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Stolen from kubix123( again!!! =])Category: (general)
Monday, 30 July 2007
12:41:11 PM (GMT)
Eye Color:: Hazel/ Honey
Hair Color:: Brunette... but i'm going to dye it again...
Height:: 5' 8/9
Favorite Color:: lime green, black
Screen Name:: Falloutboygal
Favorite Band:: Um... Flyleaf
Favorite Movie:: Either Phantom of the opera, The Producers, Moulan Rouge or Titanic
Favorite Show:: Idk
Your Car:: I dont' drive 
Your Hometown:: Notts!!!!!!!!
Your Present Town:: ^ ^
Your Crushes First Name:: Um... i'm not saying...
Your Grade:: I'm in year 8 now 
Your Style:: Emo/Scene/Mosha/Goth/Emu/Greb/Punk... so on...

* . . Have You Ever . . *
Sat on your rooftop?: No
Kissed someone in the rain?: Yeah... well kinda
Danced in a public place?: Yeah
Smiled for no reason?: Yeah
Laughed so hard you cried?: Yeah
Peed your pants after age 8?: No
Written a song?: Yeah... a few
Sang to someone for no reason?: Yeah
Performed on a stage?: Yeah
Talked to someone you don't know?: Yeah
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: Yeah
Made out in a theatre?: No... =[
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?: nope
Been in love?: Yeah

* . . Who was the last person to . . *
Say HI to you?: Joe.. or was it David? i can't remember
Tell you, I love you?: Um... well kinda James... kinda
Kiss you?: Um... i can't remember
Hug you?: Um... Sarah
Tell you BYE?: Joe
Write you a note?: Mum
Take your photo?: Mum
Call your cell phone?: David
Buy you something?: Joe
Go with you to the movies?: Joe... twice in 1 day!! lol.... long story!!! =]
Sing to you?: Joe
Write a poem about you?: No-one ever has written a poem about me...
Text message you?: Joe
Touch you?: Joe

* . . What's the last . . *
Time you laughed?: Yesterday... i laughed alot yesterday... =]
Time you cried?: Wel... i cried myself to sleep the other night...
Movie you watched?: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Joke you told?: icr...
Song you've sang?: Lithium_Evanessecne
Time you've looked at the clock?: Ages ago...
Drink you've had?: Water
Number you've dialed?: David's
Book you've read?: Harry Potter 6
Food you've eaten?: Pasta, Cheese and Tuna
Flavor of gum chewed?: Strwaberry and lime
Shoes you've worn?: Vans
Store you've been in?: Um...does the Cinema count? 
Thing you've said?: icr...

* . . Can You . . *
Write with both hands?: Nope
Whistle?: Nope
Blow a bubble?: Yeah...
Roll your tounge in a circle?: Yep
Cross your eyes?: Yeah
Touch your tounge to your nose?: Nope
Dance?: Yeah... but not very well!!!
Gleek?: WTF?!?!?!?!!!!!
Stay up a whole night without sleep?: Yeah...
Speak a different language?: yeah
Impersonate someone?: Not really...
Prank call people?: Yeah
Make a card pyramid?: Nope...
Cook anything?: Yes... i'm quite a good cook...

* . . Finish The Line . . *
If i were a ...: guy i would have emo hair...!!! =] (random...)
I wish ...: that i could see James soon...
So many people don't know that ...: I have feelings too... i am a person and deserve
to be treated with some respect!
I am ...: a human being
My heart is ...: Broken, Torn apart, Hurt, Damaged, Been broken into a thousand
peices and forgotten about.

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