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A One piece love stoy: Chapter 2Category: One Piece
Sunday, 13 January 2008
07:36:13 PM (GMT)
"Wow!"you said as you looked at your dads face."I-im s-sorry s-sir" you dad
studderd. You looked at Shanks who was smiling."Lets go inside Ebony"said Shanks as
he took your hand again.You smiled and nodded."Ebony go to your room for
awhile,okay""Okay Shanks".You went up to your room and you saw your sister Ivory.She
ran and hugged you."Ebony where were you!?!""I was outside and I met a pirate
captain!" your sister looked stunned."Do you think he will adopt you"your sister
asked "Dont know""I think he will""If he does your coming to".Just then Shank opened
the door, he was smiling."Ebony,Ivory Will you join my crew?".You looked at each
other and jumped up and down."Well then pack up your stuff because were leaving
tonight".You and your sister got all of each others outfits."We should bring our
devils fruits" she whispered in your ear."and our swords"you whispered back.
FF two hours>>>
"Lets go girls" said Shanks.You all walked to the port.You saw a ship with a pirate
flag.You,your sister and Shanks boarded the ship.You saw at least 50 people on the
ship.They were all looking at you and your sister."Men this is Ebony and Ivory. They
are our new recruits"."Yusopp you show them their rooms.""yes sir" said a man with a
long nose.The man stood up and showed you your rooms.
FF 8 years>>>
You and your sister were being chased by the marines in a town called Faro."Come Back
here!" shouted a marine. You looked back, then you ran into someone.The boy had a
straw hat black hair."Luffy!!""Ebony!!!".You hugged luffy and rememberd the
marines.You looked at the 10 marines."Get behind me Ebony, you too Ivory""No ,I'm
gonna fight"Luffy looked at you and nodded.You and your sister unsheathed your
swords.You and Ivory got 4 each.After the fight you went to his small ship their was
a man with green hair and a girl with orange hair."Nami!Zolo!" the girl looked up
first then the man."Guys meet my friends Ebony and Ivory""hello"said Nami"hey" said
Zolo.Just then he noticed your swords.

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