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well yesCategory: random survey shiz
Friday, 4 July 2008
12:41:42 PM (GMT)
i could not be bothered to do one of my normal diarys so ill do this instead Eye Color:: Brownish green Hair Color:: dark brown Height:: 5 foot 7 Favorite Color:: purple black and yello Screen Name:: uhhh look u lazy person Favorite Band:: Bullet KoRn AFI....... amoung other things Favorite Movie:: Fight Club it messes with your mind damnit Favorite Show:: metalocalipse duh! Your Car:: Your Hometown:: Galway come and get me hhahahahah Your Present Town:: also galway Your Crushes First Name: no need for crushes :D Your Grade:: uhh second year its not grades Your Style:: uhh i dont know and dont care i where what i want :P Have You Ever Sat on your rooftop?: i have a chair up there Kissed someone in the rain?: sadly no Danced in a public place?: sheah eddie random dance? Smiled for no reason?: supose but theres almost alwas a reason in my head Laughed so hard you cried?: all the time Peed your pants after age 8?: dear god no Written a song?: i dont think so Sang to someone for no reason?: ehhh i dont know :P Performed on a stage?: in 6th clas we had this like play in front of loads of people i got to move the set go me :D Talked to someone you don't know?: of corse i do! Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:uhhh if thats what i think it is i dont think i know what i think it might be so im just gonna so say grar Made out in a theatre?: *shifty eyes* whos asking? Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:well if falling over 6 times ehile ice skateing counts ya :D wooo that twas fun aron pushed me! i think :P Been in love?: :D Who was the last person to Say HI to you?: eddie :P Tell you, I love you?: why would i tell you :D Hug you?: *thinks* uhh i huged my lamp this morning dose that count? Tell you BYE?: eddie :P Write you a note?: dose texts count? Take your photo?: uhhh i think it was like a week ago when i had like 38 cloths pegs on my face Call your cell phone?: siana :D Buy you something?: uhhh my dad it was dinner :D Go with you to the movies?: wow that was a long time ago :P well actuly only like 2 months not a bad day :P Sing to you?: ehhhhh i dunno Text message you?: siana :D What's the last Time you laughed?: about 3 seconds ago Time you cried?: uhh idk Movie you watched?: fight club fuck yeah! Joke you told?: uhh i dunno Song you've sang?: seven nation army woo its just so catchy :D Time you've looked at the clock?: uhhh like 2 seconds ago Drink you've had?: coffe i dont like but it works :D Number you've dialed?: sianas :D Book you've read?: uhhhhh some book about drawing :P Food you've eaten?: cheerys on toast that why im called that :D Flavor of gum chewed?: i dunno i dont eat it :P Shoes you've worn?: converse Store you've been in?: petrol staion near my house Thing you've said?: hahaha typed or said? cuse if said "im goning to get bread a cherrys Can You Write with both hands?: ya but ones better alot better and its crap to begin with Whistle?: yup :D Blow a bubble?: of corse Roll your tounge in a circle?: yup Cross your eyes?: haha ya i can bounce them while crossing them Touch your tounge to your nose?: ya if i pull it Dance?: i dunno if me and eddies ranodm dance counts then ya Gleek?: wu tu fu Stay up a whole night without sleep?: ha ya once with coke and once cuse we forgot to sleep Speak a different language?: woo kinda irish :P Impersonate someone?: ya me wooo skill Prank call people?: ehh ya Make a card pyramid?: yup i always end up throwing sumthing at it Cook anything?: toast in a micro wave it works damnit Finish The Line If i were a ...: in heaford idd be happy :D I wish ...: I was in headford So many people don't know that ...: i can fly when no ones looking I am ...: in wanting ness of headford My heart is ...: made of cheese

MindFreak says :   30 July 2008   866369  
Finally somthing about yourself I like you lol

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