More about moi (Don't be all hateful.I'm bored.Plus you know you're
curious x] )
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More about moi (Don't be all hateful.I'm bored.Plus you know you're
curious x] )
Category: Who cares,Elliot?Gosh D:
Saturday, 17 November 2007
03:48:09 PM (GMT)
Well we all the basics right?My name is Elliot,I'm 14,I'm bi,I have a girlfriend,I don't like lables..BLAH BLAH BLAH..right?xDD Well do we know,in the inside of the inside!?Let's start with a VERY common question about me.Family. My family:: I live with my Grams and Super-Bitch (My mother) My father is dead.Yes dead as in not living.He did not die of natural causes,he was killed in the Twin Towers terrorist incident back when I was a kid.Grams and Ma miss him,but I really don't.He wasn't very nice to begin with.Though it's FRICKINHARD to lvie with two LADIES D: And occasionally my neice and nephew... Cutting:: I used to cut.Like y'know,my wrists.First time cutting I cut the wrong way.(Lol xDD)I thought I was gonna bleed half to death,but soon I got the hang of it.Stopped at 12;never repeating the same mistake again. Lame little secrets:: Here's something LAME about me:I like reading books by people who 'revise' works of Shakespere xDD Like the author of "Dating Hamlet" or "Romeo's Ex" (Whose name I cannot remember) It's fun to compare them to the actaul works...Yes I know I am such a girl.Stfu. Past relationships:: From what I counted...5 boyfriends,6 girlfriends.Only kissed...erm..-Counts-....4 of 'em.Tops.(Funny since I'm always affectionate) Hehe<3 Most of 'em were..well...the guys were usually gay and the girls straight.Never really dated a bi. Guilty pleasures:: I like to watch medical shows,Dirty Jobs,and Mythbusters xDD So educational,but mehhhh..They are fun to watch!Esp. the EXPLOSIONS!BOOOOOOMMM.-Giggles- I also like to listen to Disney Mania on occasion.-Coughcough- Erm. Weaknesses:: ...ANIMALS!Any animal,as long as it's CUTE!A kitty,a puppy,a turtle fer gawd's sake<3 I just loovee animals.Oh and another..CHICKS CRYING.Gawd,that's my worst weakness D: Can't stand to see a lady cry Fears:: Dark enclosed spaces.In other words:Claustrophobia.And heights.And mice.Okay I'm done. Pet peeves:: People who are prejudice/racist and think they know it all!And barking dogs xDD Hobbies:: Reading and playing video games.Hanging around and flirting.Y'know.Usual guy type stuff.LICKING PEOPLE.Hugging people...BUYING STUFF xDD I want:: A new camera,MYLISCENSEgrrr,a laptop,a new cell,tograduatethisstupidacademythingIgoto. Well,can't.think.anymore.xDD so this diary is now OVA!Yayy.You are all happy,yes?<3

love_swimming_girl says:   17 November 2007   573984  
lol XD ok then... XD lol i like those shows too XD
xFlowersInMyHairx says:   17 November 2007   384496  
I learned a load of things I didn't know about yew lol.
Water_Elementess says:   17 November 2007   827959  
HMMM...did ya know that Shylin read Romeo's Ex too! XD You two have a
lot in common. You make me jealous. NOT. ^^
AmBeZZy94 says:   18 November 2007   524489  

ii didnt kno that
saralyn247 says :   6 January 2008   726411  
Lol I love MythBusters. BOOM!


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