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!!!The Chat with the Naruto cast.!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 30 August 2007
09:35:49 PM (GMT)
HELLO Everybody!!!!! This is the Naruto Chat room!!! Me: Hey guys aren't you going to say hi? Sasuke. Hmmph Naruto: HIEEEEE!!! Neji: Oh great..... Hinata: ... //*-*// Kiba: Sup. Me: Sorry if all the people didn't come now bu- ( The sand leaders come in ) ( Itachi burns the door down.) Gaara: Grrr why wasn't I invited? Temari: Lol like who cares Gaara just sit down! Kankuro: Like hi people!!! Itachi: Hey wheres the ponies? *o* Me: uh.....YEAHHHH... well now some more people are here so lets start. Naruto: Oh me first!!!! Me: Wha? for what? Naruto: *blushes* never mind. Sasuke: Omgosh he is so loserific. Me: And aren't you emo? Sasuke: NO!!!! Itachi: Yes he is!!! nya nya! Sasuke: (Slaps itatchi) GRRR Itachi: (puts on pouting face) Me: GUYYYSSS!!!! SHUT UP AND LET ME START!!!! Everybody: ........ Neji: Someone's coming.... (Kakashi strolls in absorbed in the book.) Kiba: Hey what are you doing? Kakashi: Huh? oh hello person. Kiba: I'm kiba... Akamaru: Bark bark. (whines) Kakashi: *pats akamaru.* Akamaru: (bites) Me: Okay....*sigh* First question is what do you like? Sasuke: how should I kno- (Sakura runs in the room and glomps sasuke) Naruto: Hiya sakura. Sakura: Shut up bone head.~ Oh sasuke whatcha doing in here? ( Glares at me) Me:*sweating* Sakura: CHA! Naruto: I like practicing on being hokage. Hinata: I like hanging out with Naruto....*blushes* Itachi: I wike icecream, rainbows, hearts, and nice stuff.~~~Augg!!! wHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? hELP help I'm being sucked by cutene- I also like pink teddybears and pretty unicorns. Nya nya!! Me: wow. Kakashi: Does he need CPR? Me: Are you willing? Kakashi: yup Me: Then no let a itachi fan do that gay dude. Me: Alright question two! How many fangirls do you think you have? *shivers* Sasuke: Hah way more than naruto!! Kiba: Umm anyone? (Looks at me) Me: *turns beet red.* Umm sure. Kiba: *smiles and swings legs.* Naruto: Alot!(Looks out of computer screens.) RIGHT??? All of you fangirls: YEAH!! Neji: Hmmph some... Kakashi: What are you talking about? I have a club about me!! Gaara: I have more than sauce-gay! Temari: Lol I have some ya know Kankuro: I prefer ladies. Me: (skooches away) Hinata: I have........... .................................. o-0 Me: yeah.. don't worry hinata your good. Hinata: okay. Oh great now we don't have any more time because of you guys!! Exept Hinata, kiba and Neji. But Itachi was a time waster!!! Kiba: Sorry //*.*// Me: No no no It's okay for you I said. Akamaru:...... Hinata...Oh...well we will finish this next time right? Me: Yea...*sighs* Well bye GUys we will finish this next time Buyy!!!! Gaara: *Throws sand over the whole thing*

Chibineko says :   30 August 2007   384545  


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