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Not so normal.Category: Stories
Wednesday, 6 February 2008
07:24:42 PM (GMT)
Val woke up and looked around.She had fogot she was in Stephans room."Staphan?!"
"Im right here."He said he was on the floor laying down looking at the ceiling."How
do you feel Val?"
"Good I guees.I dont feel dizzy but my head hurts." She sat up."Why are you on the
"Cause,I'd rather be on the floor instead of you being on the floor." He sat up and
looked at her."Mind if I sit with you on the bed.Its kinda cold on the floor."She
looked at him and smiled."Sure." She said and scooted over for him to sit down.He
smiled and got up and sat by her.She looked at him.She gazed at his face.He looked at
her gazing at him and kept himself from laughing.She seen him look at her and she
turned her head and blushed a little."So Val,what kind of mythical creatures do you
"This is kinda random but ok,I like vampires.There so cool,but I know there not
real.I wish they were though.To meet an actual Vampire would be so cool.What kinda of
mythical creatures do you like?"
"Vampires to."
"Another thing we have in common huh?"
"Yep.So you like Vampires to huh?What if I toled you they were real?"
"I wouldent belive you.You would have to show me for me to belive you."
"What if i could show you?''
"Your lying and you know it!Vampires arnt real!"
"Hey hold on really quick I need to go call my dad.I need to ask him something."
He went down stairs and called.Val layed in the bed and waited for him to come back
"What if I made her swear on her life she wouldent tell anyone?"
His dad sighed on the phone."Look,Stephan,I know you like Val and all,But im being
serious.Whatfi she tells her dad and he tells the authoritys?!?"
"She wouldnt do that."
"Its a possiblitly son.Ok promise me that if you tell the that you will make her
swear that she would never ever tell anyone about it?"
"Dose this mean I can?"
"Yea,it dose."
"YES!"Thank you.Bye" Stephan hung up the phone and ran back upstairs.
Val was still lying on the bed and closed her eyes.When she opend them Stephan was
siting by her watching her with a grin on his face."H-hi."
"I have to tell you something.But you got to Swear on your LIFE that you wont tell
anyone.No one at all."
"Ok I swear on my life.Cross my heart hope to die,stick a needle in my eye."She said
with a giggle.She hadent said that since she was in elementaryschool."Ok.-Stephan
swallowed."I'm a vampire."
HEr eyes got big."Theres no way!there not real."
"They are to.Look.If you dont belive me then dont.I thought you would belive me.Heh
guess not.Apperantly you still belive in myths."
"I belive in myths.Your the one who thinks-" She was cut of sentence when she felt
something cold grab her hand."Y-your ahnd its so cold.And your so pale."
"Exactly.Now do you belive?"
She thought about it a moment and sighed."Kinda.Dose anyone else know.I mean in human
"No your the only one."
"HEY STEPHAN I'M HOME!!"  Called his sister Megan."Hey Megs.Could you come here?"
"Sure!" She called and was up here in an instant.When she got into his room her eyes
got wide."What is she here.Dose dad know?"
"Yea.Dad works with her dad and said they wont come home until 9 or something.He told
me I could tell her but I dont think she belives me."
She looked at Valorie and smiled a little."So.You dont belive what he is telling
you.Heh wo your dumb.Your in a house with 2 vampires right now.Are you even afraid?"
"I am still having a hard time beliving it to.But no I;m not afraid."
"She is brave,I can tell you that Stephan."
 "Stephan could you come here really quick?"
"Sure.Be back in a second."
He got up off his bed and was right by his sister in a flash.they both went  down
stairs and talked.A million things went through Val's head that she wanted to ask

OOC:That was the secret.He is a vampire. When his dad said."Dont do anything stupid
to blow our cover" thats what he ment.He ment dont blow our secret of being a
vampire.Bif surprise huh?
(out of character)

dancing_swimming_princess says:   6 February 2008   867539  
I think you should frikkin publish this!!
kattany2 says:   6 February 2008   679356  
lol its pretty good =P
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   6 February 2008   299218  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   7 February 2008   239851  
woah wierd! i didn't no this sounds like a book i read b4 called
twilight by stephanie meyer. its better tho
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says :   7 February 2008   341473  
I read that book! and its Stephenie Meyer.I love her books.I'm fixing
to read eclispe!


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