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Fucked Up Story That I Mad UPCategory: (general)
Monday, 23 July 2007
01:39:55 AM (GMT)
I have had a bad day like all the other days.My parents being assholes an all.
Brother kicking my ass for no reason and i twentyfive .Then my sister always bitchy.
But today was differnt today.Today  change my life. Here is how it started. All i can
here is noieses all around me guunnshots. I have have been shot in the war. I thought
i was going to die right then and there But i didnt. A couple days later i awoke with
my Wife and daughter at my side in Iraq. The medic said i was lucky to be alive he
said i had an angle watching over me. The next day i sent my wife and kid home
because it wasnt safe for them here. So they left the next day then a couple of hours
later i get the worst news ever. I had just found out my wife was dead and the Enemy
had taken my daughter. We werent quit sure when and were it happned or were they had
taken my daughter. And that when my life duty reached me i swore to find my daughter
no matter how long it took or how many die all i wanted was my daughter.
Its two years later and i am still havent found my daughter but i havent given up
like my fellow soilders. The only reason i didnt give was  because we had taken over
every base,bunker,and food and water supplye place except for one and i new my
daughter was there. But the only problem there was it was the biggest base they had.
It was thier main base it was gaurdedd the best most securty everything. And the only
way i was getting in and out with my daughter alive was to take over with the whole
Millatary,U.S.Army. And it would taken them a coiuple of weeks to get them the
coordanents. But that was to long for me.
That was the second time my life changed i had turneed into this creature i dont no
if it was a gift from good or the dedvils doing. But i didnt care i was going to use
that new power and bust that damnn barrier down and get my daughter back. I was
unstopable,untochable. I didnt now if the bullets would hurt me. They didnt hurt a
damn bit then i realized i had anthore power i was able to control lighting i could
summon lighting through my hands and through it and elictrucute them to death. I had
finaly mad it to were my daughters was so i busted down the door untiedd my daughter
and we were out. Then life hit me so fast my knees buckled i had been shot were i got
shot the first time it hurt real bad. All i sall next was a blurry face and my
daughter been taken away once agin

                        TO BE COUNTINUED:BY CODY  

                                             HOPE U LIKED IT

                                                              IF U DID BE READY FOR


                                                                     AND FIGURE OUT

kattany2 says:   23 July 2007   344531  
lol i like it
sexy102 says:   23 July 2007   153858  
it is funny/sad
renlline says:   23 July 2007   663572  
sweetie4u says :   21 August 2007   328153  
so ur real name is cody huh

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