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my heartbraking love storyCategory: (general)
Monday, 16 July 2007
03:16:44 PM (GMT)
ok like this is a bit sad but this is wat happened to me 

ok 2 months ago i was talking with this guy and we were friends like really good
friends and then well my best friend told him that i liked him after that he asked me
if i did and i told him i did like him then we got together and the we were going out
after about 2 weeks this is the sad part  ok like this person adds me on msn and
well they said hi and stuff like that then i noticed on her personal msg thing i saw
that she was his friend so i was like ok then she asked me if i know him and i said
yes then she tells me that ........... that she was going out with him i was soo like
speechless and everything was jus like uhh omg really then well that day i was soo
depressed and then i told my best friend and she was like wth ?? i thought u and him
were going out then he comes online and she said ok im gonna talk to him and then he
talks to me and says im sry its my mistake and stuff like that he logged off and then
i was like err!! soo maddening soo i jus went to bed after a couple days i havent
talked to him then well i told him ok well its fine and things like that and then we
got back together. After that that girl thats was going out with him was sad b/c he
dumped her for me and she has been talking to me ever since. Then well for a while it
has been going fine then well jus like a week or 2 ago i got really mad b/c that girl
was asking me soo many personal questions and stuff and soo i told him that we should
only be friends and then she told me that he wrote a letter to her and she was really
sad it said sumthing about leaving him alone and staying out of his life then well
jus a couple of days ago i said hi and then well he like said hi do i know u who r u
and i was like omg wth??? and then he was soo mean to my sis and then well the next
day omg i read this letter he wrote to me and it said that he didnt like me and stuff
like that and i have no idea who the letter was for b/c i know it wasnt for me then i
got really mad at him but now im over it and now he wont talk to me or anyone of my
friends now im really sad 

poppet says:   16 July 2007   216294  
kick him!
xRandomLoserx says:   16 July 2007   278371  
Awww thats so sad... 
Emo_loves_you says:   16 July 2007   497564  
Wow.. Thats sucks. ;_____;
MeOw_ says:   16 July 2007   726767  
aww! I didn't really understand anything you wrote because of lack of
periods and commas and all that crap.. >_<
kagra says:   16 July 2007   565998  
ya it sucks totally and its really sad im heartbroken and sry about
the grammer
Bwunny says:   9 October 2007   725244  
aww that sucks he is mean to do that!!!
kagra says :   9 October 2007   571287  
yea it is but now its been 3 months since ive talked to him but then
last weekend he talked to me i was soo surprised b/c i never thought
that he would talk to me ever again its kinda akward now talking to
him again since i havent talked to him in a long time


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