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Thursday, 20 March 2008
06:35:05 PM (GMT)
Dear Lulu,

I want Japan! For our project in History. It's called "Traveling Asia". We have to
pick a country in Asia and do a special report on it. The teacher says she's going to
randomly pick numbers and when your number is picked you get to choose your country.
Everyone in our class has a number, I'm number 10 because my last name is tenth in
the class, and my whole number is "10b" because I'm number ten in class "b". 

I don't know why she does it either... >.>

But anyway, we get extra credit if we bring in stuff or wear special dress form our
country during our presintation, and I wanna wear my summer kimono! I love it so
much, and I usually only wear it once a year for the Summer Festival, so this would
be awesome ^.^ 

Off of school, I feel really bad for my freind Shiney. Her birthday is Saturday, and
since we don't have school tomorrow (Good Friday) I brought her a present and a
coffee cake to eat at lunch today. But no-one remembered it was even her birthday!
Not even her boyfrind, which is pretty sad. I feel really bad for Mike;he's bad at
rememebering things. I think my "party" cheered her up though, because she seemed
like she was in a bad mood before she came to sit with us, so yay ^.^

Also, Kensey was being super annoying today! I had to set up the "cake" before Shiney
got there because she's on another team at school (We have stupid "teams" according
to grade level, but I'll be on the "adavnced" team until College because you had to
apply to get in before your freshmen year, but it's bogus 'cause a lot of people
cheated their way on. But I'll get into that later.) that comes in to lunch a little
after us, and I was afraid she might decide to sit with her team. (She's been sitting
with them a lot lately. I too sneak over from my team to my friend's team to sit with
them a lunch. I don't blame her for not sitting with us though, MY friends from MY
team are always bugging me to sit with them  >.>

Before I get off the subject, I was telling how annoying Kensey was. When I took the
cake out, conversation was as follows:

K: "Ooh, is that coffee cake? Lemme have a peice!" 

P:"Kensey! That's Jess's (Shiney's real name is Jessica) birthday cake, you can't eat
it now!"

K:" I just want one peice!"

P:"No Kensey! You can't eat someone else's birthday cake! If Jess wants to share it
with you when she gets here, you can have some then!"

K: "Geez, Penny! I hate you, you won't share!"

GAH! She does this almost EVERY DAY!  She wan't me to "share" my lunch money (Which I
sorta need if I don't wanna starve!) share all my books, and my notebook! That
wouldn't be so important, but, besides you, Lulu, that notebook is COMEPLETELY
PRIVATE! And she's always wants me to give her stuff! 

For example, on Valentines Day, the Enviromental club were selling lollipops for a
dollar each to raise money. (Take note, these were BIG lollipops!) And I was going to
buy one for each of my friends. Well, in total, I realized I'd have to buy over 20
lollipops beacuse I was afraid people would feel left out, even distant aquaintances
that I haven't reallly talked to since like, 8th grade, and I didn't want to spend
the money! So I bought a box of gormet chocolates and gave eveyone one. (There were
like, 30 a package, and I figured I'd save money by buying that instead of a lollipop
for all of my know aquaintances! Anyway, everyone else said "Thank you!" and then ate
theirs. But Kensey says: "One chocolate, that's it?! Geez, you must not like me very
much! See If I ever get you anything again!"

I ended up really getting her about that little comment and she apologized, but she
just keeps of doing that! I'm really getting sick of her...

But anyway, Lulu, thanks for listening to all my ranting.


‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   1 June 2008   563965  
I could not deal with her. I just couldn't.
PiggyPudding says :   1 June 2008   664979  
I barely made it XD


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