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Sunny gets trapped in her friends treehouse #2Category: (general)
Sunday, 9 March 2008
08:36:02 PM (GMT)
I just want to get rid of this wool sweater! I don't care if its the finest wool in
America."Hey Sunny" "Go away I'm not your friend." "I'm sorry. Wait, what did I do?"
"You gave me a sweater that says: Me and my mom suck eggs" "Sorry I didn't read it
all I saw was an egg and I thought it would say I love eggs." "That is why you read
it first." Then I hung up.I have to get to school on time." "SUNNY!" The voice
sounded familiar. "Sunny!" The Lunch Lady! "Sunny, wait up!" She was panting like a
dog, and I noticed she was crying. "Sunny Billing divorced me." That's a Shocker. "I
feel your pain Mrs.Beanmupt." I said that when I wasn't feeling an inch of her pain.
"For that I'm making him pay." "How?" "Charge him 5.00 dollars than lunch really
costs. That'll hurt his parent's wallet and if they can't pay his!" "Billing Lakier 
was a rich boy, since he's 13 and he's jewish he's a rich man. Billing was walking
right by. "Lakier!" "What?" "Get to lunch!" "Okay." And he scurried off to lunch.
Finally school is over, time to steal something out of Jenny's tree house! I sneaked
in. Then I closed the door. Then I realized that she put super glue on the inside
edge, I'm trapped in here! I started screaming "Help! Help! Help! Help me I'm stuck
in Jenny's tree house!"I am soo not happy I'm stuck in here. And with her pet
something it looks like a ferret but it kinda takes after a horse too. I  tried
screaming one more time. "Help!  HELP! Help me!" And then someone came out of the
house it looked like... JENNY! Then I started screaming again this time her name.
"Jenny! Jenny! Sunny is in your tree house!" and then she answered,"Why would Sunny
be in my tree house, after I strictly told her not too?" I felt bad, she trusted me.
"Jenny," She looked scared. "Who are you and how do you know my name?" I took a big
breath. "Because..." "Yes.." "Because.." "Yes..." Every time she said yes her voice
raised higher with eagerness. "Because..." "Are we gonna sit here all day saying
because yes because yes?" "Because...Because I'm Sunny." I saw the expression on her
face. "Sunny why are you in my tree house... you better not be killing my dog be-"
"I'm not." "Good because I was about to say, why are you killing my ferret-horse?"
"I'm here because I wanted some of the money stashed away in here." "Stealer." She
climbed up the step and took pliers and pried the door open. "Thank you!" We hugged,
I'm thinking we are friends again. "Friends?" "Friends." "Good because I need to get
to my moms wedding." "Wedding? Who is your mom marrying?" "That annoying narrator
guy." "Oh him. I feel bad for you."
So I hurried home. "Mom!" "What Honey?" "Here just in time." "Are you dressed,
visitors are coming any minute." "The door bell rang. "Guess that minute is now." I
ran up stairs and put on my white dress. It had ruffles on the end, it had around the
human torso area and waist area is tight (so it makes you look curvy.), It had a
white rose on the front, it had a V neck open around my chest, and then I put my hair
up in a bun and then put on a tiara, put on white gloves and got my white purse. When
I went down stairs all eyes were on me. Was I beautiful? Was I ugly? Then I spotted
cute guys around my age, They were pleased. I came down and older ladies were saying
I was cute pretty sexy ect., When my mom and that creepy narrator guy kissed I looked
away. Then when we were having cake one of the cute guys came over to me. "Hey." I
blushed. "Hey." Slow dance music came on. "Wanna dance?" I dropped a bomb of Baghdad.
But it didn't stink. It was kinda loud but her thought it was someone else. So he
danced with me his hands on my waist, if his hand were partially on my butt should my
hands be partially on his pe-.... nah.  "Wow," he whispered to me "Your butt is
smoothed." I jumped back from him. "What is wrong. "One your hands are not supposed
to be that far down only to the waist or up. Two Don't touch my butt and say its
smooth." I said that loudly, that why he was red with embarrarsment. He walked away
from me. My mom heard. I was red with embarrsment. I ran up stairs to my room. And
stayed there.

Will Sunny come down? Will the boy come up to her room? Will her mom let him? Find
out in sunny get trapped in her friends tree house #3
Last edited: 10 March 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   10 March 2008   585257  
aweomse i luvvvvvv it! It is so funny!


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