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Wednesday, 28 November 2007
09:26:31 PM (GMT)

you are kairi... you are cute smart and strong... everyone adores you!
age: 14
your bf: sasuke or neji
you're bff: temari
you enemies: sakura and ino

What the characters think of you..

naruto: She's mad hott but i'll never get a chance with her

sasuke: shes the only one who doesn't obsess over me...i think i kind of.. maybe have
a crush on her...okk.... i want her.. (aww he wants to have babies with you!*cough*)

sakura: I HATE HER FRIGGIN GUTS *blows up*

kakashi: if she wasn't soo young i'd........(=o)

gai: soo lee likes her ehh? shes soo powerful i wouldn't stand in her way..

neji: shes a hottie.. if Uchiha didn't take her already i would've.. i'll be waiting
untill they break up... its our destiny to be together

tenten: no comment

Lee: shes even more beautiful then Sakura...

jiraiya: She has a banging body.. hmm? i wonder (me: PERV)

gaara: shes actually kinda cute... but very powerful

kankuro: HOTTTT!

temari: shes my bff plus gaara likes her..

ino: GRRR... @##$^&**&^&^%$%$^
shikamaru:umm too powerful for me
Choji: *munch munch* she called me a fattie..

hinata: ummm....
kiba: WOW!
shino: *not paying attention*

itachi: shes beautiful.. if onlyy i can lure her to me and kill my brother....

orochimaru: i want to use her body!

Me: Eh...

Your name:Ishimaru Yuki

Life Story:You came from the Sand Village.You were always different from everyone
else,no one could really understand you untill you meet Sasuke...thats why you two
get along so well...

What the say about you:

Naruto:she's like sasuke...

Sasuke:She's the only one that understands me...I lover her so much..

Gaara:I don't know anything about her....

Tamari:She's my best friend!

Shikamaru:She's ver Troublesome....

Sakura:She stole sasuke!!!!

Ino:same as sakura

Kakashi:She's a very strong ninja...a great student!

Rock Lee:I will win her heart with my awsome techniques!(me:good luck...)



Choji:She called me fat T.T

Hidan:Does she like blood?....

Kiba:She hates akamaru!


Sasori:Can I make her into a puppet?


Me: ??
You're Galinda! You're Bubbly and love Pink and you have many friends,*popular* but
one that really matters! You like to travel by Bubble. You help Elphaba become
"Popular" for her life to be better. You're sucha nice person.

Forgot to get the picture and the link. I found this at one of Preppy_Boy's
Last edited: 30 December 2007

Penny789 shouts:   28 November 2007   856641  
nickjr asks:   28 November 2007   984254  
Very funny. HOW DID I SE YA ANSWERS?!?!?!?!?! PROVE IT!!!!!!!!
nickjr says:   28 November 2007   976864  
Btw, everyhing in the (-) are what the owner of the quiz is saying.
Penny789 says:   30 November 2007   222466  
You're getting the exact same things as me. *growls*
nickjr says :   1 December 2007   237119  
ABOUT THAT?! *snarls*


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