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Sunday, 23 December 2007
03:02:45 PM (GMT)
I NEVER knew how hard skiing was. Until today. My parents got me lessons, and I was
in a group with about seven or eight other kids around my age.
          My calfs were killing me when I had lunch, I had no clue that you could use
all those muscles in your legs at one time, but apparently you can.
          And then after lunch, something was wrong with my socks, so now I have
these two red, sensitive spots that are about  two inches high and go all the way
around my leg, one on each leg. And they hurt. A lot.
          And I learned something else today. I can't ski. I'm horrible at it. We
were in the "back yard", a little slope behind the complex where you get your
equipment, probably the equivilant to the "bunny hill". There was a rope pull (I
think that's what it's called), that when you grabbed hold it would take you to the
top. Sorry, no ski lift. I don't know how high the slope went, but it was probably
about two hundred feet tall. I went to about a hundred and fifty feet, with the rest
of the group ( after lunch there was me and two other kids), one time. Apparently, I
hadn't quite mastered the art of stopping. I totally wipped out the fence (it was a
cheap plastic thing held up with four ski poles) at the end, so the highest I managed
at the end of the day without fallin down was about seventy-five feet. And it wasn't
even that steep.
          So I learned some things about skiing today.

1. DON'T let the your skis cross in the front or the back.
2. NEVER step on someone else's skis, unless you want to trip them or yourself up.
3. Try to avoid crashing into groups of people that are on the side of the slope for
no apparent reason.
4. Wear soft and comfortable socks, unless you want huge welts on your calfs.
5. If you are a hopeless case, and you know for a fact that you will never, ever get
it down, stop, otherwise you will just look stupid.

          This one lady, she was trying to get a hold of the rope that pulls you up
the slope. She didn't have any gloves on, so every time she tried to grab the rope,
it slid out of her grasp. The one time that she actually managed to keep ahold of it,
she was so surprised that she let go two feet up, and ended up right on her butt. It
was so funny.
          My least favorite thing about skiing is when you fall down (big surprise).
I fell down so many times today that my butt muscles hurt when I stand up. LOTS of
          Did I mention that I'm in Garmisch, Germany, near the Zugspitzes? Lots of
hard-core skiers and snowboarders are staying at my hotel, including some people that
I know, and if any of them know about this I would probably never live this down. And
the German language is SOSOSOSOSOSOSO different than Italian, that I think that I'm
actually starting to miss Italian. Wait, I did NOT just say that I miss Italian, didi
I? I must be going CRAZY!!!!!!!

Bootheghost says:   23 December 2007   871285  
Hey, I ski, and have been since I was 3. You shouldn't just give up,
as once you get the hang of it, it's awesome. I am at advanced level,
and am doing double black runs, so if you need any tips, just ask! :D
Plus, my dad is also a ski instructor!
‹ϟ Kara-saur ϟ› says:   23 December 2007   838434  
Skiing is SO much fun!!! Like Boo said: Don't just give up. You'll
get better!
Dreamgirl204 says:   23 December 2007   128523  
OMG. Good luck Callie! :D
callie11 says:   24 December 2007   486962  
Thanks. I just had my second day, and it went a lot smoother than the
first. Tomorrow we're going to a bigger mountain (today we stayed in
the backyard) and I can't wait. It will be SO MUCH FUN. I went as high
as I could today, and going down, it's just awesome.
HolaLola says:   25 December 2007   488731  
omg!!! i ♥ skiing 2! I am on the racing team and it is tons of
fun! I'm 12 and i've been doing it since i was 7. It is so awesome!
callie11 says :   26 December 2007   467954  
I went up in the Zugspitz today. I didn't go to the peak, but it was
a lot of fun where I went.


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