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Blood isn't the only thing that's redCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
12:39:18 PM (GMT)
Blood isn't the only thing that's red
Character: Charlotte Sanctuary Dawnson
Age: 29 but in first chapter 19
Looks: Like a brown haired blue eyed Aleera
Size: dress size 11 height 5'3
Normal outfit: The blue version of Anna's clothes but with a navy corset
Chapter 1: Unhappily Seperated
Charlotte and Velken stalked the forest of Transilvanya, Charlotte kept her ears
perked. Just then the duo approached a castle, a very lit up castle.
"Isn't the man who owns this, in France?" Charlotte asked.
"Yes, but I have a feeling it's not him in there," Velken replied.
"You think..." Charlotte started.
"Yes, I think about you everyday," Velken responded.
"You flirt!" Charlotte playfully hit him.
The two heard growling, their smiles dropped as they turned around. A werewolf. Oh
dear, what are they going to do? Well, luckily Velken got his gun and shot the
werewolf. Charlotte grabbed Velken and jumped into the river when the werewolf didn't
die. Charlotte grabbed onto the Castle Frankenstien's bridge. She then grabbed
Velken. She got a better grip on the bridge.
"Well, I guess we don't have a choice but go into the castle, because I am not going
into the woods with a ticked off werewolf," Charlotte said while haulling herself and
Velken on to the bridge.
"And," she continued while wringing her hair out," Victor Frankenstien is a nice guy
if you get past his weird machinery."
"I'll have to watch you around him," Velken jokenly said while approaching the front
"Velken those who are fools go through the front, and those who live go through the
back, but those who are smart go through the kitchen," Charlotte said motioning to
the side of the castle.
"Why the kitchen?" Velken asked following Charlotte.
"Because our dear friend, Victor, is not the one at home, our little friends are,"
Charlotte said, her nose wrinkeling.
"Count Dracula and Verona and Aleera," Velken glared," how did you know?"
Charlotte motioned to a window inches above her head. Velken mouthed "oh". They went
to the first side door. They looked at eachother, then Velken stood infront of
Charlotte, she was annoyed at that, he opened the door slowly. Then they saw,
nothing. Nothing but some body parts, loads of gallons of blood, and to top the shock
off, the scare chamber came complete with what Charlotte assumed a torture chair. The
door in the front off the room began to open Velken and Charlotte hid behind the
"chair". And in came Verona looking truly tipsy. She grabbed a gallon of blood. Then
walked back out.
"Smart people go through the kitchen, well people who are that smart should know
where it is," Velken mocked slightly.
"You're the one who opened the door!" Charlotte hissed.
Velken slammed a hand on her mouth when the door started to open again. And in came a
normal looking Dracula. Charlotte made the signal to spilt up. Velken glared as a
responce. She gave a reasurring smile, then crawled to the other side of the room.
Dracula smiled then his smile flattered as one of the two calmed to a normal beat. He
smelled them a man and a woman. He knew who the man was, Velken Valerous, but the
woman wasn't Anna. Dracula decided to draw her out. He materailized behind Velken and
grabbed him.
"Come out! Come out where ever you are," Dracula called.
"No, stay hidden!" Velken said, while struggleing.
"I tire of this," Dracula started to get ready to bite Velken.
Soon as Dracula's mouth was open, Charlotte came from behind him, and slammed him
into a wall. Velken in the prosess had gotten out of Dracula's grasp. Charlotte stood
three feet infront of Dracula. She gave him a death shot with the gun she pulled from
her sleeve.
Dracula looked at the wound, and he laughed, his dry laugh, made Charlotte despise
him more and more.
"A gun?" Dracula asked as if it was amuseing," Do you really think a gun can kill
"It did on that one bride of yours, who was it, Melink?" Charlotte hit a soar spot
with Dracula.
"You! You killed her?" Dracula shouted in rage.
"Technecally, you did, I just finshed the job," She said, not being phased by his
"You took something dear from me and I will take something dear from you," Dracula
materailized behind Veleken," Yes he should do."
Charlotte realized Dracula was going to kill Velken.
"Stop! Don't! Please!" She shouted before Dracula even opened his mouth.
