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teh fears!Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 October 2007
06:06:35 PM (GMT)
[] The dark (pshh no)
[] Staying single forever (i actually wouldnt mind..)
[x] Being a parent (gulp)
[x] Giving birth (eek! *dies* )
[x] Being myself in front of others (well yeah...)
[] Open spaces (huh? no)
[] Closed spaces(no..)
[] Heights (nope!)
[] cats (uhh)
[] Dogs (wtfreak? Who's afraid of dogs?)
[] Birds (only if they poop on me XD)
[] Fish (sigh no)
[x] Spiders (ulp!)
[x] Driving or being in cars (yeah kinda.)
[] Flying (no)
[] Flowers or other plants (huh? Wtfreak?)
[] Fire (nope!)
[] Deep water (sometimes.. well if ya get down to 100 ft) 
[] The ocean (pshh no)
[x] Failure (yes..)
[] Success (who is afraid of THAT?)
[] Thunder/lightning (nope, but bluejay29 most definitely is)
[] Frogs/toads (no.) 
[] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad (no i dont hav a bf)
[] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom (look above)
[x] Mice/rats (well yeah..) 
[x] Jumping from high places (holy crap yes)
[] Snow (wtfreak)
[] Rain (wtfreak)
[] Wind (wtfreak)
[] Crossing hanging bridges (no)
[x] Death
[] Heaven
[x] Being robbed (yes)
[] Cotton balls (huhwhat!?)
[x] Cemeteries (well i guess)
[] Clowns (uh no!) 
[] Large crowds (not really.)
[] Men (uhhh no)
[] Woman (uhhh no)
[] Having great responsibility (somewhat but mainly no.)
[] Doctors including dentists (not unless theyre surgeons)
[x] Tornadoes (yeah)
[x] Hurricanes (well yes if i lived in a hurricane prone area)
[] Diseases (depends on the disease)
[x] Snakes (holy crap yes)
[x] Sharks (holy craaaap yes!)
[] Friday the thirteenth (pssh no)
[] Ghosts (gee, lemme think.. no.)
[x] Poverty if it struck me, yes.
[] Halloween (no! I lub candy =3)
[] School (sometimes XD)
[] Trains/or railroads (no! I live by one.)
[] Odd numbers (wtfreak?)
[] Even numbers (wtfreak?)
[x] Being alone at night (*shivers*)
[x] Being blind (oh gosh that would suk like crap!)
[x] Being deaf (ditto ^)
[x] Growing up (on occasion)
[] Monsters under the bed (uh no.)
[x] Noise in the night (sheesh yeah!)
[] Bee stings (no...)
[] Not acomplishing my dream/goal (im not afraid of it.)
[x] Needles (*shivers*)
[x] Blood (well sometimes. I AM a girl, ya know.)
[] Dinosaurs (no!)
[] The welcome mat (huhwhuttehfrek?) 
[x] Feet! (amazingly, yes XD) 
[] Having your heart broken (not really.)
[] Being rejected (kinda.)
[] Whales (umm no,)
[] Ur mom (no.)
[] Ur dad (yes XD)
[xxxxxxxxx] Rapists (holy crap id die if i saw one of those 0_0)

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