cire?~Which famous person would you like to see as a wax figure?  
Je veux voir une personnage en cire de Celine Dion parce-qu'elle et ma chanteuse
preferee~I would like to see a wax figure of Celine Dion because she is my
favourite singer.
Je veux voir une personnage en cire de Carly Smithson parce-qu'elle et la plus
bonne chanteuse de American Idol~I would like to see a wax figure of Carly
Smithson because she is the best singer on American Idol.
Last edited: 28 July 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   28 July 2008   343141  
I love this book. Keep writing, dude!
tiggerlemon101 says:   28 July 2008   152776  
Thanks so much!
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› writes:   31 July 2008   831322  
Yah, keep writing! I'm so excited to hear what happens when she meets
the idols! 
Oh, and very creative characters! (blind french teacher, Kyla, Morgan,
Sidney! ) Nice way to encorporate some of your life!  
How come you're not the main character?
tiggerlemon101 says :   31 July 2008   135657  
winter, everybody is either JAG, Idol or from my life!  Literally
everybody!  You don't know Zash, Breagh, Riley or Lauren, but they're
real, too!


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