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Our Only Light::Part ThreeCategory: A South Park FanFic
Thursday, 19 June 2008
07:49:50 PM (GMT)
Hope you enjoy. Final part. x3
They walked into the hall (the school rented a hall for the dance), Kenny's arm still
around Wendy. Immediately, Kyle and Bebe popped out. "Welcome, happy couple!" they
"If we're the happy couple, you two are the
too-obsessed-with-each-other-to-care-about-anything-else couple," replied Kenny.
"You know it!" exclaimed Bebe, hugging Kyle. They walked off.
Wendy looked at Kenny. "That was awkward."
"Eh, they'll be married before you know it," said Kenny.
"That was a joke, right?" said Wendy.
"When they're saying wedding vows next year, you tell me," replied Kenny. He put the
corsage on Wendy's wrist.
"Love does weird things to boys," Wendy said as they sat down in two chairs.
"And girls," Kenny pointed out. "Like...deny they still have feelings for someone,
when they do."
Wendy buried her face in her hands. "I do not like him, Kenny. I do not."
Kenny sighed and placed a hand on Wendy's shoulder. "There's no reason to hide it."
"We broke up months ago," Wendy protested. "And he's with Red."
"And you're with me," snickered Kenny. "We know we're not going to work out." He
stood up, and Wendy looked at him.
"C'mon, let's dance," he said.
"Didn't know you were a dancer," said Wendy, smiling and standing up.
"Babe," he said. "Many people don't know these kinds of things about me."
Wendy noticed at the same time that she and Kenny approached the dance floor, so did
Red and Stan. She rubbed her hands together.
"Let's burn this dance floor," she said.
"Read my mind," replied Kenny.
Sooner or later, the dance floor was cleared for Red, Wendy, Kenny, and Stan. It
seemed like a dance competition now. Then Kyle and Bebe had the courage to join
Many voices screamed voices from the crowd.
"All right, Stan!"
"Go, Red! Go, Red!"
"You go, Kenneh!"
"Whooo, Wendy!"
"Bebe and Kyle forever!"
Suddenly the 'competition' was interrupted by Mr. Mackey's voice.
"Stop dancing, m'kay," he said, holding a microphone. "The principal wants you all,
m'kay, to eat some junk food, m'kay, so you won't complain to your parents, m'kay,
that there was no food here. And, m'kay, we need time to choose the songs, m'kay? Now
eat." Mr. Mackey handed the microphone to a person backstage and walked off.
Kenny sighed and walked to one of the tables that had food on it. Kyle and Stan
Red, Bebe, and Wendy sat at a table that seated six.
"Nice job, gals," Red complimented, smiling.
"You, too," said Bebe and Wendy in unison.
"'Ey," said Cartman, approaching the three girls. They looked at him suspiciously.
"Hello, Miss Frizz. Miss Dump-A-Lot. Miss Steal-A-Man." Cartman was accompanied by
Kelly, who was paying no attention to the girls, but rather on sticking a finger up
her nose. Wendy grimaced and tried to concentrate on Cartman.
"Steal-A-Man?!" exclaimed Red, standing up. "What's that supposed to mean?!"
"Oh, you know what I mean, bitch," replied Cartman. "You know that Stan likes Wendy,
and Wendy still likes Stan. And yet you go to the dance with him!"
Was Cartman defending Wendy and Stan?
"I can go with whoever I want to go with, fatass!" said Red. "Why do YOU care,
"Why do I care?" replied Cartman. "I hate your fucking guts, Steal-A-Man. And I will
do everything I can do bring you DOWN! DOWN!"
"Leave the table, turd!"
"Make me, dumbfuck!"
Red couldn't do anything, since Mr. Mackey was up on the stage watching everyone eat.
She sat back down and muttered words under her breath.
Kenny, Kyle, and Stan came back, each with two drinks and a few snacks.
"Hey, where'd you get those snacks?" asked Red. "Those aren't on any of the tables."
"We sneaked them in," answered Kenny slyly.
"We're going now," said Cartman. "Who would want to be with a Jew with the school
Bebe started to take something out from underneath the table.
"It's okay, Bebe," said Kyle.
Meanwhile, Red and Kenny talked about something. Sounded like...computer gaming or
"Hey, Kenny's flirting with Red," Bebe said. Wendy took a sip of her drink.
"Huh," she muttered.
"Okay, before we get back to dancing, m'kay," Mr. Mackey said. "We decided we wanted
to announce the Queen and King."
"What?" Stan said. "Dude, that's just plain confusing."
"Looks like we have a three-way tie, m'kay," Mr. Mackey announced. "I'm going to turn
it over to Clyde, m'kay."
Clyde entered the stage as Mr. Mackey walked off it. He held a piece of paper.
"This is messed up, man," he said, staring at the paper.
"Oh, get on with it already!" someone shouted in the crowd.
"Shut up!" yelled Clyde. "This is in no particular order, by the way. Okay..first
up...Kenny..and, um....Rebecca!"
Kenny and Red made a disgusted face at each other, then walked up the stage.
"They didn't even come together."
"Shut up!" yelled Clyde again. "Up next, Kyle and Bebe."
Kyle and Bebe grinned wildly, then, hand-in-hand, walked up to the stage.
"And last, but not least- OH MY GOD!" screamed Clyde, dropping the paper and the
microphone. He quickly picked them both up again. "You guys, this is impossible!"
"Just do it!" exclaimed a voice backstage.
"What the fuck...Anyways...Stan-"
The crowd gasped.
"Hold your fucking breaths!" exclaimed a frustrated Clyde.
"Clyde, no swearing!" said Mr. Garrison, but he said it in a tone that seemed like he
didn't care.
"And Wendy."
Stan and Wendy both stood up quickly at the same time, and their drinks dropped to
the floor.
"What?!" yelled Wendy.
"Impossible!" Stan said.
"Come up here anyways," said Clyde.
They both hesitantly walked up the stage, blushing.
"Move, Clyde," said Cartman, jumping up and placing a microphone stand on the stage.
He grabbed the microphone from Clyde and placed it in the stand.
Wendy, Red, Bebe, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny were each handed a microphone.
"Anything you want to say?" Cartman said nicely.
"Why the hell are you-" began Kenny.
"Because. Don't ruin it, poor boy," said Cartman.
"Everyone, hope you're having a fun time tonight," said Stan, taking a step forward.
A cheer erupted from the crowd.
"I'd totally hit that," Kenny said, putting an arm around Wendy.
"Back off, dude," said Stan, and they laughed.
"If everyone not our grade please move to the next hall. Teachers, too," said
Protests were shouted throughout the crowd. Bebe took out her gun from behind her
"GO!" she screamed.
The hall was emptied, except for Bebe's classmates.
"Time for a slow-dance," said Kyle.
"Crusin' by Smokey Robinson," said Cartman, and Kenny approached the microphone stand
and handed the one he was holding to Cartman. Everyone on stage but Kenny jumped off.
Red grabbed Clyde's hand. "You're dancing with me." Kyle and Bebe got into dancing
Wendy and Stan looked into each other's eyes, and smiled.
"Hit it, What's-Your-Name!" said Kenny, and the music started.
Kenny's gorgeous voice started singing, and everyone swayed slowly to the beat.
Last edited: 19 June 2008

StrawberrySHOCK says:   19 June 2008   622383  

Bebe's gun, Mega lulz.


You are the greatest fanfic writer EVAR.
AnnaLovesYoh says :   19 June 2008   592217  
Yes, I enjoyed those parts.

Yes, yes they shall. >:3

Aww, thank you. :'3 You are an awesome fanfic writer~~

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