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Story time!Category: Sister stories
Sunday, 24 February 2008
06:42:54 PM (GMT)
My sister was telling me about how she would always get hit with a ball in the face
in her high school gym class. We where talking on the phone because shes in
Mississippi and i'm in *secret*. She was just telling me these stories about when she
was little this baseball hit her in her head and all she could remember is saying
*oww* and then *thomp* on the ground, out cold. I was laughing my butt off when i got
off the phone. I love sports and i never get hit with a ball. *like in the face* and
my sister is like Bella form twilight. lol So idk if we are form the same mother lol.
But friday.... hahaha i got a basketball stright in the face......i was so close to
crying because it hit my nose really hard...... but i couldn't because 1 i'm on the
basketball team and 2 the guys Varsity team was playing with us and plus i hate
crying in public.... well i wanted to say that because i cant get it out of my head

cullenistic_bites says:   24 February 2008   677684  
haha.. that entry was funny! But I gotta say,that's really gotta
hurt!! Jeez,that was hard,holding your tears,doesn't it make some part
of your nose uhm,hurt??(not because of the ball that smacked your
face..if you know what I If your sister's like Bella,may
God spare her!! lol,how much trouble can she get into!!? I wonder
which hurts more,smacked by a baseball or a basketball..? Hmmm....
Anyway! Ok,don't wanna be 'nosy',(corny much?i know!!!),.lol..Ok,I'm
outta here! Hope your nose is ok now!! 
IHeartMyGtar says :   25 February 2008   363772  
Just passing by. ^-^
Yeah, I agree it's funny. xD But getting hit in the face has gotta
hurt. I got hit in the gut by accident by a soccer ball. It really
seriously hurt (that guy that kicked could really kick hard.. and aim
bad) and I blacked out for 30 seconds. At least not many people
noticed. I think. Anyway, I hope your nose got better already. ^-^'


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