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24th October 2007Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
10:23:35 AM (GMT)
Wow I'm actually quite suprised how much this diary is helping me.  I never realised
how much you can put your life down in words. Anyway back to today.

Right I'm afraid that this is going to be quite a long diary entry so I guess I
should start from the beginning.

Today was our school's talent contest (No idea why its in our holidays but it is) and
the teachers had asked Laura's band Sold on Soul to play at the break.
So here we were standing waiting for Laura's band to start playing when the angel
herself walked in.

She looked so beautiful in those simple jeans and the shirt I bought her for her
birthday. The girls had curled her hair and tied it up in a kind of bun with a few
escaped curls. She wore make up, she actually wore make up it was amazing.

Her band played a song called "How I Feel" by Martina Macbride:

It was great, she sounded brilliant, the whole band did great even that Rachael girl.
So that was that, the contest wass open. Everyone went up and in the end I was the
only one left behind stage and I began to worry.

Here I was minutes away from telling the girl I loved how I felt about her and I was
worried about what people woudl think of my singing. I had never done anythng like
this before, for god's sake no one even knew that I liked music (except Laura of
course). Only Shaun knew that I was doing, oh and the first year with the contestant
list. God  there he goes, up to announce the next contestant.

Shit, thats me. I had better get ready to go. The song I chose by the way is called
"Why are we still friends" by 98 degrees:

I couldn't stop watching Laura all throughout the song. She looked so confused yet
happy at the same time. She knew that this song was for her. Once I had finished I
finally built up the courage to ask her. Right there on stage I asked her:

"So Laura what about will you let me love you?"

Every eye in the room turned to look at her and she just smilied, simply similed.
Then she started walking towards me, it seemed like everything was in slow motion.
When she was just a few inches away from me she uttered one simple word, one word
which I will always love.


Then she kissed me. It felt so wonderful, to have her finally in my arms. When we
broke apart I heard everyone clapping and cheering for us, it seems that everyone was
waiting for us to finally admit our feelings. Then I leaned down and kissed her
forehead before saying three of the most beautiful words one could ever say.

"I love you!"

Laura smilied at me before tighting her grip around my neck.

"I love you too!"

Ok so its official, today was the best day of my life. I finally told her and she
loves me back. We are now officially a couple and I couldn't be happier. I just wish
I could we could have had more time together today but she had to go off and help at
her dance schools halloween party so I'll see her tomorrow.

Speak to you tomorrow

‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   24 October 2007   879789  
In this Diary It Makes Love Sound So Sweet,Easy,And Blissfull...I wish
It Was Truthfully Like That for Most People.

But Im VERY Happy for you And your girlfriend,Its Nice To Know Someone
Is Happy Around Here.=D
Weeman says :   24 October 2007   427252  
Thank you and by the way there is someone out there for everyone it
just happens I met mine when we were five.


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