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Chpater 2: A midday meeting through the eyes of TerradCategory: The 7 Key Squad and Their Many Adventures
Monday, 31 December 2007
04:25:11 PM (GMT)
Chapter 2: 
                 A midday meeting through the eyes 
                                of Terrad

    Terrad walked into headquarters slowly, not really looking forward to what lay
inside. "So many people, so not in the mood..." In his hand he held a letter from
Barex asking him to join in an afternoon meeting involving everyone who was not a
captain. "Why do i have to be here?...I was going to go see Yami" He sighed, a long
mornful sigh then walked through the front doors. In front of him sat Katilix, the
first Leautenant of the Darkness squad with Chlainamos, her spirit boyfriend
underneath her. A few feet away stood Kage, a loner who liked to stick to the
shadows, he was the second leautenant of the Darnkess squad. The the right of him
stood Silver and Sakura the first and second leautenants of the twilight squad, they
were talking excitedly about how cute Kage looked today. 
"Isnt he adorable?" Silver asked.
"Oh very much so! I love how he stands in the shadows!!" Sakura exlaimed
"He is so mysterious!" they said simoltaneously. Terrad twitched at their girliness
and turned to see asari standing nearby looking straight into the sun through the
"Um, should you be staring at the sun like that Asari? Your going to go blind!"
Terrad said Calmly. Asari simply turned to Terrad and looking at him questioningly
like she was doing nothing weird and turned to continue staring into the bright,
midday sun. 
'These people are nuts, why do i even live here?' Terrad thought to himself. He
turned to hallway at the end of the giant meeting hall and saw Yami walk by, she
looked inside, noticed Terrad and waved slightly before passing through the door to
her right. 'Thats why' Terrad thought again. He sighed and noticed Shina standing on
the far side of the meeting room having seen Yami wave to Terrad and not himself, he
was glaring at Terrad. He walked over to Shina. 
"So, have any clue why we are here?" Terrad asked smoothly, not showing any sign of
having noticed Shina'd blatent hostility radiating from his body. 
"No, No I do not" Shina said plainly. Just then Barex appeared at the podium,
seemingly out of nowhere. 
"Alright everyone, I would like to announce that Ky-Kie" Ky-Kie suddenly appeard out
of no where next to her Boyfriend and Captain. 
'My god those two have a knack for being showy' Terrad thought while rolling his
eyes. There were so many other places he would rather be right now. He looked
longingly towards the door in the hallway where Yami had disapeared into. He turned
back to the podium as Barex began to speak again. 
"Ky-Kie is, as of this morning, My second in command. She will take my place if
anything happens to me-" Ky-Kie stepped in front of Barex for a split second to add
in "Which nothing is going to happen" Before she stepped back allowing Barex to
continue. "Anyway, All the captains voted this morning to have Ky-Kie be second in
At this some of the leautenants began rolling their eyes or looking extremley
confused as none of them beleived their captains would let this happen. They all
beleived that their captains would fight to the death to become second in command.
And they were right....If any of the captains had been even the slightest bit alive
when the meeting took place. 
"So thats what is going to happen, Ky-Kie is second in command and all of you must
give her your utmost respect from now on! I know a lot of you tend to ignore her due
to her mixed genes but that is from here on out, unacceptable. Anyone who does such a
thing will be disbanded and roughly punished. Understood?"
A couple people twitched and a few others shuddered in fear of what Barex might do to
Silver and Sakura both simolaneously imagined being trapped inside a stone coffin and
then spikes comming out of it into their bodies. They both shuddered and hugged each
"Understood?" Barex asked again. All at once everyone said "Yes, Understood Barex
Everyone except Terrad and Shina that is. Terrad was so close to Barex he knew Barex
wouldnt do a thing to him and why would he want to make fun of Ky-Kie anyway? He
himself had quite a strange set of genes as did Yami, many people in HQ were strange.
And Shina just didnt give a damn, he was so used to taking beatings that it no longer
bothered him. 
"You may all leave" Barex said with a satisfactory look on his face from being able
to scare some of the toughest Leautenants out there. Even the Spirit Chlainamos has
jumped a little at the thought of being "punished" by Barex even though he was
already dead. 
Terrad stood up from the wall he was leaning against and began to walk towards the
hallway. He opened the door which he had seen Yami walk through earlier. It was pitch
black inside, even though there were several windows in the room and it was broad
daylight out. He stumbled, confused, into the room, and the door slammed shut behind
him. He felt a hand on his arm then the darkness was suddenly gone showing a room
full of people. All of whom were dressed as if a party was going on.
"wh-whats all this?" Terrad stammered shocked at all the happy faces. 
"Its a suprise party!" Azula called out, obviously unaware that she had only stated
the obvious and hadnt really answered Terrad's question. Terrad look to Yami who was
standing at his side smiling up at him while holding his arm. He turned when he heard
the door open and saw as Barex walked in with Ky-Kie, both of whom was holding up
either side of a giant cake. 
"I still dont understand whats going on!" Terrad said in utter confusion. 
"Well..." Yami started.
"None of us know when your birthday is." Barex added in.
"So we all decided to celebrate it a year from the day we met you!" Isuzu called from
across the room. 
"We faked this meeting you were just in, Of course that was valuable information from
this morning's meeting which we told you" Ky-Kie said, proud of her accomplishment of
becomming second in command.
"It was actually just a ruse to get you to come to HQ, however unwillingly, and make
you feel like it was pointless and be all depressed about having to go to a meeting
and all" Yami said, with a huge smile on her face. 
"Then we had Yami walk across the hall into this room and wave to you, we knew she
would get your attention and that you would follow her as soon as the meeting was
over." Jeri added. Yami blushed as Terrad looked down at her, smiling slightly,
finally beggining to understand what was going on. 
"We said that appointing Ky-Kie to second in command happened because today is the
anniversery of the start of the 7 Key Squad. But its actually the anniversery of the
day we met you." Barex said. 
"So, since the cake is here and all-" Yami started.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Everyone yelled at once causeing Terrad to be temporarily
defened. Yami tugged his arm towards the table where Barex and Ky-Kie had just set
down the cake. 
All the other members of the 7 Key Squad, along with even Shina, came waddling into
the room ready to watch Terrad cut his birthday cake. 
"Wow, Thanks guys...I didnt think..." Terrad stuttered.
"That we cared so much?" Yami said before standing on her tippy toes and kissing him.
"Well, we do"
And Terrad cut the cake and handed out peices to every member of the 7 Key Squad and
those who just lived in HQ. His face filled with joy at the newly found fact that
these people cared about him. And he knew from now on, things would be different.

‹YourPersonalNightmare› says :   31 December 2007   149615  
its good.


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