"Ah, a weak point, I bet you, he wouldn't as daring with you," Dracula appeared
behind and grabbed her waist with one arm and used the free one pulled her head to
the side," You two have one last time to be able to say good bye, and that time is
Velken said," I hate you count! More then you will ever know! And if you dare turn
"I'm not going to fully turn her," that satement caused Velken and Charlotte to raise
the eyebrows," that would be boring, but to turn her only half damned...that would be
a little fun."
"For you maybe," Charlotte spoke up.
"You will be a good replacement bride. Strong and beautiful, and you look like
someone I know," Dracula said the last part thoughtfully.
"I'd rather rot!" Charlotte shouted," Velken run!"
Velken shook his head.
"Run Velken go! Kill Dracula and you can return me to human!" Charlotte said with
tears rolling down her eyes and on Dracula's hand.
Dracula glimpsed his hand, the woman's tears. But he didn't feel guilty, he sensed
lust not love between those two mortals. He opened his mouth and his kainines grew
sharp and pointed, he bit her but not where he bit his other brides but a centemeter
over. The blood filled his mouth. Charlotte gasped when felt him sucking. The tears
fell like waterfalls now. She hated this man. She would escape, but she needed the
oppertune moment and to get that moment she would have to bied her time. Dracula
stopped. She breathed out just now notticing her breathe was caught in her throat.
"Come, meet your new family," Dracula said.
"I have no family, you destroyed them," she glared at him.
"Well, now you do," he said, while grabbing her arm.
"Listen here pally! You forced me to be a bride, don't even begin to think this will
be peaches and cream for you!" Charlotte wrenched her arm from his grip.
He turned around and slapped her. She stood there and glared at him.
"Only cowards slap," She spat.
Dracula's rage made him do something he never would do to any other bride, he punched
her with every once of strength in him. Charlotte went flying and crash threw four
walls. By that time Verona and Aleera, came to see the commotion. They had to admire
her, she was taking 500 hundred times worse then ever did. And they knew she wasn't a
full vampire they heard fragments of a heart beat. Charlotte stood up, her eyes held
a vampire qaulity to them now and her kainines grew, she hissed, then ran at Dracula
with a vampires speed, her fist collided with his jaw. Dracula crashed through one
wall. But, hey she was only half vampire. Dracula stood up brushed him self of and
made a mental note of wich vampiric powers she had. But he was soon flying through
another wall. He was not happy about his butt landing on a cross too much. He looked
at her, his eyes electric blue, now she felt a twinge of fear as he walked briskly to
her. She stood her ground as any scorned and totally ticked off female vampire
huntress would. The she saw his exsperssion harden, she started to take a couple of
steps back. She backed up until her back was plastered to the wall. He walked up to
"What happened to being brave?" He hissed in her ear.
"Funny, I was going to ask the same to you. What you only hit when the person can't
fight back?" Charlotte hissed back at him.
"Do you know how lucky I'm not going to kill you?" Dracula asked.
"There worse things then death," Charlotte said.
"Aleera! Verona! get her healed and to her room before I truly do kill her!" Dracula
shouted then walked away.
"Well done," the dark haired one with and Itailin acsent said," I'm Verona, the
eldest or the brides."
"Yes, you endured worse then Verona and I ever faced," The red haired one said," I'm
Aleera, middle as always."
"He can really throw a right hook, I'll give him that," Charlotte said," I'm
Charlotte, the gypsy half vampire."
"You killed Melink?" Verona asked.
"Yes," Charlotte said.
"Thank you," They both said
"We hated her, she always was interupting us and our master, on our special alone
times, you would have had no idea how hard it was to get some alone time with him,"
Aleera said healing Charlotte's wounds.
"When Aleera is done with your wounds come pick out your dress," Verona said
smoothing Charlotte's dust and debree riden hair.
"Done," Aleera said curtly.
"Follow me," Verona said.
Charlotte followed Verona through a series of twist and turns.
"Here we are," Verona said opening the door.
"Oh my god," she said as she looked at all the dresses.
"Pick which one you like," Verona said.
Charlotte walked through and found an out fit. think of Marishka's bottoms and
Aleera's top And the fade color at the end was blue. She put it on behind a changing
a baord and looked at herself in the mirrior. Well, at least she can see her
reflection. She came out.
"You look, gorgeous," she heard an all to familiar voice behind her.
"When in Rome," she said.
"And like my other brides I will give you jewelery to go along with it." He pulled
out an opal and silver necklace and matching earrings. "There," he added after he put
the jewelery on.
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