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60 question quizzCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 18 June 2008
01:31:08 PM (GMT)
Please fill out this quiz and send it back to the person who sent u this and FWD it
to others.
1. Whats ur favorite color? Blue

2. Whats ur favorite #? 3

3. Whats ur favorite kind of animal? Horse or dog

4. What was ur favorite book when u were younger? brown bear brown bear what do you

5. What color are your eyes? brown

6. Outdoors or inside? depends on the weather but usually outside

7. snow or thunder storm? thunderstorm (perfect 2 swim in)

8. math or language arts? Language Arts but i like algebra

9. Whats ur favorite food? Fruit pizza

10. Whats ur blood type? how the heck should i know

11. How many animals do u have? 3 (2 cats 1 dog)

12. Whats ur favorite type of car? lambrigeenie or firebird

13. If u could do anything to make this world a better place what would u do? find a
cure for cancer

14. Whats ur favorite day of the week? Saturday

15. Whats ur favorite month? July

16. Whens ur birthday? October 30th

17. Whats your favorite song? Me and Emily by Rachel Procter

18. Where is your favorite place to shop? Pac Sun

19. mall or movies? Movies

20. Whats ur favorite movie? One Fine Day

21. Whats ur favorite hobby? forwheeling or snowmobileing

22. Whats ur favorite book as of right now? dont have 1

23. tatoo or piercing? piercing

24. night owl or morning bird? night owl

25. what did you last have for dinner? tacos

26. Whats ur favorite outside thing to do? forwheeling or snowmobileing

27. Who's ur favorie singer? dont really have 1

28. What kind of music do u like? little of everything

29. Roses or carnations? i dont really like flowers but roses i guess

30. what time did u get up this morning? 11:30 a.m. when my mom called and woke me

31. What time did u go to bed last nite? 11:30 p.m.

32. Do u like school? most of the time

33. Do you have siblings? yes (1 sister 2 brothers)

34. How many siblings? 3

35. What do u want to be when you grow up? Vet

36. forewheeling or riding a motorcycle? forewheeling
37. Football or baseball? i like watching both and like playing baceball

38. whats ur favorite baseball team? boston red sox

39. Whats ur favorite football team? NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS

40. Do u like the patriots? duh... they r the best

41. Do u like the red sox? duh... they r the best

42. Do u like to read? only if its a really good book

43. Whats ur favorite sport? baseball

44. Seventeen or Cosmo girl? both

45.polka dots or stripes? i like both but prefer plka dots

46. Trace adkins or Fergie? both equal

47. What did ur parents want u to b when u were younger? wouldnt know

48. Paris hilton or Nicole richie? hate both 

49. dogs or cats? love both but prefer dogs most of the time

50. Do u think that we should do more to help the starving people in Africa?
absoleutely but there r starving ppl in the U.S. that our country has 2 worry about

51. Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? DD

52. JcPenny or Fashion Bug? JC Penny

53. Whats ur favorite game? (any kind) dont really know
54. Whats ur favorite nursury rhyme? twinkle twinkle little star

55. Computer or phone? love both but computer is better

56. Coffee or chocolate? ... too hard 2 decide cant live without eather

57. Whats your favorite TV show? Life of Ryan 

58. Whats ur favorite candy bar? 3 muskatears

59. Where do u usually buy ur groceries? i dont

60. Did u enjoy taking this quiz? yup aint got nothin better 2 do

Please repost with ur answers

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